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Great Customer Service at Off Your Rocker‏

By Amused Insider

I just bought a rocking chair from an online store to finish my nursery.

The owner-operator was very personable and customer-oriented. Quite a difference from the usual BIG BOX stores. He emailed several times the same day to answer my questions and find out my needs.

He was able to build the chair extra wide for me and he emailed pictures of various fabrics so that I could pick the perfect one. Yes, he went out to look at fabrics to send me pix of what he could find to match my request for something green. He also offered to mail me samples of the fabrics to I could see them in person.

A solid wood rocker and ottoman shipped to me for less than $400 is a bargain and it’s going to be an heirloom I can pass on to my own grandchildren.