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Safeway Canada: Receipt Was an Unreadable Mess

By Customer with a 2 year old

Winnipeg Safeway on Vermillion. You coupon right? Well so do I.  ;)Safeway had some great deals so I went with my little guy who is 2 and we got 4 bottles of sunlight detergent as it was on sale b1g1, 2 bottles of ketchup on sale, 4 boxes of tea with 50% stickers, 3 glade smellies, one tub baby wipes, and two tubs of yogurt. Fairly small order but a lot of coupons.
I had 2 fpcs for yogurt, 2 fpcs for sunlight, 3 fpcs for glade smellies, 1 fpc for baby wipes and 4x $1 offs the tea. The cashier rang it through I paid what I thought was too much and stopped to check the receipt. Well I stared at it and stared at it and I couldn’t figure the thing out. I took it to customer service and she couldn’t figure it out. She went and got all of the coupons from the cashier and re rang it in and somehow came up with that she owed me $90!!! I said NO you owe me around $10-$12. She did it again $80ish owing to me - NO! (I mean seriously I would love $80 or $90  but its not right) it took 45mins when I finally said look give me a pen and paper. I showed her all the products with fpcs/bogo sales = free and showed her that I really should only pay full price for the ketchup and 1/2 tea price minus the $1 each coupons AND any applicable taxes.  She then gave me $10.12 back. Safeways receipts with their in house sale price then card savings then additional
discounts listed at the bottom separate from the product bought are so confusing that even their own staff don’t know whats going on. Luckily my little guy had just finished a free cookie from their bakery so he was happy as a clam to be given a flyer to “read” while this 45min fiasco played itself out.