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Nickels Restaurant Montreal; False Credit Card Transactions

By Setrak

Well this is my first review here.  It’s simply to let people know to be aware of their transactions on credit cards when they go to Nickel’s restaurant on 1384 Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest, Montréal.
I went there on April 10th with a friend.  I received my Visa statement which showed 2 transactions, one on April 10th for the correct amount, and another transaction a few days later for almost 100$.  I have opened a dispute.
So just be careful, they mnight be using credit cards for unauthorized payments.


Zellers Price Adjustment- Aaarrrgh!

By JSAM’s Mom

I went to a Zellers store in Hamilton tonight to pick up two Arrow golf shirts for my husband. They were advertised in their flyer at 25% off. When I went to the cash, one rang up at $19.00, and the other at 24.97. (The original price was $24.97 each.) I explained to the cashier that they should have both been on sale, and so she did a price over-ride for the one that had rung up full price. When she did that, the discounted price was now $18.73. So I asked her why the prices were now different, if the original prices were the same. She said she didn’t know. I asked her if she could price adjust the one that rang in at $19.00 so that it was $18.73 as well, and she said no! (Now I realize that the difference is a measly $0.27, but it’s the principle of the thing - and the fact that HBC makes way more money each year than I do.) She told me there was nothing she could do; they can’t over-ride a price that’s on sale. When I told her I didn’t want the shirt then, she s
norted and rolled her eyes. I’m sorely temped to just return the shirt I did take and get my husband a couple of shirts elsewhere. I didn’t think of it until afterward - I should have asked what would have happened if I had come in and asked her to price match. Would she have told me the same lame story that they can’t price over-ride to do a price match if they already have it on sale?


Fresh Home & Garden Toronto‏-Umbrella Misery

By Michael S.

One of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had. I purchased a $450 Treasure Garden market umbrella From Fresh Home & Garden which snapped in half 8 days after I brought it home. When I went back to return it, I was told by the store’s co-owner that they don’t warrantee the product and that I was basically out of luck. This was not mentioned at the time of purchase, nor is it indicated anywhere on the receipt. I had to ask for the manufacturer’s contact info to see if I could submit a claim directly. Instead, my claim was forwarded to the local Treasure Garden dealer who informed me that “Treasure Gardens warranty specifically states that acts of nature …are not covered by their manufacturer’s warranty.” As of April 23, 2010 I still have not received a copy of this warranty, nor have I received any satisfactory resolution to my claim. Upon further investigation, I was able to find the same umbrella through for $149. Obviously I was duped by a unscrupu
 lous retailer whose outrageous markup practices lulled me into believing I was buying a higher quality product than I actually received, as well as a manufacturer whose warranty protects no one but themselves.

Damage Resulting = I’m out $450. The retailer has since offered to sell me a replacement for $225 which would put me out $675 for an umbrella which is obviously not worth a cent.

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I recently ordered from . I bought two items and received the first very quickly and was satisfied with the price/product.  The second item arrived two weeks after the first and is listed as

“Uniden DECT1560-3 Digital Cordless Answering System - 2 Extra Handsets and Cradles, DECT 6.0, Caller ID, Speakerphone, Store up to 70 Names, Silver/Black”

I purchased it believing it was an answering machine.  So when I got the phone two weeks later and saw that it wasn’t a answering machine just a cordless phone I called them.  I said that I had not opened the box but the box doesn’t mention anywhere that it was an answering machine and since that was in title…..perhaps they sent the wrong box.

He said that answering machines are just included now in cordless phones….which i know isn’t the case, as I did comparison shopping.  He told me to open it up and plug it in and I’ll find that the phones just have an answering machine.  Weird I know but I did not want to send it back at my cost in correctly.   I did open it and looked around for the missing answering machine, and it was not there.  I found the manual….and the manual mentions nothing about the answering machine. So I called up Uniden and asked if they may have sent me the wrong item.  They said that 1560 never has an answering machine.  So it wasn’t the wrong box.  It was listed wrong.  Not a huge mistake but it needed to be corrected.

I called back Tiger Direct asked them to remove the posting because it is false advertising…and let them know i would send it back

After hours on hold they want me to ship it back to them at my cost…give them a month or maybe more since I’m from Canada, to verify I returned it properly and then they’ll refund my money if everything is packaged correctly.  I needed a new phone system now.  I have to go pay out of pocket the shipping and for a new phone.  The savings wasn’t worth the trouble in this instance.  Its unlikely I will use them again.


Aeroplan Promotion - PINS Unclear

By Eternally hopefull one

I have tried several times to use the PINs printed on Tostito Chips to enter points for Aeroplan credit.  Repeatedly the PINs have been rejected.
The problem is that neither I nor my friends can decipher the PINs as printed on the packages.
I suggest the PINs be printed so that they can be read, or the whole silly contest be abandoned.


Weedman Canada … Sarritor Killed The Lawn Efficiently and Fast !!‏

By Galaftion

Yeah, WeedMan applied saritor on my beautiful freshly sodded lawn and promised that will protect it from weeds. BIG MISTAKE ! two days after, the lawn was dead despite watering it and following religiously their indications on how to maintain it !. I called their office in Ottawa and asked for immediate assistance, 2000$ and lots of work was wasted by their chemicals .. what I got was a promise that “maybe” I will get someone to come and have a look in a couple of days. I am very very upset and looking after a lawyer already … the more I read the reviews the more people I see in my situation., anyone out there that knows how these folks can be determined to pay for the damage or at least take them out of the market ?



Dairy Queen Ottawa Canada-Awesome Service!

By Nita2603

Hi guys,

So I just wanted to add a positive review to the mix….
So my husband and I recently went do DQ in Ottawa - on Hazeldean Rd, for those who live in the capital as well. I, having a severe nut allergy, usually dread those thing, since people tend to be rude, don’t care or plainly are not informed.
So anyways, I was wondering if one of the Blizzards had nuts in it, and the young man went and checked for me, said no and then dissapeared. After 6 minutes of waiting, he came back with our ice creams, apologizing for the wait and explained, that he wanted to be careful and clean the machine out for me, in order to be sure. WOW. That had never ever happened before. They still told me they couldn’t garantee anything (that’s a given), but I actually felt confident, and since I am typing this right now, you guys know it went well. ;-)

So needless to say, I wrote DG HQ, telling them about the fantastic care I had received and they wrote back and told me that the young man has been recognized for his efforts. Awesome, he should be. Believe me, I know where I am getting my next ice cream from.


Town Fire Place & Patio, Ajax - Good Product…Bad


We recently purchased a retractable awning from this business.  While the product is good, the service is definitely not.  The owner of the business came and did a consultation for us where we described what we wanted from the awning and what it was supposed to do.  That included where it was to be mounted in order to accomplish the result we were after.  That would be above the patio light so as not to block it off.  The awning was ordered based on the consultation but when it was installed, it was painfully obvious that it was too small to do what we wanted it to do.  Granted, the measurements on the order were exactly what we got but the consultation we received grossly missed the mark.
When we determined that the only way to get this $1,700.00 mess close to fixed was to move the awning below the patio light which would require me to purchase and install a new light, we were told by the owner that he wasn’t running a charity and it would cost $150.00 or it wasn’t getting moved.
So remember, when John says “Excellence in service is my business – you have my word on it”…..don’t believe him!!  There are other businesses out there that I’m sure will live up to that statement.


Bikini Bay Brampton Sales Lady Made an Error, and I Had to Pay‏!

By Bikin Bay Brampton

I went to Bikini Bay today at Brampton shoppers world and tried on a bikini. I didn’t like the style of the bottoms so I asked the sales girl for the same size in a different style bottom. The bikini bottom was on the size rack colour that I needed and she was the one who handed it to me. I bought it and when I was in the mall I realised that the the bikini bottom was on the wrong rack and was actually a size 10. I’m 5′10 and 130 pounds with no butt. There is no way a size 10 bottom would ever fit me. I tried returning it and the girl refused to return it even though it was her fault that I had bought the 10 in the first place. It was only a half hour after buying it and I hadn’t even left the mall. I just spent 80 dollars on a bikini that I can never wear. The sales manager was really rude and said I should have tried on the bikini. I told her I did try on the bikini, I knew what size to buy it was the sales lady that gave me the wrong suit.
Like I totally understand if they wouldnt return it if I had it for a while… but I was still in the mall and it was the sales ladies fault I bought a 10. The sales manager was also so rude she made me cry.
I’m never shopping at this place again!


Extra Foods in Sechelt BC-Plant This!

By Louis Konkin

This is a heartfelt apology—

I went to the Extra Foods Sechelt branch today and got a lecture (twice from 2 separate personnel) on bringing plant materials into the store  to pay for them—Apparently, there was a till hidden on the outside set up for my convenience—-Also apparently, there were employees working there (again for my convenience) but they must have been near the hidden till the 15 minutes that I took to select the Dwarf Lillies—(After the lecture I felt like the Dwarf Lillies, dried out and unwanted)

I did not see the sign that said that I should pay for the plants on the outside and not inside—I felt really bad that I didn’t read the red sign with small print about the till because the lectures that I received after I took the plants in made me realize that the employees at that store are pretty adamant that such an incident should not happen again–(They said “next time” twice)——I can onIy imagine what the penalty would be if I did take plants in again—Perhaps I would be forced to work the plant area for a day at the BC minimum wage—- Now I feel better!! —Thank you for the opportunity to get the guilt off my conscience———I felt like my mother was there(she’s gone to a better place for 17 years now)——


Fellowes Paper Shredders - AMAZING Customer Service! WOW!

By 2jk19

So…I purchased a Fellowes brand paper shredder for my dad for his birthday. It was purchased awhile ago (unsure of exact date and I no longer had the receipt). I did however have the box which has the UPC of course and a model number label affixed to it.

I called customer service and told the really nice lady that the shredder always jams, it doesn’t cut well, etc. She apologized, explained a couple things to me, and took down my information. Having no receipt didn’t seem to pose much of a problem because I had proof of my purchase (the box).

I scanned the upc to her and she quickly offered to send me a brand new machine, FREE of charge! It was shipped and received just ONE day after I had spoke with her on the phone! She sent me a better model too! I was soo very happy with the amazing customer service and prompt attention to the issue that I was having with their products.

I will most definetely be purchasing their products again (they make great gifts!) I also don’t have to send the broken one in - she just said to use it for parts or cut the cord off and dispose of it. I cut the cord off and disposed of the machine, but kept the really nice mesh bin for an office waste basket!

Know that you can count on this company for GREAT customer service :)

Thanks Fellowes!!