Crabby Joe’s in Strathroy

By S. Mc

This happened on April 2/11. My family and I went for lunch. I decided to visit the washroom. My foot slipped right out from under me and I fell. I not only hurt both wrists, cut my knee, but I fractured my arm. The waitress saw me and offered to get me a band aid for my bleeding knee. I emailed the restaurant about this incident and they did offer to have my coat dry cleaned as it was all grease along the bottom from my fall. My gripe… one even offered to give me a free meal! I even contacted head office, and they didn’t offer anything to me either. After about 8 weeks of recovery time, my arm did heal successfully. But I will never go to this establishment again.

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    Lori says...

    If I went to any establishment and that happened to me, I would be more interested in the place covering any medical bills I may have as well as make sure the floor is clean and dry so it never happens again. I could careless about getting a free meal. I am sorry you hurt yourself but shame on you.

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    laughing says...

    LMAO! Good answer Lori!

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    Ron Simmons says...

    Maybe watch your step. Why should a restaurant have to pay for your meal just because you were being careless?

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    Ashley says...

    I’d be more interested in having my wages covered if I couldn’t work after fracturing my arm in a restaurant as well as having the establishment retrain their employees on how to deal with emergency situations and proper floor cleaning!

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    yesbeware says...

    I get the writers point, but unless the admit or take responsibility for creating a situation that caused you to fall they would not offer you a free meal. Actually to offer you a free meal would be to admit responsibility in a sense.

    Also with it being a washroom I do not know how much control they really have to ensure that it is slip free all of the time e.g. if some careless person spill water all over the floor and doesn’t inform anyone.

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    escher7 says...

    If you slipped on the grease, sue them. You have two years from the date of the accident and will either win or get a settlement. If you fell because you were clumsy, bite it and walk away.

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    Larry says...

    All Crappy …yes I mean Crappy Joes are pathetic….I got a stomach poisoning from the Crappy Joes in Hunsville Ontario. I complained to their head office and they sent me a coupon for 10 dollars. After I stopped laughing I tore the coupon up and threw it in the trash. Never should you desire a free meal from this franchise…..unless you want to get sick.

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    Peter Hendrick says...

    I won’t go back. After taking firever to give us a menu, I went and picked up some myself to read. Then after we ordered the special it took forever for the food to come. Then when we were done they refused to give us a doggybag to take home the leftovers. When we complained the manager and waitress got very snotty.

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    joba says...

    What’s with this smartcanucks website? When you try to update or edit information they don’t do it?

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