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Expedia Screwed Us Over

By Amy

We frequently book with Expedia and have no problems. This time we waited and waited for the best price to book. After the price not fluctuating for weeks we finally booked. Less than 24 hours later I noticed the price drop. I called the customer service number given on the website and it took 45 minutes to get through. I was then told I had called the wrong number. Great! So they transferred me to the Canadian line. The agent I dealt with would not listen to me and was basically reading from a script. I was told they would not honor their “best price guarantee” because it is not a vacation, it is a flight and hotel package. I was very upset. He told me he could cancel my trip and re book it at the lower price but I would have to pay the cancellation fees. I got a reference number from him so I could file a complaint and it turns out he gave he the wrong number. What I got back from Expedia after I filed my complaint was basically a form email saying screw you just suck it up. I told them I would tell all my friends, family and even complete strangers. If you value time, money and customer service I suggest you never book with Expedia!