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99 Cent Depot Hamilton: Spray Paint Wrong Colour

by Ann

I bought a can of “black” spray paint at xc, Fennel & Upper Gage, Hamilton and when I went to use it…it was “clear”.  I had shaken the can, no colour.  I sprayed it on newspaper…nothing.  Great!  The store does not do refunds or exchanges. Figures.  They keep the paint in the back room, you have to ask for it.  So I gave them the benefit of the doubt, ok, it’s just the one can.  I had a can of white at home so I started my project with white instead (purchased long time ago elsewhere). I ran out of paint so I thought I would get white at the same store.  Again I had to ask for it and the same guy was getting it for me.  I asked if he would kindly spray it on the cardboard he has there…just so I can be sure it is white and I explained what had happened to me.  He didn’t want to, he said, they are the colour of the lid and kids use them and put the wrong lids on them, that’s what must’ve happened to the one I bought, that’s why they keep them in the back now.  Well I told him.  The one I bought was from the back…YOU got it for me and it didn’t work.  So he reluctantly squirted a little and it just got a bit of paint on his finger, it was white so I took it.

I went to use it yesterday and it wouldn’t spray evenly…it just splattered and then quit altogether!  I was so mad.  So now I’ve spent about $4 (they were $1.99 ea) on paint that’s no good and I can’t do anything about it! Well, you can be sure I will never buy a SINGLE THING at that store again.  What a bunch of scammers!!