Poor Store Maintenance at Zellers Canada

By Ariel

I was shopping at a Zellers in Toronto (Dundas west & Bloor street), and found that the store is poorly organized, the employees were all aggressive-looking (none of them wear name tags), and I found expired food items. I think Zellers should just stop selling food items, if they never sell. The inventory stock in this store is probably miscalculated, always overstocked, and lefted to expire. Like the chocolate bars near the cash had pictures of promotions that ended months ago (Cadbury find the key, ended in August!!! *milk separation puke*). Seriously, selling this kind of stuff for a few extra bucks is shameful for the Hudson Bay Company and disgrace for a Canadian retail store.

The thing that bugs me the most is the employees. There were so many employees, but none of them seemed to be doing anything, just walking around. They clearly over-hired employees and lefted them with minimum training.

I doubt they know anything about coupons. The only coupons in the store were many stacks of 50centsoff Nutella and the coupons were expired..big surprise. The overall atmosphere was depressing and unfriendly. The employees looked unhappy and only work there because they need a job.

(There is a major difference in store atmosphere when you enter the Loblaws next door of this Zellers. Really, immediately next door, the Loblaws store feels so much better, cleaner, roomier, and happier employees.)

I didn’t really have a chance to see clearly but I believe the shelves are old and paint weared metal, the ceilings old drywood paneling that turned gray, and don’t think they wash or waxed the floors recently.

I went in to see the “Midnight Madness” promotion, but couldn’t find the computer desk and chair that was on sale (for about $30). I asked an employee, but they said “they were out of stock” which was a total lie. Because I went the next day and found the desk for double the price (more than $60). There were people in the store, but strangely much more people were returning items at the customer service. Like more than 30 people were waiting in line to return things. Many of them were yelling, but the employees had worse behaviours and were giving back attitude. This shouldn’t be appropriate under any circumstance. Well, still it’s disgusting that they sell so much returned and pre-used items for a regular price.

The store manager obviously doesn’t care about this store and the standards are set to just “exceptional”.

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Okay…first off, judgemental much???? I think you should focus more on shopping, and less on the “aggressive looking” employees.
    Most foods have expiry dates on them (including chocolate). Just because a promo ended, they should throw out the food? I think not…

    I hate to say this, but if you are looking for a “higher class” shopping experience, I dont think zellers is the place to be. Zellers is like walmart…if you want to complain about the look of the store, and actually expect someone to care…zellers isnt the place to be.

    Lastly, midnight madness events clearly state that only certain quantities will be availible for sale. They do not always 100% sell out of merchandise as they still need to have stuff to sell. Read your flyers more clearly, and try to relax while shopping. You remind me of a person who sits and stares out their window all day, writing down everything that happens lol

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    Just Saying says...

    @Cheryl888: I respectfully disagree with your post.

    I have found, consistently, Zellers to be untidy, disorganized, unkempt, and I seem to always find a thick layer of dust on products I pick up and consider. I have also found an above-average number of expired products on their shelves, and Zellers seems to be out-of-stock on flyer items more often than any other retailer I shop at (Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, Food Basics, Price Chopper, The Bargain Shop - to name a few).
    I really do think Walmart needs a competitor in Canada, but Zellers just isn’t up to the job.

    I don’t think the issue is with this particular store manager - try the Zellers at Gerrard Square (Gerrard & Pape), or Lawrence Plaza (Lawrence West subway station) - you’ll see they are all pretty much the same.

    Zellers has been promising customers a turn-around for the last ten years, but I am not seeing it.

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    RCSS Customer says...

    “Seriously, selling this kind of stuff for a few extra bucks is shameful for the Hudson Bay Company and disgrace for a Canadian retail store”

    that comment made me want to BUST OUT LAUGHING!! you obviously know nothing about this history of the hudson bay company. this is the same retailer that tried to kill off the first nations people of canada with diease filled blankets.

    so not surprised about the lengths they’d go to, to make a buck!

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    Sandie says...

    Just for everyone’s information Zellers is not a Canadian Company and neither is The Bay, it was bought by an american company in 2008.

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    SamSam says...

    well… only reason I go Zellers is they accept SPC card plus price match…

    other than that… if you see what they called “in store special”, you cannot stop to laugh…. those classic “thick” RCA 30″ TV (not LCD) put the special price tag for $280! (this happen before 2010 Christmas)

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    Ginger says...

    I’ve been to that Zellers and it is disgusting… I am surprised it isn’t a health code violation. But that applies to every Zellers in Toronto that I have been too. Gross. If we are comparing Zellers and Walmart…. Zellers is NOT like Walmart. I’m not a huge Walmart fan, but at least they clean their floors and make sure the ceilings aren’t caving in. And their products are not caked with dirt.

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    dawn says...

    It is not only Zellers in ON but we have few in SK and they are the same as for Wall Mart we have clean stores stock some times a problem depending on what city you are in As for stock with dust on that is Extra Foods and past the date on a lot of the stuff with dust that is when I always look ate the date if its got dust do not buy .

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    dawn says...

    Wow Zellers is now going to be a target hope they can replace some of the staff at my store and clean up the place the last time we were in the USA we had a lot of stuff from target and would love to shop at home .

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    EdmontonChristine says...

    My personal experience unfortunately has been very similar; many employees and yet none who can provide any assistance. Once I waited for ten minutes to try clothes on and the young lady had a personal call with a friend on the phone right in front of me!

    I picked up several coupons and to my dismal, they all turned out to be expired :(

    They seem to scowl at me as well when I use coupons and I have to watch them like hawks when they ring things up because nothing ever comes up the proper price, its a good thing they dont abide by the SCOP laws here or they would have been out of business long ago.

    Its too bad they dont take a bit more pride in improving there store, its pretty unfortunate as its convenient for me to go there, however I dont seem to ever have a good experience.

    Sorry if I am also bad mouthing, but I am being honest about my experiences there, not trying to be too critical.

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    B.Mcphee says...

    yeah hopefully target improves things when they move in.clean up some of those stores.mainly ones in edmonton..disgusting

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    Watcher says...

    I’m so glad to see this store go. Bye Bye

  12. That’s so excellent. While I was reading the story, a crow just killed my pet hamster!

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    Theresa says...

    The Zellers in Barrie and some of the surrounding areas are clean, however they definately lack staff. It is difficult to find someone when you need assistance. I would much rather shop there than Walmart…….Zellers are always dead.

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    Shaunak says...

    I have had some of the same issues with a certain Zellers location here in Hamilton. I shop Zellers by my house and work quite a bit and have no complaints with those locations, but the Zellers by my kids school is terrible. Dirty and employees who do not understand customer service. This store is relatively busy, but 9 time out of 10 they only have one cash open while a bunch of their other cashiers are standing around the customer service area having their social time. I think it totally depends on the store manager.

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    Big Bob says...

    Zellers is awful, it’s almost like they take pride in not giving a $hit about anything. Will be glad when they’re gone.

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