Never Taking Our Car to Canadian Tire Again

By LindsyS

My Husband took our car to have the winter tires taken off and the summer ones put on. He also got an oil change. Afterwards he went to run some errands with my son who is 15 months old. They came home and the following day (Mother’s day) my Husband took our son to go get flowers for me and when he returned he told me he had been hearing a funny noise coming from the front end. We packed our son back in the car to drive across the city for a Mother’s Day brunch with my fam, but before we left my husband checked the tires. 4 of the 5 lug nuts that hold the tires on the front of our car were so loose my husband could easily move them with this hand. The other front tire was the same. We had to call a mechanic to our house on Mother’s day to check that our car was undamaged and to properly install our tires. It was so dangerous that we couldn’t drive it into a shop. My HUSBAND had driven all over the city with our SON in the car when at any time the wheels could have come off. MY WHOLE FAMILY WAS IN THAT CAR! Canadian tire didn’t give a crap and it was only after my husband threatened to sue that we got our money back. I will NEVER take our car there again. It is not worth saving the money.

3 Responses to “Never Taking Our Car to Canadian Tire Again”

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    cashcounter says...

    100% agree with you

    overinflated prices, poor workmanship, lies about work that needs to be done and work that is done is ****. ironically I have a friend who works there and you would be suprised HOW and HOW MUCH these rejects get paid. To sum it all up ALOT!!!!


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    carebear says...

    I don’t condone what happened to you. It should never happen as it is people’s lives at stake, but don’t blame canadian tire of being at fault. It is the mechanic’s fault. Any mechanic at any shop could have done this mistake. Canadian Tire always gets blamed for an individuals mistake. This mechanic was irresponsible but could work at any garage he chooses. I work for a dealership and we have 2 former canadian tire techs. All I am saying is you have a right to be mad but please be mad at the person at fault. Not a Company.

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    Jake Edwards says...

    Trusting your car with Canadian Tire is something akin to trusting your child with the irresponsible teenager down the street.

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