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Walmart at Guildford, Surrey, BC

By tink30

I bought a pack of Duracell AAA batteries from the Guildford Mall, Surrey, BC location on Boxing Day. When I opened the package at home and put some in my child’s toy they didn’t work. I then realized they were covered in battery acid and it was burning my hands and there was white powdery acid all inside the package. Tonight I returned them to the store and I wanted to get a new package so I went to the same area I got them from before. I noticed that every package had battery acid leaking in it! It was a big skid of batteries that was located in front of the washrooms/McDonalds area. They all didn’t expire until 2016 but there was obviously something wrong with them. I grabbed several of them to show a cashier. I asked for the store manager and she told me I would have to go to customer service. I stood in line at customer service (long line of returns) and then was told that they couldn’t deal with it, I would have to go to the photo lab. Another cashier told me she would take care of it and tell the photo lab. I did some more shopping and an hour later I went back and noticed that the same skid of batteries were there and that lots of people were still buying them. I told one lady looking at them to not buy them and she looked at her package and put them back. These batteries need to be removed from the store right away! I was very frustrated that nobody could call a manager for me, and I even tried three times to call the phone number listed under the manager at the front of the store but there was no answer.

Also, I realize that it has been a very busy week for all of the stores, but this Walmart is going way down hill. The escalator is constantly out of service, and the woman’s washroom has 2 stalls out of order (including the wheelchair stall) and is a flilthy mess. The store is very dirty and messy. Everything I wanted in their flyer was out of stock (cat litter, Royal Toilet Paper, etc). I wanted to order a ring that wasn’t available in my size and the jewlery department told me they couldn’t help me because the girl that normally works there is away and they don’t know when she will be back. I will no longer shop at this Walmart after my experiences tonight.


Great Experience with

By Ashley

My hubby and I decided to order a Keurig Coffee Brewer from on Christmas Day. We were very happy to see that they were offering free shipping on orders over $20+. We placed our order, and we were sent a confirmation email. I was expecting to wait several business days since Canada Post was closed Monday, Dec 27th and Tuesday, Dec 28th because of the holidays. I was shocked to get home and find a delivery notice in our mailbox on Wednesday (Dec 29th) for our shipment from future shop! I’m very happy with the service and price we paid, and will definitely order again from website.


Alaska Airlines “Kids Fly Free”

By Zook

We were excited to see that Alaska Airlines is offering their ‘kids fly free’ promotion, as we are planning a Disneyland trip for Spring Break. Well, after plugging in all the numbers on the booking website, and after numerous calls to the Airline, we discovered, to our shock, that it is actually CHEAPER to pay for our kids’ flights and book our own hotel. We discovered on our last call to the airline that they are using the non-sale price for the adult tickets and with all the add-ons, you are tied to the hotel rate they give you. So don’t book the ‘kids fly free’ package and expect that you are getting a deal.


Awful Customer Service from

By Boyzmom33

I do most of my Christmas shopping online, it makes life easier as I can take my time to find the right gifts for people and I don’t feel so rushed.

I placed 4 online orders with Sears alone this year, plus other stores and had no problems EXCEPT one.

I placed one of my orders with Sears on Nov.25. Once my order was placed they sent me an email to state one of the jackets I ordered for my nephews was on backorder but would be delivered Dec.23. Pretty close to Christmas so I called to confirm and was told yes I would receive it at my house on Dec.23.

Today I called just to make sure once again, as they have no easy way to track your orders, and was told that my order was cancelled???

Apparently it was cancelled by their warehouse on Dec.1 as they realized they could no longer get stock. At NO time did anyone try to contact me or notify me. They never called or emailed me and they didn’t issue a credit to my c.c. either, which would have got my attention and prompted me to call.

I am very upset. Today is Dec.23 and I now have to try to find an equal gift for my nephew as his brother’s jacket came in from Sears no problem.

The part that I find most upsetting is they didn’t even care about not notifying me. No reason or excuse or apology and they only offered to issue me a refund? I think I am entitled to a refund on something I never received….they made no attempt to help me such as offering to call a store to see if they have it and I could go pick it up? I also asked if I could order a different jacket and pay extra to have it overnighted and was almost laughed at….she said are you kidding it’s almost Christmas?

Really??? I know that and am now in a dilemma because of your staffs incompetence…I will NEVER shop at Sears again, online, in store or by catalogue……Now I have to try to find an NHL jacket to match his brothers with less then 24 hours of shopping left….


Dormez-Vous, don’t waste your money!‏

By Juniperjune

My husband and I bought pillows at Dormez-Vous on Jean Talon, St-Leonard, this past September. We got the memory foam pillows. My husband’s cost $150 and I got a $100 pillow. His pillow is fine, but mine was not. It goes flat and does not bounce back. I end up with a pancake. They exchanged it no problem. I did this 4 times! Now my neck and back are a mess, I go to an Osteopath each week, but after sleeping on this pillow, I am in pain all over again!

The 5th time I went to the store the clerk suggested I take a different pillow, as I was not about to fork over an additional $50 and get the pillow my husband got. Really, after 4 defective pillows I have to pay more??? I don’t think so. However, she did not tell me to make sure it was a good fit, as I could not return it. I got home, and it was way too high. Now she said to take this one as the other one went flat.

So, she promptly told me that she could not return it, company policy, and that she was not about to get fired over this. Yeah right, trying to make me feel guilty? Like they would fire her, not likely! So for a $100 pillow they will loose a customer. My last mattress I bought cost me $1500. Isn’t the pillow the cheapest item in the store? I called their customer service, and the lady I spoke to was such a PILL! She could not care less, she read from a script, was monotone, and offered no assistance or compensation. She could give a S**t. Apparently a manager is going to call me back. You think he will call?

So because I have 4 DEFECTIVE PILLOWS, their products are not of a good quality and standard, I am out of $100 plus taxes, and they could care less, I have to suffer. Now, over $100 pillow that is not worth anything I will bad mouth Dormez-Vous and blog about it and never ever spend another dime there and recommend to everyone I encounter to go to Costco to buy a $30 memory foam pillow and go to sears to buy their mattress. My baby’s mattress will come from Sears, not Dormez-Vous. So there goes more than $100 in someone else’s pocket. But then again, they don’t care.


Poor Service at Real Canadian Superstore

By Nipper

I recently visited Super Store in Thunder Bay , Ont. , I went to the pharmacy to try to order some accessories for my Pro Active TENS machine which I purchased from them and have ordered spare electro pads before . I wanted to get spare electro wires , they hummed and hawed , went to the back and finally came back and told me they could not order them for me and that I would have to order direct from the supplier and walked away , leaving me standing at the counter . What has happened to customer service???? I buy all my groceries and prescriptions from this store if this is the kind of service I will be getting I will shop elsewhere. I contacted the supplier told them what happened , they were really supprised and said they could have ordered no problem , they gave me the name of another supplier in Thunder Bay , which had them in stock . It seem like you have to much business to care about the small sales and look after your once loyal customer .


Problem with Battery Guarantee at The Source Canada

By Andrew

I feel like sharing my experience with The Source (former RadioShack) in Ontario, Canada.

I hope my experience will caution those who want to buy batteries at The Source.

They run a guarantee program for the batteries they sell. The program is called ACP; under it, when buying a battery a customer can additionally purchase this guarantee and get two replacements at no charge if it dies within three years. The idea is good, but it didn’t work well for me.

The battery that I purchased for my watch died in about a year. (It is 379, normally, batteries ran in this watch for 1.5 to 3 years.) I came to a store and received a replacement only to come home and find out that it was dead. I put it into the watch, it didn’t work so I checked it with a multitester - the battery was as dead as a nail. I went to another store of the chain and asked for a replacement. Now I tested the battery right there on the counter in the assistant’s presence, and the battery was dead too. The assistant was trying to help and fetched another battery, which only proved to be dead. He also tested the batteries with his own device, so there was no mistake about it. The manager of that store advised me to call head office in Barrie, and talk to ACP department. When I called there, the gentlemen in the ACP department, by the name of Patrick, said that he could only call to the store and ask them to restock, but it was my responsibility to drive around the stores looking for the good battery, notwithstanding the guarantee. I called to the Customer Care, I the lady there advised me that the best she could do was to call stores and find out if one of them has a good battery, after which I would have to go there to pick it up. Please mind that Thesource is not the kind of the store that you see at every corner, they are scattered at quite good distances from eahc other. The Customer Care lady tried to contact a couple of stores on my behalf, while she was checking for the phone numbers and locations of the stores, she got disconnected. Intentionally or by a chance, I don’t know. I didn’t call back, neither did she.

By then, I had already wasted a lot of time, too much for a watch battery, so I didn’t want to waste any more time pursuing the matter. I went online and found other sources to buy a battery from outside of Canada, cheaper and without even leaving my house. I will have to wait though.

I was polite in all my conversations and never made a big issue out of it, it is just a battery after all. All shop assistants I dealt with and the customer care agent were trying to help. Patrick sounded a little impatient and didn’t demonstrate any understanding, but I had heard worse, and obviously he was unable to do much under the chain’s policy.

No need to say that I am not buying anything at all from The Source in the future. You potential customers will certainly have your own opinion, but I hope that my experience can be helpful.


Bad Experience at Canadian Tire

By Pissed

This store sucks, teller number 7 today looked like a 12 year old moron who had zero customer knowledge whatsoever. I spent 1 hour gathering over $100 worth of canadian tire crap to buy including a $2 salt shaker. After the child punched in all the items the salt shaker had no bar code on it. She called out for help and made us wait for about 5 minutes, then she called for a price check over the intercom, now been about 8 minutes waiting, she decides she will now cancel my items and without talking to me or anything she starts processing other customers in the line. I am now not only waiting with my wife and kids but i am now in the way of the other shoppers as I am still waiting to pay. I told the child working that I was not waiting any longer and would never return to Crappy tire EVER AGAIN


Good Experience at Canadian Tire

By glowworm2k

I went to the Canadian Tire on Coventry Road in Ottawa for the Boxing Day sale on the 26th. Luckily for me, since the sale had started on the 24th, the store wasn’t too hectic.

I wanted to buy the Vulcan 13′ ladder that was on sale for $99.99 in the flyer. I walked around the store for a while and could only find ladders on sale for $89.99, $129.99 and $219.99. I checked the CTC product number in the flyer with the merchandise and found that the $89.99 ladder was the one I had wanted.

I took the ladder, plus my other purchases (mainly cans of the half-price Comet cleanser) to the cash, and the ladder rang up at $99.99. I told the cashier that there was a sign on the shelf saying that it was only $89.99. She called for a price check immediately, with no argument, before checking what the flyer said ($99.99 of course). When she saw the item in the flyer, she said that the cash was correct, but I asked her to wait for the price check, which she was quite willing to do. The hardware manager came to the cash with the discount sign and told the cashier to give the product to me at the cheaper price. He was very polite and friendly. The cashier gave me the item at the lower price right away.

I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised, especially as this all took less than 10 minutes and it was Boxing Day so I had expected to be waiting for a while and, from the reviews here, was expecting some kind of hassle or argument.


Scanning Code of Practice at Shopper’s Drugmart

By Brock

On a recent visit to Shopper’s Drug Mart (Ottawa Street, Kitchener) I was charged the regular price for an item which was on sale in the Shopper’s weekly flyer. When I complained that the item should be free due to their scanning accuracy policy, I was told by store management that this could not be done and that the best that they could do would be to sell me the item for the advertized sale price. The problem, as I understand it, was that the item was an advertized sale item in the store flyer and since it was not shown as being on sale in the actual store (shelf price), the scanning accuracy policy did not apply.

I feel that this is total BS and so does the Retail Council of Canada. They confirmed that the price at checkout should never be higher than either the advertized (flyer) price or the price shown on the shelf, and that this iitem should have been free (in accordance with their policy).

Has anyone else ever had this issue?


Zellers Canada

By Brock

Ever notice when you use a coupon at Zeller’s that they only apply the discount after taxes?


I Got Robbed at Canadian Tire

By Vlad

To whom it may concern

On December 12, 2010 at 1.40 pm my girlfriend and I went into Canadian Tire on 6670 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Mississauga, ON to install previously purchased winter tires. I have been quoted $199.99 ($50 per tire) to complete this work to which I objected questioning why it is this expensive. The response I have received was that this price was set for all Canadian Tire stores for low profile tires. My tire size is 205/55/16 and I said that my tires are not low profile. I was told that the Canadian Tire Corporation has recently changed its policy and now considers 55 to be a low profile tire as it is one of the most popular sizes and it allows Canadian Tire to make more money on it. I was a little surprised but the sales representative assured me that the Canadian Tire Corporation matches all the prices in every location and I would not be able to find a cheaper rate. I signed the quote and left my car.

My car is a company car, so I called my boss to tell about the charges. The response I got was “That is insane!”. I called several other Canadian Tire stores asking for the quote. The prices were ranging from $16.99 to $24.99 for a tire. I quickly returned to the store and asked to stop, however, the summer tires were already off the wheels. I started arguing about the prices and wanted to get my car back but the shop manager told me he will not let my car out of the shop unless I pay $199 + taxes. One of the store representatives made calls to several Canadian Tire Stores in the area but didn’t get a quote over $24.99. After that the shop manager told me that every Canadian Tire store sets its own prices. The sales representative refused that he ever said about matching prices for all the stores even though my girlfriend and I both heard it. I had nothing to do but to pay in order to get my car back.

I told the shop manager that I am going to call the corporate office and the branch manager but he replied that these calls will be unnecessary.

I am seeking reimbursement in the amount of $113.03 in order to regain my trust and ever for me and my family to do business again with any Canadian Tire.

I hope that the Canadian Tire Corporation closely review my case and reimburse the above mentioned amount.


Above and Beyond Sevice at

By Sally

With all the negative reviews I think we need to praise good merchants as well. Last week I placed an order with Rickis online. A few days later I received a personal email apologizing that their system has mistakenly said my item was available but wasn’t in stock. Instead of just cancelling my items they searched around and found the item for me in-store and they would be sending it to me purolator no charge. What excellent customer service. Not only did they keep me in the loop but they went above and beyond to find the item for me. Thank you for the excellent personalized service.


Extreme Rudeness at Tommy Hilfiger Canada

By Joanne

My girlfriend and I both went shopping at two different Tommy Hilfiger  Ottawa, On Canada she had spent over $200 and I spent $155.

The next day I opened my mail to find out American Express had a discount coupon of 20% off when you purchase a minimum of $150. I called the store in the west end at College Square (where I did my purchase) to find out if we had to take the clothes back as well as the receipt to get the discount. They said yes please bring the clothes with  and I mentioned my girlfriend had already wrapped hers- so they said no problem they would make an exception for her.

But we decided to shop in the east end of Ottawa  so I thought we should phone that store to confirm the that we could use the coupon I called and they said we must bring in the clothing and there would be no issue.

When we arrived at the cash the older salesperson that served us (they didn’t have name tags), told us that we couldn’t have the discount cause we had already bought the items the day before, we had to tell him we had called ahead and in a ill mannered attitude he said no one received that phone call  so now we were also called liars. We then said ok we will return the items and re buy them with the discount coupon. He said if we returned the items he would re stock them. Through this whole process we were treated with extreme rudeness and he was very unwilling to help out. He was not pleasant and made us feel uncomfortable. He constantly complained and argued that we couldn’t do this  (this is why shopping at the Bay and many other stores so much easier,  they all do price adjustments).

He finally did the transaction in slow mode to annoy us further.

Another customer was waiting at the cash as well to have his bill corrected as the store had made a mistake 5 minutes ago on his bill - and they insisted he go back to his car to get the sweater even though it was their mistake.

We will not return to this Tommy Hilfiger ever again and will make sure our friends are aware of their attitude. (the attitude of the west end store was the total opposite).


Screwed Over By The Bay Canada

By Tess

I ordered an item on the website for the Bay on Dec 10th. Shortly after I received and email stating that my order is being processed. I waited for a week and my order still hadn’t come, so I called the customer service dept. to inquire about my order. She advised me that my order had been cancelled but could not tell me why it was cancelled. I asked her why nobody called me or sent me notification that the order had been cancelled, she said it wasn’t her responsibility. Really? So she said that I would need to reorder the item and couldn’t guarantee that it would make it for Christmas. And then proceeded to tell me that the item is no longer in stock and that there was nothing they could do!!! Seriously? This is the customer service I received from the Bay! shoppers beware!