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Shoppers Drug Mart: Items Never In Stock

I attended at 5 different Shoppers Drug Marts due to your advertising items in your flyer for March 10th and 11th, 2012.  None of the stores I attended had received or new anything about the advertised items.  I was looking to get a digital picture frame and E Reader.  You had cameras and camcorders also advertised.
None of the stores new about this, nor did they have any in stock.  This is unacceptable to advertise a special that we can use points etc. for items and to have to go to so many stores as I was being told, go to ? I would go there and they say try? And I did.without success.  I think I should be able to have a rain check for these items or some kind of compensation for this waste of a day.  Thank you Elizabeth   Your stores are getting worse and worse and I spend a lot of money at shoppers and have been a customer for 30 years.


Shoppers Drug Mart

By Ali

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart in Bridlewood Mall. My son wanted a gift card for his teacher, but I didn’t have my credit card. We left the store (not knowing my son took the card) and the manager went after him and told him off for taking the gift card. Because it’s zero balance my son thought he could take it and I’d put money on it the following day.
I understand if the kid made a mistake and the manager just explain in a nice way why he can’t take it yet, but to deliberately be nasty and rude to a child is disgusting, even though my son apologised right away. I don’t know what kind of a company would hire someone like that.
I wont shop there anymore, my future business goes to Walmart.


Bad Customer Service And A Lousy Manager

By Ali

Beware of going to the Shoppers Drug Mart At Bridlewood Mall, the manager and day staff are just damn right nasty and rude, they don’t know how to treat customers with respect!


Shoppers Drug Mart Does Not Give a Damn

By Unhappy Customer

I purchased expensive cosmetics shoppers dufferin/rutherford vaughan on, was told by cosmetic “manager” (joke a manager, hire anyone to be a manager in cosmetics) I would be given Lancome gift. supposed to phone me about “event” in store where prizes,gifts plus my special Lancome gift would be set aside for me in the drawer with my name on and phone #. this manger in cosmetics is alexis. never phoned me about the event, I phone after the fact, expecting to pick up my put aside Lancome gift with my name on — lo, behold she tells me it was GIVEN TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER. so she never bothers to phone about event and gives my gift to someone else!!! when speaking with her about it she became rude defensive insulted me said she’s ending the phone conversation, wont give me another gift from another company which she does have,offers me no compensation ie as gift from another company, nada, disinterested, has such an attitude no apologetic she also has her own hoursnot there every day,leaves youngsters there without manager only supervisor of store available, has youngsters working there who have little knowledge about productsalso have attitude nthey think tons of makeup makes up for ?? I told alexis because of this I am now returning a product which I have not used or opened since I bought from there–she REFUSES to take it back!! this is not the only shoppers where beauty boutique have no little managers no knowledge about managers and to try to return is such a hassle!! I am sick and tired of shocking customer service throughout shopppers stores not just beauty boutiques go to the bay where they dont have a problem they are professional, ethical, treat you with respect I am disgusted!!!!


Problem Getting Optimum Points at Shoppers Drug Mart

By Jan

Points offer–not received.

Did a phone-in survey from Shoppers in December to qualify for 25,000 optimum points. Voice on the phone took information and thanked me for taking the survey, then said points will be added to my optimum card in approximately 6 weeks. It’s March and there are no points. Guess I can give up on them. Thanks for the BS Shoppers.


Valid Coupon Denied at Shoppers Drug Mart

By Jssica

I had 2 coupons for $1 off sunlight dishsoap &wanted to use them today with the sale price of $0.99. The manager rejected my coupons, they were valid and for the item specified. He said he couldn’t accept them because they were for $1 off and the item was $0.99. I suggested he just alter the value of the coupon as other stores do & there would be no issue. He said “Shoppers Drug Mart does not do that” I told him that sunlight would still reimburse the store for the coupon, they’d still get their money! They stood firm, so I left the store & did not purchase anything. I wrote head office & told them of my experience today & said that I will be price-matching their flyer at stores like walmart or zellers when I need to purchase their sale items from now on!


Lousy Customer Service at Shoppers Drug Mart

By Prim

I have been a customer at the Bloor and Young Shoppers Drug Store for many years. What I have experienced is the worst customer service ever. To day; Janurary 29 .2011. I went in the Drug Store to purchase 2 hand liquid soap. I approched the counter upon doing so I observed the staff a dirty blond lady talking to three men, they look like venders they were not customers.

She looked at me and ignored me, I then beckened to her I would like some service; she came, But clearly was not happy with me. She proceeded to cash my purchase during which she said” This counters is for cosmetic customers” I said to her there is no sign saying where customers should or should’t cash out. I said to her what am I. This was clearly a woman who has no idea what good customer service is. I was upset and ask to speak with the manager. After relating what bad service I was given; the manager said that was not what she said….I told him I am not surprised what she related was different , that’s what people like her do. The manager tried to apology which I felt was not sincere and said he will be looking at the tape . I said you do that and you’ll see I was alone at the counter. What he was saying if their were customers who were buying cosmetics then she the rude staff was in the right. Nasty and rude people should not be allowed to service the public.


Scanning Code of Practice at Shopper’s Drugmart

By Brock

On a recent visit to Shopper’s Drug Mart (Ottawa Street, Kitchener) I was charged the regular price for an item which was on sale in the Shopper’s weekly flyer. When I complained that the item should be free due to their scanning accuracy policy, I was told by store management that this could not be done and that the best that they could do would be to sell me the item for the advertized sale price. The problem, as I understand it, was that the item was an advertized sale item in the store flyer and since it was not shown as being on sale in the actual store (shelf price), the scanning accuracy policy did not apply.

I feel that this is total BS and so does the Retail Council of Canada. They confirmed that the price at checkout should never be higher than either the advertized (flyer) price or the price shown on the shelf, and that this iitem should have been free (in accordance with their policy).

Has anyone else ever had this issue?


Terrible Customer Service at Shopper’s Drugmart Canada

By crazycoupongirl

Here is what I wrote to headoffice tonight about what I went through last week!

I have never ever emailed Shopper’s prior to now. I am unhappy, sorry VERY dissatisfied with the customer service I received at your location last week. Your line-ups are way too long, so I decided to ask, not be offered, but ask your supervisor on duty if I could go to cosmetics to be assisted with my order there.

Your supervisor at the time, a young lady, was doing a return at a register that was closed, but I walked up to ask her since you only had one cashier working at the time and more than 6 of us in your line up. She said she would call over and ask the cosmetics department to take me since I had several coupons and didn’t want to hold your line-up any longer then it was being held up. I headed over there to approach Lisa, a rep in that area. She was speaking to another lady named Lisa who also was working that department. They were standing there chatting? ABOUT? Not sure but chatting while your front end store cashier was trying ring through everyone else while they could of been helping out? This was already making me wonder? Why would they offer even to help they can clearly see there is a huge line-up.

Well just as I started to explain to Lisa, the sales rep, that I asked her supervisor if I could check out there since I had two carts of stuff and coupons, she gave me a look and walked towards the phone. I said never mind that her calling to tell you, she said to the lady on the phone ” I guess” with this smug look on her face. I tried to make small talk with her, explained what items went with what coupons etc. My younger sister was with me in the store at the time I got there, she was in her area, so the reason I shopped at your store was soley because it was local to her. I have been at this location prior and always notice a longer then normal line up. But this time this lady Lisa’s rudeness was unreal. I mean ..I don’t understand why¬† or how she could be so cold with your customers. Why not be happy to assit me?

I explained there was a lineup and I was trying to help your customers get out of your checkouts faster. In all I was in your store for over an hour at least to check out. I had to stop in between ringing in items to allow others to go ahead of me, but because this lady Lisa said to but because i was trying to be nice to others who had one or two items when i had two carts full, instead of just being nice or saying thank you for doing that she said very little, but continued to chat to Lisa the supervisor in that department, who was clearly able to help out front cash yet stood there to watch her ring in orders? Lisa then said to her at one point that she was tired and needed her break? I’m thinking I want to get out of this store and you are talking about a break in front of me. Why because of all the coupons?

She asked the other lady to finish the order so I said you know what forget it i’ll go back to the front.. and took about 8 items which were left to ring in to the front and told them both how I felt they were providing very bad customer service to their customers, even to others checking out they were very cold. Your supervisor Lisa was also sick and coughing continuousily .. she shouldn’t be even at work like that. I went back to the front and was shaken by this whole experience.¬† I ended up checking out with a nice lady Karen who actually empathzied with me and the two of them in that department. I wasn’t too happy when I got home to realize 5 of my items scanned wrong! I had to go back to this store to fix it the next day and spoke to your front end manager about the issue from the day prior. She was very helpful and fixed the price scanning errors. I should of asked for it free since you practice the SCOP policy but i totally forgot. I even forgot to get a rain cheque which I wanted on your scotts paper towel.¬† I was so overwhelmedd with how I was treated I just didn’t think the first day to check my bill or even get this when I left. I learned that these two ladies who work your cosmetics have been at your location for over 10 years?! I find this very hard to believe how can you keep employees who show very poor , or should I say ZERO class towards your customers? They should be written up, and this isn’t the first time I heard there have been complaints about them either.

How are they allowed to continue to treat people this way? I want to be contacted about this situation. I am extremely unhappy with the way I was treated.


Shoppers Drug Mart Scanning Code Of Practice

By Radeyah


So I went to Shoppers this morning for the 20x points event. I made a usual grocery list that came to around $55 with taxes.

As,¬†I was leaving that store¬†I felt something didn’t feel right. So,¬†I checked my receipt (something¬†I never do lol) and¬†I noticed that¬†I was charged for Mr.Clean twice ($2.99) and my receipt total was around $65 (confused).

I went back to the cashier and told her. She said, “Oh, I’m sorry let’s fix that.” Before¬†I gave her the receipt back¬†I thought wait, something still doesn’t feel right.

So, after going over it for a 2nd time I noticed I got charged $17.94 for my 3 Tropicana 1.75L Orange Juices. Weird because I saw them in the flyer for $2.99 each.

I pointed it out to the lady and she was like okay I will adjust the price for you. Then I remembered I read somewhere on SC about a policy of the item being under $10 being free, etc etc.

So,¬†I told her about it and she called her manager. He came after 20 mins and started adjusting the price (even the cashier asked him about the incorrect scanning policy) He fully ignored her and then¬†I had to bring it up. He was all confused like huh, what are you talking about? I think he was just acting and didn’t want me to know the entire truth about it.

So, he nodded his head when¬†I said I get it for free right because it’s under $10? I thought I would get the first one ($2.99) for free and pay $5.98 for the other 2.

Instead he credited me $17.94, so I got all 3 free! :D

Please share your thought’s about my incident and has something like this happened to you before?

Thanks for reading



Did Not Get Flyer Advertised Price!- Terra Losa Shoppers Drug Mart‚ÄŹ

By Joy

Drove a little extra distance today to the new Terra Losa Shoppers Drug Mart at West Edmonton today for their Grand Opening Specials. When I got there I saw a sign at the front entrance with their grand opening specials. When I was inside I saw signs with the price that was advertised in their grand opening flyer so I got the items that I needed.
When I went to pay for my items,¬†I was told that the price was not effective anymore even though there are still signs up everywhere. When¬†I told the lady that the signs are still up, she just said ‘no’ those price are not effective anymore and she basically said that you are using the coupons anyways ( which she is trying to tell me that I am getting it cheaper already) When¬†I got home I checked the date on the flyer. This is the exact quote from the flyer ” Prices and shoppers optimum bonus points in effect from Saturday March 6th until Friday, March 12th, 2010 while quantities last.” I check the date today on my calendar and it’s only March 8th! So I am going to go back tomorrow with my flyer and my receipt!
Also, when I left the store. I told the cashier and another staff that if the price are not effective anymore they should take the signs down. They barely acknowledge me and went back to talking about their break. Bad!
Most stores (ex. London Drugs) would honour their price on the signs even if the date has expired as long as the sign is up they will give it to you for that price. I don’t think i will be going back to this NEW store! So much for attracting customer to their new store!


Shoppers Drug Mart Kingston Charging for Free Mascara

by Laurie1976

Recently went to a Shopper’s Drug Mart in Kingston and purchased a mascara that I thought was on sale for $6.99. ¬†I decided it would be a better deal to get the “buy one get one free” mascara.

I got home and noticed that I had been charged $11.89 for the package of mascara.  When I called the cosmetics department they said that the sale price did not apply to the buy one get one mascara (same brand, same product).

I returned to the store and talked with a manager and explained that they could not do this!  Essentially they were charging me nearly $5.00 extra for a mascara that was supposed to be free!  He agreed and told me to tell the individual at the cash that I could have the item for $6.99.

I told the cashier that the manager (gave his name) said that I could have the item for $6.99 and that I had been charged the wrong price.  The idiot cashier proceeded to call someone over the loud speaker to come to the front.  Once this employee arrived she told him to go and check the price.  I told her that I had already told her the price and that she was wasting my time.

The employee returned and said “11.89.” ¬†She then turned to me and said “It’s 11.89.” ¬†I was getting angry at this point and told her that I had told her it was $6.99 and that I wanted the manager. ¬†He came over and told her the price was $6.99 and she finally, after much exhaustion and time-wasting, let me have it for the correct price.

However, I noticed that several other people must have fallen for this and paid full price, as nearly all of the double “bogo” mascara’s were gone. ¬†Looks like Shopper’s made a profit off of selling free mascara.