Shoppers Drug Mart Does Not Give a Damn

By Unhappy Customer

I purchased expensive cosmetics shoppers dufferin/rutherford vaughan on, was told by cosmetic “manager” (joke a manager, hire anyone to be a manager in cosmetics) I would be given Lancome gift. supposed to phone me about “event” in store where prizes,gifts plus my special Lancome gift would be set aside for me in the drawer with my name on and phone #. this manger in cosmetics is alexis. never phoned me about the event, I phone after the fact, expecting to pick up my put aside Lancome gift with my name on — lo, behold she tells me it was GIVEN TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER. so she never bothers to phone about event and gives my gift to someone else!!! when speaking with her about it she became rude defensive insulted me said she’s ending the phone conversation, wont give me another gift from another company which she does have,offers me no compensation ie as gift from another company, nada, disinterested, has such an attitude no apologetic she also has her own hoursnot there every day,leaves youngsters there without manager only supervisor of store available, has youngsters working there who have little knowledge about productsalso have attitude nthey think tons of makeup makes up for ?? I told alexis because of this I am now returning a product which I have not used or opened since I bought from there–she REFUSES to take it back!! this is not the only shoppers where beauty boutique have no little managers no knowledge about managers and to try to return is such a hassle!! I am sick and tired of shocking customer service throughout shopppers stores not just beauty boutiques go to the bay where they dont have a problem they are professional, ethical, treat you with respect I am disgusted!!!!


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    Joe says...

    Rants that turn into personal attacks make the OP sound about 13 years old.

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    Ciel says...

    Somewhere on Smart Canucks is a thread or perhaps two about the fact that the beauty staff work with a commission on products sold and probably have sales targets. I think that factors into the returns difficulties you encountered. Also, with commission work, staff may have some or no flexibility about scheduling as usually a manager may decide who gets what shifts. My local store seems to have the more mature cosmetics staff on duty (about 2 or 3) during the 4-6pm day shift or a single one earlier in the day.

    With the gift with purchase offer, you can chalk up your experience to lesson learned that if gift is not offered at time of purchase, anything said later is not necessarily going to be delivered at that store. BTW, does Shoppers do the same as Lancome at Sears-take customer phone contact and name and put it into the computer?

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    Jennifer says...

    Me and my hubby have had sooooooooooooooo many poor customer service situations there that we don`t even bother shopping there anymore. It`s pretty sad the way they treat their customers. And yes their managers look to be about 12. We use to shop there all the time not anymore too many other stores that will treat you better:)

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    Hugo says...

    Not to mention the lack of paragraphs and childish writing style.

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    SSR says...

    You people are idiots. Do you really have nothing better to do than complain about this garbage. Spend less time complaining on the computer and find something better to do with yourself. I would hate to think the best part of my day would be ranting online about a retail store. In addition it sounds like the employees of these store would prefer that you didn’t return either. Reading all these posts is quite funny to think this is what people do, maybe you should think about getting a job or another one if you have all the time to do this nonsense. Get real!!

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    Tabatha says...

    I worked in cosmetics for many years. This behavior is typical of those who do not care about customer service. More then likely, your name & number was lost or forgotten, after the initial sale was made.

    I know for a fact that the cosmetics company’s do send many promotional samples and gifts to stores and there are always something kicking around.

    If the manager had any common sense, she would of taken some of those items and made up a gift bag for you. A win win situation for all, as that is how some products sell is by trying them first.

    As long as you have your receipt, your optimum card and the product (and it is within the return policy time frame) go to the pharmacy and ask for the store manager or owner - Many times the owner of the store is the pharmacist and they will want to correct the situation for you.

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    Ali says...

    The manager and the day shift staff at the Shoppers in Bridlewood Mall are absolutely horrible. Their nasty and rude, I even canceled my optimum card
    because I wont even shop there anymore.

    By the way, aren’t people suppose to express their views and experiences, good or bad, on here.

    If you want to stick your head in the sand then that’s fine, but don’t read the reviews and call people idiots because they want to spread awareness.

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    JustSaying says...

    Yes, people are supposed to express their views and experiences, good or bad, on here. Doesn’t disagreeing with an opinion posted here count as “expressing a view”?

    If they OP came here to “rave about the excellent service” at that particular location, would you scold and attack posters that want to share their negative experiences there?

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    Dave says...

    I am shocked at the incredibly bad customer service at Shoppers. There is no actual customer service desk,probably because customer service is the last thing on their minds. You usually have to talk to the girl at the cosmetics counter who is usually VERY rude and has more than once just got on the phone told me her supervisors opinion and refused to let me talk with anybody else. Once I actually get to talk to the manager I wonder why I had even bothered. Truly the most unfriendly customer return policies and managers in the whole retail business. Absolutely will not shop there ever again. As their prices have skyrocketed over the last year that doesn’t seem to be much of a sacrifice.

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    Amanda says...

    I`d have to disagree with the generalizations used against Shopper`s Drug Mart `s Beauty Boutique. I for one have received nothing but AMAZING customer service at every location in Woodbridge, Oakville, and Thornhill. The staff there are extremely knowledgeable and personable.

    Also, I`m extremely offended about the comment that basically stated anyone in cosmetics that was put in the position of manager is a “joke“. I myself am a makeup artist and have worked in The Beauty Boutique when it first was introduced under a highly professional and intelligent manager who earned a University degree in business.

    If you have the nerve to think you have more product knowledge than even the younger girls who work in the boutique, I hate to tell you but you can`t imagine the training those girls go through in a single week. Have some respect and patience for people and maybe you`ll receive it in return.

    I understand you were promised something you did not receive but to help you reach reality, if that gift was so important to you there are ALWAYS event calenders posted at the cash register of every boutique providing dates for special upcoming events. You could have even asked for the date specifically since it is rare they`ll hold an event that hasn`t been planned for two months because bookings take time.

    As for you taking your business to The Bay, I find the elderly women who work the counters there are absolutely stuck-up and haven`t received an up-to-date training from their companies since 1983.

    Relax, it was just a gift with purchase. If they didn`t offer it I doubt it would have made you put down the item you were purchasing.

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    BobbyB says...

    SSR you should shut up and mind your own business if you dont have nothing mature to say than listn to your own words, you claim that people have nothing better to do than to complain on internet sites but yet you are no better. So stop trolling around like a big mouth wannabe looking for someone to pick on because your life sucks, get over it, get a life, and next time make sure you read your comment before you post it, it will save you from hamiliation.
    To the unhappy costumer, All Pharmacies have terrible workers, also alot of Apprentices. And that was wrong of that pharmacy to give away your gift. Even though I don’t know what I would do, but if you are still upset about it, Id get some legal advice on how you were treated, or call the main headquarters, or if none of those work, than call Judge Judy or something haha sorry. Expecially if there is evidence that prooves that she said those words to you and try to bar you from cosmetics? that bitch has issues. Though I can’t say that she is guilty, but from your complaint, it seems that this arrogant piece of trash needs a wake up call. Stand up for yourself, and go public like local online new sites, or whatever, warn locals about this egotistic poor of an excuse of a pharmicist and make her life a living hell. I dont care who the %uck this bitch thinks she is, no one has the right to prevent people buying cosmetics, if anything the pharmicist is breaking the law.
    Sorry about the spelling, but I do everything works out great for you.

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    janice says...

    I have been to the shoppers at highland park in kitchener. I have to say that trying to get information about over the counter medicines is impossible. Can’t understand a thing anyone is saying and then was told to take something unrelated to my symptoms.
    I am taking my business elsewhere including my elderly parents.
    The only person capable of understanding you is a cold older blonde woman who couldn’t care less. I am going to walmart

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    Michelle says...

    This sounds like a 13 year old wrote it. Get over yourself! You would have gotten a GIFT with purchase - you were not entitled to it and the fact that you are pitching such a fit over it makes you look ridiculous. I’m sure they were only rude in response to your rudeness, which given the tone of this post I can guarantee you were. You’re going to be treated how you treat someone. You also should realize that a COMPANY has POLICIES - not decided by the specific manager, by the COMPANY. If she can’t return it for you, that’s the policy. If she left “youngsters” without a manager, that is the POLICY. Did you ever think that perhaps she left a job to a ‘youngster’ to phone you and they messed up? Honestly, the world does not revolve around you, and the only point where someone would be rude to you like that is if you were rude first. Treat people how you want to be treated!!

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