Walmart Gone Wrong

By mona

I went to the north shore Walmart,

I have to used coupons for the last 5 years I am one of the Canadians that supports an American store in Canada and I fully aware of all of walmarts coupon policies.

I am disgusted with how I was treated yesterday by the cashier and the store manager both which knew nothing about coupons , they could even read the coupon properly and were making a mess of my transaction the cashier was scanning my zip-locks I told her they were coming up at the wrong price and she continued to scan them all through and ignored me then my coupon stated buy 2 zip-locks and get 2 free she would only give me one free and she was writing the wrong price in the area on the coupon i explained to her 3 times what the coupon said she said no, I asked her to call the manager, she only called someone from the automotive department? Then she called for the manger Sahsa, this was yestirday May 22 2011 at 4:15, I told the manager about the coupon she said I was right, then I explained that the price came up wrong at the register, she went back to check on the price my friend followed her and watched from around the corner of the isle as she ripped off the sale price and brought the reg price tag up to show me. That’s deceiving and evil.

Also the toilet paper that I bought scanned at 10.98 I told the manager the price tag said 5.97 at this point i didn’t trust her so I went with her she said are you sure you selected this one i said yes she brought it back to the till didn’t even check my Toilet paper if it was the same then she instructed the cashier to change the price.

I should have received the SCOP on the toilet paper and the zip-locks ( I didn’t bother because the manager was starting to argue with me about my coupons) She looked at my disgustingly and ask if I printed some of these coupons.

I decided I wanted my coupons back and didn’t want to complete my purchase due to the hassle she was giving me. Then she said lets start over so we did and then the zip-lock coupon she said I cannot purchase the zip-lock bags i have picked out because they were the new zip-locks, I told her the coupon states any zip-lock, I told her a zip-lock is a zip-lock she walked away and 10 seconds later she returned and said I could use the coupon

I am pretty certain the manager and the cashier do not know there coupon policy. This was the worst checkout of my life with the manager raising her voice at me and giving me grief over nothing, I have every right to use my manufacture coupons.

I was so dissatisfied i did not purchase a single thing and my bill total was $110.00, I do not tolerate people who treat me with disrespect and discriminate against me for using coupons.

I had to ask the manager 3 times before she would give me her name, I told her I was going to write this letter to head office.

It was clear that she did not want to give me her name as she was in the wrong.

8 Responses to “Walmart Gone Wrong”

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    Ron Simmons says...

    That’s what happens when you shop at Walmart!

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    Alex says...

    Walmart ranks low on the intergrity scale from dealing with producers, suppliers and as an employer. I really don’t even know why anyone would want one in their neighbourhood.

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    Angie E says...

    The same happened to me! but I went to Shoppers Drugmart and while I was showing my coupons the cashier was making really bad comments to the cashier behind her, I understand italian quite a lot and it was a very unpleasant moment. One of the cons of using coupons is that you dont know exactly how your shopping is going to be… I really hope that big companies, such as Walmart, thoroughly instruct their employees about coupon policies and to look at the client always as a priority.

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    Moe says...

    Seems to me that most people who get treated badly by cashiers are looking to get something for nothing.
    PAY for your items, stop asking for handouts, and you will be treated much better.

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    bonnie says...

    the same thing happened to me at walmart today but with the buy any 3 gillette products save $5 coupon. they argued i could only use one coupon when it stated one coupon per purchase not per customer, per visit.

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    Alex says...

    Really has Walmart ever really been right??? Can’t wait for Target to come to Canada and take business away from that evil WM.

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    dana says...

    If it stated “one coupon per purchase per visit” that means one coupon per visit. . . .

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    dawn says...

    I was just at wall mart Sk and had over $20 in coupons never had a problem had 2 coupons for $3 off each on advil no problem plus all the sale prices came up right . so it must just be certain stores

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