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General Mills Canada Promotions Suck

By reviewer

I participated in the general mills book and magazine promotion and ordered the Olivia opens a lemonade stand book. However, due to a lack of a “do not bend” sticker, my book was folded at the binding and therefore broken and cracked (probably by Canada Post). When I called General Mills about it, I was told nothing could be done, and argh, I can’t even gift the book now, because of how damaged it is! I think General Mills promotions are just a rip off! I had a second code which I tried submitting but was told “try again later”, for which I just didn’t bother submitting after because it wasn’t that big a deal. I find with General Mills promotions, they either screw you over somehow by not having sizes, or books, or whatever!

Anyone else with a similar experience with General Mills promotions?