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Weyburn Boston Pizza Bosses are Rude

By BP Staff

At Weyburn Boston Pizza the bosses are so disrespectful its unbelieveable!! they call waitresses dumb idiots and to their deilevery driver they talk behind their backs saying their so slow when the roads are icy. They are immature and swear at the cooks and waitresses and called my co worker a lazy piece of shit as she quit right after that. As well as 3 others quit. Also, they do not do the schedule till the day of. most people don’t know they work until the bosses come calling telling us to get our asses there when it’s not on the schedule and once we get there we stay for an hour and than they tell us to go home. They are very rude to their employees!


Terrible Service at Boston Pizza

By Lyn

My family and I went to Boston Pizza Major Mackenzie Drive E Markham Ontario for my son’s birthday, the floor of the restaurant was filthy with little pieces of paper everywhere(this should have been cleaned BEFORE the restaurant opened. We waitied over 45 minutes for our order to be taken WHEN it finally arrived my husbands steak was burnt, my hamburger and fries were cold with an oily greasy stuff under the fries. I complained by email to the manager and heard from him within 2 days, He basically called me a liar as they keep tabs on when the order is taken and delivered to the table AND then he said we short changed the final bill-the final bill was $50.53, I left $51.00 PLUS a $10 tip-my husband questioned me later why I had even left a tip at all as the food and the service were terrible. So they offered us a 20% discount on our next meal-like that’s going to happen.