Lying Employees and Bad Customer Service at Walmart Canada

By Nora

I am writing this because I am very upset regarding one of the managers in the wal-mart located at Agincourt, 3850 Sheppard Ave. East, . The incident happened yesterday. I don’t remember the managers name but she was the manger of the cosmatic department . I went to buy some clearances chirstmas items off the shelf that had a Yellow big 75% sign off the regular price item, so i found it a good deal. I filled up my cart with whatever items that was on the shelf i like , 2 other people came and asked is this really 75% off, i said well if the sign says so than i think so. i waited in line for about 40 min to pay for my items which by the way is not normal to have like 5 people in front of me and about 8 behind me,, there was 1 express line casher and the one i was waiting at . Anyways my turn came up and the casher told me these items are reg. price. i told him that why is there a big sign that says 75% off these items. He said my manger told me these items are not 75%. I insisted that there was a sign because i saw it with my own EYES. so he calls the manager i’m complaining about ,he talks to her for about 8 min and than gives me the phone, i told her that there is a sign that says on the whole shelf 75% off she said okay i am going to look at the shelf. i waited for a good 10 min and keep in mind the big line up behind me and its the only one opened. she comes to me and tells me where is the sign . I WALK TOWARDS THE SHELF AND IT WAS REMOVED. i was so upset and i pointed where the sign was. First of all she was very rude to me and giving me the worst attitude you can ever give a customer, second she was basically calling me a liar or she is making me a lunatic, third she made me feel that i was pulling a scam of her so i can get these items for 75% off. i know i was played by the manager and she was making me a liar in front of everyone in front of the main doors, I didn’t appreciate that she made me look stupid in front of other customers. also isn’t the wal-mart logo the big yellow smiley face, why doesn’t the employee learn how to use the smile and put them on their face. In wal-mart the employee treat you horrible because they don’t care if their lose customers. Doesn’t the wal-mart’s website say “Wal-mart is committed to giving Canadians the best shopping experience in the marketplace by delivering everyday low prices, exceptional customer service, top-quality merchandise, and extensive community involvement, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.” Well i didn’t see any of that service at all.

But just to make something clear i went to a different wal-mart and bought the same items i wanted with the same discount of 75% off reg price. but when i saw them I took a picture of the shelf in case it happened to me again and another manager would removed the sign before i came to show them. Now i learned my lesson to when ever i step into walmart and see a discount shelf to take a picture of the sale item with the phone so they wont say I was lying.

I wrote an email and I want an apologyy…


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    dawn says...

    That is what I have started doing at Extra Foods they will do the same thing the shelf price has not been changed from the week before or they forget part of the price when you need to buy 2 to get that price out comes the cell phone that way with the time and date stamp on the photo they can not argue . We as shoppers need to all start doing this and each time we shop take the time to write the company and give them hell .

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    Just Saying says...

    Good for you for taking the picture - good idea.
    You can also leave the cash register lineup, and go directly to the table with the employee and so you can see together the sale sign is up.

    Either way, I hope Walmart responds to you.

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    Arie says...

    I believe there is a policy, where all retailers must put their holiday items on clearance. I think it’s up to 50% the day after Christmas, then 75% later on. That manager should have known that, it would be weird to have Xmas items on regular price anyhow.
    I’ve had a similar but better experience at Walmart. When I price-checked on the scanner - it would show up regular price, but at the cash they have a calculator and the cashier edits the price on the receipt.

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    dawn says...

    One other thing to do is write a letter to the editor of your local paper .

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    sally says...

    They did this to me at Zehrs when something rang in wrong. The customer service lady (whom I dont like to begin with as shes so rude) said shed go check and insited that I just stayed put. Sure enough she removed the sign! She came back saying there was no sign! I went and looked and I was furious! It was obvious that she had taken down the sign. I then did follow through with the store manager and haven’t seen her there since. I’m wondering if they caught her red handed on tape and finally had a valid reason to get rid of her. Either way it was NOT cool to remove a sign at all! So were the products ringing through right at Walmart? Or did they just refuse to scan them at all?

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    Joe says...

    Why don’t retailers just admit it when they’ve made a mistake? Waste everyone’s time, including their own, for nothing.

    It’s circumstances like this that force consumers to be on the guard every time they shop. You shouldn’t have to be suspicious just to shop at Walmart.

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    Joe says...

    why do my comments keep saying they are awaiting moderation?

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    Ron Simmons says...

    I have a feeling that this OP may be exaggerating a little bit with her times.

    But, that’s what you get if you shop at Walmart!

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    Ron Simmons says...

    @ Arie

    A law that forces retailers to reduce their holiday items? LOL good one!

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    Nora says...

    @ Just saying
    i never thought that something like this would happen to me by just standing there, i think because i was so sure the sign was there that i just wanted her to see herself. But lesson learned. If walmart doesnt respond to me in the next 2 days with the email i wrote i am going to call head office and see, im not gona let go…. that women needs to learn how to talk, deal, handle customers and not just show off that she is labeled as a Manager….

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    Just Saying says...

    @Nora - yeah, I know what you mean. You should be able to trust a store that if the sign says “75% off”, then they will honour their own displays, and not have to play detective when shopping. Your situation never happened to me, but I have heard of it happening at Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws, so I wasn’t surprised, and always stay attentive. I know the staff do get in trouble if it turns into a SCOP, so I always follow them to the item to verify the ticket is actually there.

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    thatgengirl says...

    While I 100% believe you about this happening Nora, I do want to make a side comment about taking pictures of signs.

    Unless the sign has specific brand/model numbers on it, there isn’t much you can do to make the cashier give you that item for the discount. Think of it this way: If I see a giant yellow sign with just 75% off written on it, and I go and grab a pile of dvds, and put them under the sign and take a picture, it doesn’t mean the store is obliged to sell them to me at 75% off.

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    dawn says...

    It may take a few days but at one time we had to write them re manager in the electronics dept and they did get back to us .We were given a gift card for all the problems . It does pay to write and you might have to do it more than once .

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    Nora says...

    Thanks dawn will do

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    SamSam says...

    Yes, I have problem in same store before, and somehow I don’t like to go there anymore, I will go the Warden Superstore, or the store in Scar Town or Markville Mall, they have better service

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    TJ says...

    Right down the exact time & date that their in store security cameras will show the manager physically removing the sign .

    She will get into lot of trouble if HO finds out that she did that .

    Not only you should have got the for 75 % OFF should have got them for FREE under SCOP ( Scanning Code Of Practice ) which WM follows

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    cdamom says...

    I think that I would not have went back to walmart. No discount is worth my dignity.

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    virginia says...

    I also have a problem with Walmart. I tried to purchase a blanket and was told it was 5x the price it said on the sign. I was in the store for another half hour and when I was ready to leave went and looked at the blankets and the sign still was the cheaper price. No one fixed it and I couldn`t buy one I was told at that price!.

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    Wendy says...

    taking a photo is really good idea, it happened to me at old navy… they put regular priced baby clothes on table with discount signs made me think everything were on special.

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    Scarlett says...

    To Dawn, Nora,
    Hi I would just like to comment that what you did was wrong. When you enter a store you are on private property, therefore it is wrong to take a picture or video within the store without explicit consent from the manager of the store. That being said the picture would not work in your favour and the manager could ask you to leave without your purchase and/or ban you from the store.

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    Scarlett says...

    TJ she wouldn’t have got the products for free under SCOP. The scanning code of practice is that if a product rings up for free you will get if for ten dollars off the sale price. So if the sale price is twenty dollars (75% discount added) you would have to pay 10 dollars, however if you were buying multiples of each item as this customer was then on every product after you would have to pay the full sale price of twenty dollars. Only if the sale price is under 10 dollars and you are not buying multiples would you get the product for free.
    Please learn about a policy before instructing other people and leading them to false conclusions.
    **also not every store has to signed up for this so before embarrassing yourself ask it they have this policy.
    ***last note, employees don’t get in trouble for because you choose to use this service, it was designed to improve customer relations and is implemented for this reason. Its just a headache listening to customers complain (which can make the process slower) and its a lot of paper work.

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    dawn says...

    Well thank you for that but it has worked and as of yet it has not been a problem .

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    urouj862 says...

    thats so pathetic, i hate walmart customer service, but its pretty obvious , if employess are paid minimum wage and have so much to do, but still not a good excuse for what happened to you. Dont let go on this one, you DESERVE an apology from that manager, dont simply settle with a machine like e-mail apology.

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    Chase Perkin says...

    Each store manages their own inventory….so what one store does sale-wise may not be the same at another store. The weekly flyers…a store could choose to lower the price of an item advertised in the flyer if it wants to (sometimes done on an item that is in another store’s flyer, to save time if people were price matching).

    Then you have the cases of customers leaving product where it doesn’t belong (confusing the customer who picks it up thinking they are getting a bargain, finding out at the register it’s not the price on the shelf because it wasn’t the product that the shelf price is for), where customers actually will move a product to a sale spot for a similar product (knowing if only one is there, they won’t get it at the “sale” price, so let’s move a few there, then when an employee checks and sees more than one, chances are they will get it at that price, even though that particular product is not the one the display is for), where customers remove clearance stickers from one product and put it on another product in the department (happens in clothing a lot) they like better, then are ticked when of course the price is going to come up differently at the register because the sticker you placed on the product, you took off the product actually on clearance.

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