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Sunquest: Cancelled Our Vacation!

Five months ago I booked a flight to the Dominican Republic for my self and my husbands 20th Wedding Anniversary. I was informed on Feb.17 2012, after Sunquest Vacations took full payment for this vacation package, that they would have to cancel our all inclusive Vacation.
This is the explanation they gave me:

This Customer service is unacceptable. Vacation times for a couple to  coordinate together is extremely difficult.We where also going to meet our best friends in the Dominican and enjoy a week with them without our children.  We also had to arrange child-minding for our time away.

So all Sunquest Vacations wants to give me for this major
INCONVENIENCE is  a $100 Travel Voucher per passenger, and a full refund in which I haven’t seen credited on my credit card yet! I have called the company a number of times and I am not getting anywhere with them! Has anyone had a similar experience with Sunquest Vacations?  Please Help!


Shoppers Drug Mart: Items Never In Stock

I attended at 5 different Shoppers Drug Marts due to your advertising items in your flyer for March 10th and 11th, 2012.  None of the stores I attended had received or new anything about the advertised items.  I was looking to get a digital picture frame and E Reader.  You had cameras and camcorders also advertised.
None of the stores new about this, nor did they have any in stock.  This is unacceptable to advertise a special that we can use points etc. for items and to have to go to so many stores as I was being told, go to ? I would go there and they say try? And I did.without success.  I think I should be able to have a rain check for these items or some kind of compensation for this waste of a day.  Thank you Elizabeth   Your stores are getting worse and worse and I spend a lot of money at shoppers and have been a customer for 30 years.


Weed Man


Weedman Bad Lawn Service (again)

Worst Experience of a life time!! Dont ever go to Weedman for any services!!!

I had to explained my situation to multiple customer service representatives and was really unhappy as a customer for the bad service that I received from Weed Man.Finally I gave up and wrote a letter to Weedman head office hoping that with the letter, one of the management personnel would be able to help me out, but was I mistaken!!! Management office is a face for all the rip-offs that happen!!!
Here is my story, I am sharing it so that you can learn from my mistake and never go to Weedman!!
In May 2011, I called and spoke to one of their customer service representatives and asked her to advise me of a service for my lawn. I explained to her that the soil is dead and needs to be revived through aeration and cultivation. I asked her if Weed Man would be able to help.
The representative told me that Weed Man does everything related to the lawn and would definitely be able to aerate and cultivate and then fertilize the lawn. She offered me a package for that and I agreed.
A few days later, my mom told me that she saw a guy in the back yard who was throwing seeds on the dead lawn. When my mom went out to ask who he was and why he didn’t ring the doorbell, he very rudely told her that “we don’t ring doorbells” and handed her a bag of seeds and told her to put them on the lawn later on in the day. My mom of course got confused and called me.
When I heard what had happened from my mom, I called Weed Man right away and asked them about what was going on and why we did not get the service we requested. The customer service rep was extremely rude and told me that “Weed Man is not a plough company and I should have known that going in”. I asked her to cancel my contract and put me through to her supervisor. She never put me through to her supervisor.
Ever since then, I have received thousands of phone calls from Weed Man asking for payment of the contract. For the first one month I used to explain what happened to their customer service representative and after listening to my story they would promise with me to get management attention but when I would receive the next phone call, the next customer service representative would start from scratch, demanding that I pay the $x invoice. Eventually I stopped taking their calls because I got extremely frustrated with this entire process.
I did not know that their customer service was at a level this low that all it cares for is a $X invoice that needs to be paid and has no concern what so ever about how unhappy your customer is. Regardless of what happened with that invoice was inconsequential as they had not only lost me as their customer for the rest of my life but I will make sure to pass the word around to everybody that I know. I will not want my friends and family members to go through the same level of stress and frustration I went through over the last 6 months where I received a call from them every single day and I literally mean EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY!! I would also like you to note that they probably spent more money on hiring employees to call me all the time than the total value of my invoice.
To summarize,
- I was misguided by their customer service rep about the services that Weed Man provides
- My mother was dealt rudely with by their staff who came out to our home and he did not take the time to explain the procedure to my mom at all
- I have been harassed for the last 6 months every single day of my life to make this payment of $x without paying any attention to why I am not making the payment, even when I have explained it multiple times
- I am being asked to pay for a service that I never got
- I have been dealt with in a disrespectful manner by their staff at different occasions who were trying to collect money from me

I expected that somebody at Weed Man would have the courtesy to take a look into this matter for me and stop harassing me any further after I had sent them the letter. Instead, their calls became more violent. They did receive my letter because they called me to tell me that they received my letter but they disagree with my comments. Of course, they disagreed with my comments because truth is always harsh!!

Bottom line, DON’T EVER GO TO WEEDMAN!!!


ELITE DOGS PAW in Stoney Creek, Ontario in Global Pet Foods Store

I purchased a wagjag for the Elite Dog paw for my 4 year old Golden Retriever. It included a bath, grooming (cut/trim) and nails trimmed. It cost $34 - seemed like a great price for a large dog! I called to make the appointment and the lady (owner and sole operator) Sherry was very cold and short with me, but I wrote it off to her either having a bad day or being flustered with being busy and taking calls/booking appointments, etc. I didn’t think anything of it until I brought my dog in. He is a very friendly and loving dog. If anything knows anything about Golden’s - they are very smart, have tons of personality and can read people well. My dog was excited to go into the pet store as he is with Petsmart and others, but hesitated when he met Sherry which I thought was odd. He has been groomed many times before and had his nails clipped, etc and never caused a problem. He got very anxious around her and I hesitated to leave, but she said it’s always worse when owners stay. Ive ever experienced an issue like this before so I left. I was browsing the store and overheard her getting frustrated with him to get on the grooming table. I did tell her that he would do anything for a treat, but I did not see ANY treats in the “salon.” Then I heard a loud noise and I thought she tried to pick him up (which he doesn’t mind, I do all the time) and dropped him and knocked something over. I’m almost positive I heard her say “a**hole.” So, she slams the door, he is barking and she storms to the front of the pet store, past me and asks one of the clerks for her help. I asked her if he was giving her a problem and she just roller her eyes and huffed at me. I followed her back to the salon and my poor dog was crying and was so upset. She said he had knocked the grooming table over. I asked her if she wanted me to stay with him to help her and she said no. I offered to get treats from my car so she could offer him those and she said no. I really didn’t know what to
do at that point - I felt very uncomfortable. I left and stayed close to the wall of toys that backed on to the salon so I could hear her. I heard her say to my dog in a nasty tone: “This is very expensive equipment” and I am again almost positive I heard her call him an idiot! Now, regardless if she did call him those inappropriate names or not, she was NOT nurturing at all and shouldn’t have used that tone with him because I’m sure he sensed her tension. I asked the employees at the front if they had good reviews about her and they said yes - no complaints so I thought it might have been in my head and I was overreacting. So I left (urgh!). I couldn’t stop thinking about her and my poor dog and whether I made the right decision to leave him or not. She said it would be an hour and a half, but called me in 50 minutes. When I got there, he was lying down and didn’t look as distressed as before. Again, she was very cold with me and my dog. I had asked her to trim him like the
usual Golden style and I had commented that his tail was particularly in need of grooming. I looked at him and he was extremely fluffy and asked if he was just washed? She replied very defensively: “Yes, I did everything” and I said okay great, thank you. Then, I noticed his tail - the slightest trim had been taken on his tail and I was not happy with it. I politely asked her if she could trim some more off his tail and she replied defensively again that I never specified. I said that I did and she huffed and proceeded. I was gently holding and petting my dog and he sat down halfway through her trimming and she roughly grabbed half of his body and propped up his back legs and said: “stand up!” I was so incredibly taken back by her behavior and actions - I will most definitely never return and wanted to warn others about the service that I received. While she did a decent job on his grooming, I would never put my dog or myself through that experience with her again! ALSO, s
he never did ask me for or look at the Rabies document I had for my dog which indicates that she does not check to ensure her clients have this up to date which is very concerning for the health of pets! *Please comment if you have brought your dog here before and provide any insight to the service you received as I am curious to what others thought! Thanks very much!