Town Fire Place & Patio, Ajax - Good Product…Bad


We recently purchased a retractable awning from this business.  While the product is good, the service is definitely not.  The owner of the business came and did a consultation for us where we described what we wanted from the awning and what it was supposed to do.  That included where it was to be mounted in order to accomplish the result we were after.  That would be above the patio light so as not to block it off.  The awning was ordered based on the consultation but when it was installed, it was painfully obvious that it was too small to do what we wanted it to do.  Granted, the measurements on the order were exactly what we got but the consultation we received grossly missed the mark.
When we determined that the only way to get this $1,700.00 mess close to fixed was to move the awning below the patio light which would require me to purchase and install a new light, we were told by the owner that he wasn’t running a charity and it would cost $150.00 or it wasn’t getting moved.
So remember, when John says “Excellence in service is my business – you have my word on it”…..don’t believe him!!  There are other businesses out there that I’m sure will live up to that statement.

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    thatdood says...

    Thanks for the info.

    We live in Ajax and are in the market for a retractable awning.


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