Sears Canada Sucks

By Cheryl

Their delivery is a joke. They make you pay extra and no one know anything. Pasting my complaint made to the company:


I would like to log a complaint about your crappy customer service. I ordered a mattress on 05/27/11 delivery request id: xxxxx. On the delivery date 060711, I had some issues and the mattress could not be delivered. I was informed that delivery could be rescheduled FREE of charge as per agent Tom.

Due to time conflict, I could not get the time slot needed for delivery since sears had 12-6 pm and my condo would let me book the elevator for the mattress for 4-6 pm. After several calls to reschedule (I find it appalling how you can reschedule only 6 hrs after the supposed time slot since nothing was on the system!), one agent, peggy advised me that I could ask someone at the store where the purchase was made for timed delivery and they would have to fax the request to the delivery dept.

I called the store at Vega St and had an unpleasant women who spoke as if i was disturbing her, saying that the delivery dept did not have all night to deliver when i asked her if 4-6 pm was ok and she advised me it will cost $75 because it is TIMED delivery. I put my request for 4-6 pm delivery as I had no other option.

On 060911, the driver called me at 2:58 pm saying they were coming in 15 mins. I advised him I paid for time delivery between 4-6 pm because I don’t have an elevator to which the man replied that I should just book it and my delivery was between 12-6 pm. He had nothing on paper saying it was a request for 4-6 pm when I asked him.

I called the sears call centre because it made no sense for me to get the mattress earlier when the elevator was booked by someone else and I paid special for TIMED delivery. The agent advised me nothing was noted on the file, that they don’t do time delivery. I called the store again as someone did take my credit card number and it was charged. Was advised I had to talk to customer service who told me the request was made and they did put on the paper for delivery between 4-6 pm and that I had to call delivery dept and say I paid special. Here I call delivery dept and advised nothing noted on my file. Delivery between 12-6 pm as per system.

Exasperated I told the agent I paid special, that I called the store etc and was put on hold for 5-10 minutes. She advised me that the driver would do his best to accommodate my request. How nice, “try his best”.. I paid $75 for someone to try his best and for another person not to have noted the special request on file. The driver “tried his best” and came at 15:50. Fortunately concierge let him in because it was close to 4 pm. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if the person who had booked the elevator was still using it, or if I had not called to all these depts or if the driver had arrived earlier around 1 pm since everyone read delivery as 12-6 pm which is the NORMAL FREE time slot. Would I have had to rebook again and be charged more?

I think your company should be ashamed of taking money from people for “special” request when the instruction is not even followed and no one from the company and call centre is aware of it. Do you think I was willing to pay extra just because I was feeling generous that day? To add insult to injury, they charged taxes on the delivery special request when I was advised it would cost $75 period. My card has been charged $84.95.

Seriously I would like to have the taxes reversed. I paid $75 which increased to $84.95 for a special request that was NOT even one and had to do extra work to call around to make sure my mattress arrived on time and no one was aware of the instructions. How ridiculous is that! I was lucky that concierge lets them in this time. The frustration and hassle is so NOT worth the purchase nor the special delivery fee since in the end no one knew it was a timed delivery.

Kind regards


A copy of this e-mail will also be forwarded to your national customer service centre


8 Responses to “Sears Canada Sucks”

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    jona says...

    typical sears….
    I would be requesting to have the $84.95 reversed, not just the tax. On that note, deliver charges do carry tax as its a service so I’m not surprised it was charged to you. But I do feel you have a case to have your delivery charge reversed as it was not delivered as per the special request.

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    Theresa says...

    Three Christmases ago, my mom ordered a leather recliner for my dad. She paid extra for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. The chair never showed. The unbelievable part was that Sears only offered her the money for the guaranteed delivery back. My mother is not the kind to make a scene…..but I think she should have got a huge discount on that chair…..and never shop at Sears again. BRUTAL!!!!!!!!

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    Andrea says...

    I can’t believe that they charged for a special time delvery. I used to work in the sears call center in Regina years ago ( when it was still around) and I have never heard of such a thing. Unless this is something new.

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    Alan says...

    I must say having worked at this company for many years I have seen it’s steady decline…this sort of thing happens all the time….I have heard the complaints from the appliance sales people at my store…complain almost everyday about delivery….They sell you an item….say a fridge…and then then it doesn’t get delivered on time….OR…it’s damaged….OR…it’s entirely the wrong fridge. Now if you are appliance sales person you are not on hourly wage like most other sales people… are on commission so if things go wrong (which they do MORE often than not) you are up the creek.

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    Steve says...

    One of many reasons why I no longer shop at Sears.

    There are so many better stores with better customer service and far better products. Sears has gone downhill over the last few years.

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    nits says...

    sears delivery is a joke said to deliver between 8 and 12 didn’t arrive until 6 30 that evening! will never shop with them again

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    GR from Winnipeg says...

    in my case I waited for delivery btw 12-6 pm and they never show up and never called …

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    Mr. Delivery says...

    If you paid for a timed delivery, between 4 and 6 pm and they showed up before or after that time…..your complete delivery fee should have been refunded as an “Unsatisfactory Delivery”. By the way….delivery is a taxable service.

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