Shoppers Drug Mart

By Ali

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart in Bridlewood Mall. My son wanted a gift card for his teacher, but I didn’t have my credit card. We left the store (not knowing my son took the card) and the manager went after him and told him off for taking the gift card. Because it’s zero balance my son thought he could take it and I’d put money on it the following day.
I understand if the kid made a mistake and the manager just explain in a nice way why he can’t take it yet, but to deliberately be nasty and rude to a child is disgusting, even though my son apologised right away. I don’t know what kind of a company would hire someone like that.
I wont shop there anymore, my future business goes to Walmart.

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    2jk19 says...

    That’s awful! The card was empty ($0 balance) so I don’t see what the big deal is that your son took the card. He could have wanted to use it as a pretend card perhaps?! The manager should NOT have approached the situation the way he did! My goodness! I would def. contact head office about that!!

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    quazifrog says...

    Ok, I have to comment as my DH is an inventory specialist for a large grocery chain. The gift cards cost the stores money. They aren’t free to print or manufacture.

    If that were my child I can assure you that the manager would have received a prompt apology and my child an even stronger tongue lashing from me! He took something from a store that was not paid for, plain and simple. All that would have been required was for you to ask the cashier upon leaving the store if it was ok to take the card and fill it up later. Problem solved.

    Oh, and according to Shopper’s Drug Mart policy; they do not accept credit cards when paying for gift cards. You must pay cash or debit only.

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    Stahr says...

    The big deal is that the card shows up as a loss in the stores inventory. Your son should not have been treated the way he was. The person working should have approached you to advise you that the cards are for purchase only. Mistakes happen and kids don’t deserve to be treated like garbage.
    I work in a store where this happens a lot. I get it, who thinks an un-activated gift card is worth anything. Unfortunately they are as they cost money to produce.

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    Megan says...

    WOW!If everyone did that then the companies would be wasting alot of plastic and money. How would the manager know if your going to come back. And now your complaining. WOW just WOW.

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    K says...

    Does it mean you’re not going to shop at SDM at Bridlewood mall or is it the company itself? Maybe it was the manager at that location that was the problem, doesn’t mean it represented ALL of SDM. But I can see why you would never want to do business with that location there.

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    HFgf says...

    Children always do this it’s not their fault they are still learning but remember, they deal with people stealing everyday so sometimes people over react.

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    Jenn says...

    And then, when you go to Walmart and someone ticks you off there, where will you shop?

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    Lorie Brijeski says...

    I can understand how you feel,I am a mama bear myself, the manager should not have yelled at your child but he is only 1 person not “Shoppers Drug Mart”,they are a great store and we all love the points etc. and if he was having a bad day he should not have taken it out on your son I guarantee you,your son will remember this the rest of his life and never take anything again.I took a turtles bar about 35 years ago and never stole my whole life.Mistakes happen .This is a good life lesson but I would talk to head office don’t stop shopping at shoppers,they are Canadian and we need to support all the Canadian stores we can.A mama bear Lorie

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