Monthly Archive for December, 2011


Designer Boots My A**

By Christine

I ordered a couple of pairs of boots, waited a month and a half to get them from Montreal to BC and when I opened the boxes, I was disappointed to see that the boots are “plastic fantastic” designer boots, RIGHT!!! 
The thought of returning them for a credit to BTR was not an appealing idea and the thougth of having to pay the shipping just annoyed me, so I am wearing a pair of “cheap” plastic smelling boots that quite frankly are going into the garbage.
I did receive a survey to fill out, which I did with my concerns, and have not heard from this company, so there you go, get your money and later!!!
I will NEVER order from this company again and will tell my friends to NEVER do it either. Your best and worst advertising is way of mouth, not a good review from this shopper.


McDonalds Customer Service

By Krayola

Letter I sent to McDonalds Customer Service:
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have recently had some poor experiences with your restaurant and I want to share them with you. I have visited two separate locations in Windsor, Ontario, and both locations have left a bad taste in my mouth. 
The first location I visited was on Pillette and Wyandotte. This visit was sometime early September. It was approximately 9:30pm. The restaurant was moderately busy, but there was plenty of staff working, all behind the counter. The lobby was a complete mess. Every table needed to be cleaned, the self serve beverage station was a gross sticky mess. Even the floors were sticky and dirty, and there were flies buzzing around the dirty tables. The food and service were okay, but the state of the restaurant was unacceptable.
The second location I visited last evening with my two nieces and my daughter. It was approximately 7pm. All three girls were very excited to visit the Play Place at the Tecumseh and Lauzon location. When we arrived, the girls wanted Happy Meals because of the Halloween pails they come in. My mother took the girls to the Play Place and I went to the counter to order. There were a lot of people waiting to be served, probably 15 people, although there was only 1 cashier working. There were other staff behind the counter, one girl was carefully positioning Sweet and Sour sauce in a container, another was chatting with the kitchen staff about her weekend. I ordered the Happy meals and some coffee. I thought it was strange that she did not ask if I preferred a girl or boy toy, but I did see that she put girl on the receipts. When my order was brought to the tray, the girl serving said, Oh sorry, we don’t have any pails left. We served a lot of Happy meals today. I was annoyed, as I would not have ordered 3 Happy meals if not for the pails. Then I notice there are no toys. The girl said, Oh yeah, we don’t have any toys either, just cookies.I would have preferred to be told that when I ordered, as I now know that the cashier knew about the toy shortage and that’s why she didn’t ask me which type of toys I wanted.
As with the Pillette location, this restaurant was a filthy mess as well. All tables were dirty, covered in food and trays. The floors were sticky and the self serve drink station was a disaster. Oh, yeah, and the Play Place was closed. A sign read that it was closed due to a special party, but then another customer told us that it was broken. We could see that there were no children in the Play Place and the door was locked. No Play Place at McDonalds on a Saturday night? What special party? 
What is the point of updating the decor in these locations if no one is going to clean them?
Please contact me regarding a solution to these issues, I cannot believe that this is standard operating, or that this is the image McDonalds wishes to portray, of a filthy, dirty place to eat. I am also disappointed that I have to mail a letter regarding these issues. I cannot believe that such a large corporation does not have an email contact for customers. This makes the response time, and therefore resolution, much longer.

After three weeks, they sent me a letter, apologizing, and promising to forward my concerns to the stores I mentioned. Also sent me coupons for two free value meals and three Happy Meals.
Not bad, we shall see if they bother to clean up the restaurants…


Shoppers Drug Mart

By Ali

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart in Bridlewood Mall. My son wanted a gift card for his teacher, but I didn’t have my credit card. We left the store (not knowing my son took the card) and the manager went after him and told him off for taking the gift card. Because it’s zero balance my son thought he could take it and I’d put money on it the following day.
I understand if the kid made a mistake and the manager just explain in a nice way why he can’t take it yet, but to deliberately be nasty and rude to a child is disgusting, even though my son apologised right away. I don’t know what kind of a company would hire someone like that.
I wont shop there anymore, my future business goes to Walmart.


Bad Customer Service And A Lousy Manager

By Ali

Beware of going to the Shoppers Drug Mart At Bridlewood Mall, the manager and day staff are just damn right nasty and rude, they don’t know how to treat customers with respect!


EXPIRED Cereal at Zellers

By flyboy88

Today (November 6, 2011) I purchased a box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal, once I got home I realized the cereal had a Best Before date of November 24, 2011. I contacted HBC Customer Service about the issue and they advised me to contact the store directly and speak to the manager and he would be able to refund and compensate for the issue. When I contacted the store directly I spoke to Neil who is a manager, he pretty much called me a liar. Neil told me it was impossible that I could have purchased an expired box of cereal from his store as Kellogg’s regularly come in to do product quality checks, as well each week employees check the Best Before dates of products and afterwards he would do his checks and sign off that nothing is expired. I told him that obviously a check failed as 40 minutes prior I purchased an expire product; he said the ONLY way it could have happened was 1) someone returned it and someone put it back on the shelve without checking the Best Before date
or 2) sometimes they don’t purchase direct from Kellogg’s but rather uses a 3rd party who by accident might deliver an expired shipment, however it would never make it to the floor. Neil told me I could come in for a refund.

I arrived about 10 minutes after getting off the phone with store manager Neil and I went to go look at the cereal section of the store. When I arrived I found Neil and another store employee emptying the shelves of cereal as majority of it has been EXPIRED. So after being told on the phone it was impossible that I purchased an expired product, I find him clearing the product of the shelves. I asked him how it was possible with all the product quality checks he previously told me about to prevent this from happening; he told me that someone he just gets busy and doesn’t have time to do the checks himself so he trusts that his employees have and just signs off that it has been done. I find this shocking as they clearly are NOT following Standard Operating Procedures, and its customers like me who are affected. Having looked at the stock which they were pulling off shelves and placing into shopping carts I could see most of it has been expired for almost 2 weeks, meaning anyo
ne who has purchased products in that time frame got expired stuff


Mr. Electric

By Liz

Called Mr. Electric to look into a melted receptacle, figure out why it melted, and replace it, and check others. Very nice fellow showed up and did a “free” inspection, but spent more time trying to sell me stuff, than focused on the issues I called about. So I spent $385 getting two receptacles replaced, and still had to call another electrician to deal with my original issues. I think their business model is to offer free inspections, so that they can get into your house to sell you stuff you may or may not need.