Worst Customer Service Ever at Home Depot Markham

By muffins

a few weeks ago i went to this homedepot on markham rd near buroak to get some flashlights that were on the flyers. i browsed the whole store looking for it and couldn’t find it so i went to ask a lady for some assistance. she couldn’t find it either so she called up or supervisor for help and they were looking for it cause they were walking around the whole store and they told me to just wait a while. after waiting for 15 mins i walk over to the next aisle to find that the lady that was helping me wasn’t looking for the flashlight but was helping someone else and i also found her supervisor just sitting in the entrance area doing nothing…. i was infuriated so i left the store but while i was leaving i saw the other lady going on a break…never going to that store again.


5 Responses to “Worst Customer Service Ever at Home Depot Markham”

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    nick says...

    complain to the US head office.

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    escher7 says...

    Sounds like you are being a little touchy. They get busy and forget sometimes. It happens.

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    Mick65 says...

    escher7, customer service today is so paramount for a companies success, unfortunately we live in a world now with no accountability or love for ones job…its all about the pay. I figure this is how you carry out your responsibilities hence why you are justifying the incompetency of the people mentioned in this review. So sad.

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    be Nice says...

    Hi, it’s easy to find mistakes on others. Put yourself in the customer who stopped the associate to ask something quickly. What if it was you who saw the associate and asked a question not knowing that person is already pre-occupied. Or put your self in the associate’s position. While looking one customer approached you as the associate, what would you do? So be considerate if you are going to post something negative about anyone, it can be Lowes, Rona or Home Depot or even Wal-Mart.

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    jon cooke says...

    i use to be employeed by home depot but then was fired for walking circles around the store and sleeping in back office and for going for a smoke break every ten mins. didnt realize this was frowned upon.

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