Credit Card Issue at Sears

By julian kim

I pre ordered over the phone some products from the Clinique Counter. The sales associated told me that I will charged in two weeks when my order is sent out. More than two weeks goes by so I call. Apparently, the sales associated did not have the products in stock even though she assured me she did. And that over the two - three week period she was never going to call me to let me know lol. Whatever I said no big deal, I’ll just go in person then and pick out some other products. After picking them out the Sales associated me assured me that my other order over the phone was null and void because I had decided to come in person. Feeling uneasy I called them and reminded them to make sure my credit card would not be charged for a double order. LOL well today guess what I got. The order I had placed over a month and a half ago. So apparently even though my order was null and void they still kept my credit card information. A warning to everyone, just shop somewhere else. This was my fault, I know that Sears sucks and have been practicing shady business for a while. But I still went ahead and gave them my business. I’m just gonna keep the double order it isn’t worth returning because I could always use them in the future. What really has me pissed off is that my order was cancelled, I called twice to remind them and was assured and promised it was cancelled (they thought I was a crazy girl for repeatedly calling lol). But if it was cancelled how did they still have my credit card info to charge me. That is telling me that they keep your information. I called and left a message with a manager, not to yell at her or anything like that. I just really want my credit card information to be destroyed and not kept by them to charge me “cancelled orders”.

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    julian kim says...

    I got a call from the manager and she assured me that my credit info was shredded. Apparently after all phone orders are complete the info is destroyed. So I was happy to hear from her. Even though I was sent and charged my cancelled order, I’m over it. It was only around 42 dollars, but I will still not be shopping there anymore.

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    Joe says...

    Julian Kim - I disagree, this was NOT your fault. This was a simple transaction - and Sears failed, big time.

    I half-suspect it wasn’t a mix up at all - but that they intentionally kept your order and information on file for when the stock finally arrived, even though you specifically called to cancel the order. I really believe that they are so desperate for business, they will stoop that low.

    I have mixed feelings about Sears - I wonder if, ten years from now, they will exist at all. They couldn’t save Eaton’s (not that I have any problem with that store being gone) - and might end up in the same boat themselves.

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    Hugo says...

    Paragraphs people


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