General Mills Canada Promotions Suck

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I participated in the general mills book and magazine promotion and ordered the Olivia opens a lemonade stand book. However, due to a lack of a “do not bend” sticker, my book was folded at the binding and therefore broken and cracked (probably by Canada Post). When I called General Mills about it, I was told nothing could be done, and argh, I can’t even gift the book now, because of how damaged it is! I think General Mills promotions are just a rip off! I had a second code which I tried submitting but was told “try again later”, for which I just didn’t bother submitting after because it wasn’t that big a deal. I find with General Mills promotions, they either screw you over somehow by not having sizes, or books, or whatever!

Anyone else with a similar experience with General Mills promotions?

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    julyprincess says...

    Yes, general mills made an error to not put the ‘do not bend’ sticker, but even then, there is a high chance the book would have been bent by the mailman…I have had so many folded magazines/envies stuffed in my mail and I frankly don’t think many of the mailmen don’t stop to read what’s on it and be careful.

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    Ciel says...

    If you had paid for the item and Canada Post was responsible for the damage, then CP would be the destination for your followup.

    As a free item due a code redemption, General Mills fulfilled the item requested but cannot control what happens in the postal stream.

    So you can make lemonade by making a new binding/cover for the book and have it out when kids visit your place. You won’t get upset if the book gets worn out but the kids will know that reading can be fun.

    Yes, in summary, it is disappointing that your promo item did not come intact but someone else paid for the item and mailing-glass is half-full.
    I have participated in two of the magazine giveaways and also the red t-shirt giveaway in 2009. All of the items came through the mail system and all were appreciated as it. If my shirt had been less than prime, I still could have made accessories out of it or rags-all useful. My shirt got a year’s wear, then made it to the rag-bag.

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    dawn says...

    I have not received from GM but I have from others and I would put most of it on Canada Post how do they think that by bending some thing and stuffing it in to a box is right . I have taken stuff back to the post office and asked them why and they just stand there not sure what to say .

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    Diane says...

    Sounds like Canada Post sucks, not General Mills…..

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