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Worst Customer Service Ever at Home Depot Markham

By muffins

a few weeks ago i went to this homedepot on markham rd near buroak to get some flashlights that were on the flyers. i browsed the whole store looking for it and couldn’t find it so i went to ask a lady for some assistance. she couldn’t find it either so she called up or supervisor for help and they were looking for it cause they were walking around the whole store and they told me to just wait a while. after waiting for 15 mins i walk over to the next aisle to find that the lady that was helping me wasn’t looking for the flashlight but was helping someone else and i also found her supervisor just sitting in the entrance area doing nothing…. i was infuriated so i left the store but while i was leaving i saw the other lady going on a break…never going to that store again.


Home Depot Aurora, Ontario

By Lyn

I usually shop at Home Depot in Aurora Ontario, I don’t know what’s happened to the store of late as the service is appalling, some departments have no sales help at all, my husband and I went to buy new windows and doors(no cheap orders by far) on Saturday and there was no one available to help. We asked at the service desk and was told that management had changed all the hours to nearly nothing and there was no one scheduled at all that day. We asked a man in hardware for help but he was obviously on his own and couldn’t help as he was snowed under with other people waiting for him. I heard from other employees that so many staff have left because of the appalling manager. Well I called head office and was passed over to head office in Atlanta, they took my complaint but nothing came of it. So I guess I have to shop at Lowes. How a store can go from being the greatest to this is unbelievable. The staff were always so helpful and friendly and now I don’t know. Maybe a change of management is in order SOON.