Poor Customer Service at Canadian Tire

By panagia

I have stopped going to shop at the Canadian Tire on McGillvary and Kenaston in Winnipeg. The reasons??

First, it is very difficult to find floor staff to assist you or answer your questions.

Second, some floor staff do not appear to know their stock, and don’t appear interested in making the effort to find the answers to customer questions.

I am sure that there must be good floor clerks in the store somewhere, but I have not had the pleasure of being served by one yet.

In contrast, the clerks at the Canadian Tire store on St. James street are great! That is our CT go to store now.


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    glowworm2k says...

    That seems to be the way it is with CT stores, unfortunately. One store will be awesome and the next one - not so much. They are independently owned, and that probably has something to do with it.

    I remember from my own days as a CT cashier that some store policies (e.g., special sales) and the ways that staff are treated also vary from store to store. We would have customers complaining that “That’s not the way things are done in the OTHER store in town!” It was frustrating for the staff and customers both.

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