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Walmart (Square One) Messed Up My Jacket‏

By Faheem

So this past Sunday (Nov 13th) i went into WalMart @ Square One to get some paint and supplies. While waiting for my paint to get mixed, this other customer was questioning the WalMart employee about varnish. And that he wanted the employee to open the tub of varnish so he could see the colour. He didn’t like the colour so the employee put the cap back on, and while hammering it closed, it splashed all over my face and on my Nike jacket. I’m fuming at this stage and just ask for my paint and head to Customer Service. Spoke to Ivona (MOD), who said WalMart will pay to have it cleaned. But it clearly says on the instructions of the jacket - DO NOT DRY CLEAN. So i told her that and the only way to clean this jacket is to put it in the wash and there’s no way these oil marks are going to come off. Anyways i was told to price out the jacket. So i went home put the jacket in the wash to see if the marks will come out and no it didn’t. I found a similar jacket at the Nike store as t
he one i have was bought a year ago. I printed it and returned to the store the following day (Mon 14th). Cost of the jacket is $200 + HST. Waited 30mins for a Manager. Paula comes down to talk to me..No Hello, or sorry to hear what happened..just rudeness..So i give her the printout and she says they can only pay $100 as the jacket depreciated in value..I tell her that aint my problem and the fact that WalMart messed up my jacket it needs to be replaced. And the cost is $200 + HST. I give her my contact details and she promises to have someone call me the next day - Tues the 15th. I wait until 4pm and no one calls. I call them and speak to Brenda, she says that i will have to give them my jacket and they will give me $150 for a new one. But wait, the one costs $200 + HST, so why should i be at a loss? Again i’m told that the jacket decreased in value. So now from $100 it went up to $150??? They think i’m an idiot..So i tell Brenda that that is unacceptable..So i filed a com
plaint with the Head Office and waiting for a response…I don’t think it’s fair that i only get paid a fraction of the cost of a new jacket. The jacket has sentimental value (given to me by my Mom) so why should i give it to them..Do you guys agree?


Surprise at Walmart

By Dusty Rose

Had a little surprise as I was entering Walmart today. I had a shoulder bag of shopping from another store, and was hoping to avoid the greeter who would want to put the sticker to my bag to seal it. As I came in she called me over and I sighed. She had a wadded up plastic bag that she offered to me to put my soaking wet umbrella in. What a pleasant surprise to come in from the pouring rain and have a small, but very kind gesture. I noticed the bag was printed as an “umbrella bag”. I made a point to thank the greeter again as I was leaving.


New Walmart Port Coquitlam‏

By micky

very bad service in computer department, no help to busy with 1 customer yacking, to help me in any way. sorry took my business to another store. he lost out on a $900.00 sale.


Charged for Tire Disposal at Walmart

By GPtech

I purchased a set of four tires from Walmart and was charged the 5.00 per tire eco fee for recycling.

I got home I realized they had placed the four old tires in my car.

I figure they would keep the $20 for themselves and I would have to pay the fee twice to dispose of them.

I am taking them back tomorrow and asking why they would try such a scam.


Ignored at Walmart


Quite some time ago I went to Walmart intending to purchase a new watch.

There were three of us at the Jewelery counter looking at various items.

The clerk who was fairly young was busy talking to her girlfriend and after being ignored for quite some time the other two left and I finally left and purchased my watch from a very friendly and efficient clerk at Zellers.

It seems that some clerks are more interested in gabbing than serving customers.


St. Catherine’s Walmart

By sherbear609

I had no choice but to buy the baby his car seat ( 20 + pound one) I went to find someone for some help with it. (should have stayed home!) First person was really busy & tried to help…but when you have 5 ppl waiting for help, I gave up.

Found someone who said ” I am going on my lunch break, You should go across to the states right now, They are on for $40.00″

I could not believe it… I was in shock that they even said that, I wonder how long Wal-Mart Canada will have that “macy’s” appeal to go somewhere else…lol not even a mention of what store either… So needless to more Wal-mart for me… I wonder if they knew what the staff said would they agree?? I am kinda wondering what store though :)


Walmart Gone Wrong

By mona

I went to the north shore Walmart,

I have to used coupons for the last 5 years I am one of the Canadians that supports an American store in Canada and I fully aware of all of walmarts coupon policies.

I am disgusted with how I was treated yesterday by the cashier and the store manager both which knew nothing about coupons , they could even read the coupon properly and were making a mess of my transaction the cashier was scanning my zip-locks I told her they were coming up at the wrong price and she continued to scan them all through and ignored me then my coupon stated buy 2 zip-locks and get 2 free she would only give me one free and she was writing the wrong price in the area on the coupon i explained to her 3 times what the coupon said she said no, I asked her to call the manager, she only called someone from the automotive department? Then she called for the manger Sahsa, this was yestirday May 22 2011 at 4:15, I told the manager about the coupon she said I was right, then I explained that the price came up wrong at the register, she went back to check on the price my friend followed her and watched from around the corner of the isle as she ripped off the sale price and brought the reg price tag up to show me. That’s deceiving and evil.

Also the toilet paper that I bought scanned at 10.98 I told the manager the price tag said 5.97 at this point i didn’t trust her so I went with her she said are you sure you selected this one i said yes she brought it back to the till didn’t even check my Toilet paper if it was the same then she instructed the cashier to change the price.

I should have received the SCOP on the toilet paper and the zip-locks ( I didn’t bother because the manager was starting to argue with me about my coupons) She looked at my disgustingly and ask if I printed some of these coupons.

I decided I wanted my coupons back and didn’t want to complete my purchase due to the hassle she was giving me. Then she said lets start over so we did and then the zip-lock coupon she said I cannot purchase the zip-lock bags i have picked out because they were the new zip-locks, I told her the coupon states any zip-lock, I told her a zip-lock is a zip-lock she walked away and 10 seconds later she returned and said I could use the coupon

I am pretty certain the manager and the cashier do not know there coupon policy. This was the worst checkout of my life with the manager raising her voice at me and giving me grief over nothing, I have every right to use my manufacture coupons.

I was so dissatisfied i did not purchase a single thing and my bill total was $110.00, I do not tolerate people who treat me with disrespect and discriminate against me for using coupons.

I had to ask the manager 3 times before she would give me her name, I told her I was going to write this letter to head office.

It was clear that she did not want to give me her name as she was in the wrong.


Walmart Portrait Studio, Winnipeg

By casey1

I had an appointment this morning at the walmart portrait studio St.vital location in Wpg, to have my sons pics taken. I originally booked the appt. on tues. at that time I informed them I was just there 3 wks ago. (with DD) & I wanted the $7.99 one pose package again. Then i called wed. to see if I could change my appt. time. spoke with another girl. She too asked me who was in the pic, when I was there last & if I had anything in mind. I told her same info, 3wks, son’s pic & one pose package. Get there this morning. Before we start our session asked again, last time here, etc. this is now 3 people I told I wanted the $7.99 one pose package & I was just there with my daughter 3 weeks ago. We do the session. Ended up getting 2 pics to choose from as son was a bit unruly & some pics were blurry. I pick a pose & again mention I wasnt the one pose package for $7.99. She tells me i can’t have it. What??? Why not??? Well because I was there 3 weeks ago & had it with my daughter. I then ask her why no one mentioned this to me before the session knowing full well I told all 3 of them that I was there 3 weeks ago & I wanted the $7.99 package. She tells me they aren’t supposed to mention the package over the phone. I then say I was the one who mentioned it & why she never said anything when I told her to her face before the session. She then says I have to pay $10 per sheet. I ask to speak to the manager & she informs me shes the manager & that only one $7.99 package per flyer. I ask her if there is anything she as the manager can do for me as I drove in from out of town, obviously put my son thru an ordeal & informed 3 people of what i wanted & when i was there last. She tells me “no, the computer won’t let me do it” “it’s a new system” unreal. I say this is B.S. & ask for HO #. I call HO explain the situation & get put on hold. CS called the store & the manager tells CS she was going to give me the $7.99 deal but i was irate & she will not do so. WHAT??? Why would I get irate if she was going to give it to me. What a bold face liar. The situation is being handed off to the district manager. If I was informed of the 30 day thing I could have easily waited another week. I even asked her if she could hold the pics for another week & she said “yes, but at $10 per sheet” I can’t believe the poor service & the total lie. If I wanted to pay $50 for a few sheets of pics I’d go somewhere where the quality is much better. The manager’s name is Patty or something close to that.


Walmart Coupon Redemption

By Gramps

Wal-Mart is hit and miss with coupon use. Sometimes they take them (1 per item perchased) & the next time they will make you pay for each item separately. Watch is you try this with your credit card - muliple transactions like that in one locaiton may set off a security alert & your card will be ‘hot carded’. Thanks WM

I am not sure of why they act this way about coupons - may they will shape up when Target arrives!


Walmart Wouldn’t Take More Than One Coupon

By smilesaver

From what I have read about Walmart policy that they do take more then one coupon, well I went there yesterday and the manager said only one coupon per item no matter what the coupons says. Yet I have read the policy from Walmart that was posted and he still wouldn’t do it ;(

I guess it all depends on the manager of each store. Can’t wait until all Walmarts are the same.



By Brokeneck

okay… You wanna know what goes on in these joints?really? I’ve worked in one of the supercenters for two years now and I have so many things that I could expose thier business practices as incredibly poor it’s not funny!!! First off is how they tout that they are all about the environment and yet if you were to place a camera by the compactor you would watch this company throw out tons and tons and tons of reusable products, electronics, food, chemicals, paper plastic metal and everything else you can imagine!!! They don’t recycle shit!!!!! Five billion hangers get chucked in there all the time as they don’t want to spend the money to separate the metal from the plastic to have them recycled!!! Batteries, stereo components, light bulbs, kids toys, food by the full on giant bin all gets tossed in!!! They refer to it as “crunchy time” at my store as everything gets thrown in because rather than mark it down and save the consumer some money they would rather write everything off and get full credit from the manufacturer!!!! All display furniture, clothes, all kinds of things that could be donated to local charities or even be sent to disaster victims but no…. The almighty dollar reigns supreme in walkways pocket….. Not the consumer like they advertise!!! Helping canadians live better?….. How about our children and childrens children…. What about the environment that walmart is leaving behindbfor them???!!!! Who will clean up the walmart dumpsites!!!?? This company NEEDS to be fully properly thoroughly and continually investigated and SHUT DOWN!!!!! This company is the absolute death blow to ANY community that allows this giant to move in and destroy it entirely!!!! This is a travesty and the govt NEEDS to be made aware of the atrocities that this company is committing on a daily basis and from EVERY SINGLE STORE IN THE CHAIN!!!!! STAND UP!!! BE HEARD!!!! TELL THE GOVTS TO DO SOMETHING ABIUT THIS INJUSTICE TO OUR PLANET!!!!!! SHUT THE MONSTER DOWN!!!!!!!


Lousy Oil Change Service at Walmart

By Customerisnumberone

I have been to Walmart Auto in Kingston for my last two oil changes and their “service” was the same for both. The staff are abrupt, they can’t speak in a friendly tone, but can be quite cold and they must be told to make sure they do not smile at a customer because they all deliver poor service equally. I will never go back and I would not recommend them to anyone.


Jeans by George

By Lucy

Style # GCF0721NLP ladies 10Px29L the button and zipper are on the wrong side for women…all other brands you zipper with right hand and button not with left hand…this is very awkward if you are not left handed…I think they should be in the men’s dept….thought you should know.


Disappointed in George Line of Clothing from Walmart

By Cheryl

I’m very disappointed in your new line of clothes “george” the t shirts are so thin you can spit through them the Quality is crap you catter to the young people with your clothes line i usually wear a size 10 in order to wear the george line you have to be a size 2 and no bulges ive tried looking for clothes for my 86 year old mother and there is nothing for her even your emplyees admit there is nothing for the elderly seems from where i sit its our seniors that would have more money to spend then our teenagers more then once ive asked an emploee for help they are curtious say i will be right back to help you and you never see them again also for example my husband bought me slippers for christmas and the soles are already falling off i realize you dont really care you just make more money cause know i need to replace them.


Rude Customer Service at Walmart

By tmlskk01

I had bought a lamp back in september from my local walmart it was a cheap lamp ( standing, three bulbs with plastic covers) last night I came into my room and all could smell was burning plastic I discovered that one of the covers had come loose and fell onto the bulb and was melting. I called walmart and asked to speak to a manager and explained the situationm I told him that I did not have a receipt but I would like an exchange since the lamp was faulty and could have burned down my home. the manager pretty much laughed and called me a scammer saying I could have gotten the lamp at a thrift store for all he knew and that he would do nothing for me. understand that theres nothing he could do but to make me feel bad for something I didnt even do is unacceptable and he didnt even say he was sorry or anything. I am so fed up with walmart.