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Gift Card Refused at Glow Hair & Nails Calgary

By Samantha

In August I received a gift card for Glow Hair & Nails in Calgary that was worth approximately $50. In Oct I went for a pedicure, and after my pedicure was finished, I tried to pay with my gift card. The manager/owner began to tell me that she just recently purchased the company and that the previous owner did not pay for any of the outstanding gift cards. She said they have hired a lawyer but cannot find the previous owner, and that they have already received over 100 cards since they’ve taken over. She would not accept my card, and said “her girls have to be paid”, and that she would give 10% discount. I paid the bill and walked out of there fuming. Is it just me or is that the risk you take when you assume another company’s name?? Why should the customer be penalized for their poor business decisions.