Screwed Over By The Bay Canada

By Tess

I ordered an item on the website for the Bay on Dec 10th. Shortly after I received and email stating that my order is being processed. I waited for a week and my order still hadn’t come, so I called the customer service dept. to inquire about my order. She advised me that my order had been cancelled but could not tell me why it was cancelled. I asked her why nobody called me or sent me notification that the order had been cancelled, she said it wasn’t her responsibility. Really? So she said that I would need to reorder the item and couldn’t guarantee that it would make it for Christmas. And then proceeded to tell me that the item is no longer in stock and that there was nothing they could do!!! Seriously? This is the customer service I received from the Bay! shoppers beware!


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    B.Mcphee says...

    this happened to me with placed an order and had used this credit card before and knew it had money on it,so just assumed my order would call,no package,no email.

    it really sucks sometimes when you shop anywhere online during the holidays.they should have told you something.i try to do online early,like really early to avoid this but this happened to me in november.luckily able to rectify everything,but yeah.hmm.was it a card issue like me? either way someone should be on top of notifying someone when their order gets cancelled

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    Iwannadeal says...

    I wouldn’t trust Canadian retailers to be able to deliver good service with online orders. There’ve also been complaints about Sears here. It’s relatively new to them, compared to the US retailers like Lands End and LL Bean etc. Even their websites are kind of useless, especially The Bay. I certainly wouldn’t trust them to deliver an order by Christmas. Sorry to hear about this awful experience.

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Same thing happened to me this month with Ordered, then it processed for well over a week before I got an email saying there would be a delay, and they have no idea when it would be there.
    Well luckily I got mine today (xmas gift), so I REALLY hope you do too! It makes you much less agrivated when you actually recieve the item!

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    MJ says...

    I have the same problem with Sears, however they never notified me and I only found out today when I called (delivery date was yesterday) to find out where it was. They can’t even help me get any kind of a replacement gift because they won’t deliver overnight, so now I’m screwed and have to try to hit the malls tonight after work…….I’ll never shop with them again, online or otherwise…..

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    haida says...

    i had a credit card from the bay and so did my sister. and i payed my bill every month and she didn’t and for some reason it went on to her account and they canceled mine and it went to collections. and i called them and they told me to tell her to give me the money back. i was like yea but regardless its in collections hands now. so yea Canadian stores are real screw ups.

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