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Future Shop Canada Total Nightmare

By Know better now

Future Shop is a total nightmare.

We purchased a washer & dryer from Future Shop online. I have to say purchased because they took our money immediately. We waited a week to receive a delivery Date..not a delivery, just a delivery date. At the end of 7 full days I cancelled the order as we had paid for 2 large items we were apparently not going to receive. We were told it would be 5-7 days before the credit would be posted….standard. Fine, so we waited. 7 days, 8 days, 9 days. all the time calling future shop “customer service” and getting various answers from “call this number instead” to “please wait another day” to “oh, a supervisor will call you back in 30 minutes, or 1 day or within 48 hours” we could not get an answer as to where our money was.
Finally I called my credit card company to seek a resolution. They immediately approved the charge back as we were charged for goods that were not ever delivered and thankfully I had emails from Future Shop saying we were entitled to our refund. (FYI get it in writing, a phone call means nothing!) It is day 10, I threatened them with our charge back and got a response the same day announcing suddenly our credit was issued. Where was that email a week ago? We shall see if we actually get our money back or if Visa has to take it back from them.

What a horrible business with  the absolute worst customer service I have even encountered. I will make it my business to tell anyone and everyone how they took our money, delivered nothing and have up until now not given our 1500$ back.

Its funny, we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and do you know that Future Shop is calling us everyday now to resolve that issue? Funny when the shoe is on the other foot….

They will charge you and good luck getting a credit when you cancel because they are not delivering your purchase. Buyer be warned. This is not a company you want having your credit card number.


Avoid Future Shop At All Costs

By ac

Purchased a netbook from F/S and they were to do some installing and said this would take a maximum of 4 hrs. We came back 6 hrs. later and they did not have it ready. They had 1 installer working on a Fri. and he was also working the cashier. They told me to wait 20 minutes. Another person came to the till and the installer proceed to deal with him. I said excuse me but if you are the only one working at the installing how do you plan to install my netbook and work with other customers. he left and started to work in the back. In the mean time we were told we have 2 choices to either wait or get our money back. This was from the computer floor manager.

I said this is your customer service, this is your answer for very poor service. I will definitly let others know and made an official complaint.

The installer was sorry, I said your system needs some fine tuning and said you have 6 people at customer service and only one installer. We counted the personal staff on the floor and they have 14 persons about. Very poor service.

I definitly would avoid Future Shop and will definitly let others know about my experience.


Great Experience with

By Ashley

My hubby and I decided to order a Keurig Coffee Brewer from on Christmas Day. We were very happy to see that they were offering free shipping on orders over $20+. We placed our order, and we were sent a confirmation email. I was expecting to wait several business days since Canada Post was closed Monday, Dec 27th and Tuesday, Dec 28th because of the holidays. I was shocked to get home and find a delivery notice in our mailbox on Wednesday (Dec 29th) for our shipment from future shop! I’m very happy with the service and price we paid, and will definitely order again from website.


Future Shop in Richmond‏ B.C

By Richmond B.C.

We went to Future Shop. We paid for a computer to give as a gift. We wanted a family member in Ottawa to pick it up from the Ottawa Future Shop.

It was quite an ordeal for the Sales Rep. He phoned there several times, long distance, and had to go to the CS Desk at his store several times, and the whole thing seemed very frustrating to him.

At the other end, our family member had to go to the Ottawa store twice, because he didn’t have the number on the receipt.

I phoned Ottawa Future Shop 6 or 7 times long distance from BC and couldn’t get anyone to pick up the phone. I then called the number on their website, and they transferred me back to the same number.

Finally someone answered the phone at Ottawa Future Shop.

I’m writing this because, yes, I realize it is an unusual transaction to do, but we did it once for a TV, we paid for it in B.C. and it was picked up by family in a different Province. It was a gift. That transaction went smoothly, and easily.


Great Customer Service at Future Shop and Staples Canada

by Norton Fan

Future Shop had Norton Internet Security 2010 advertised for 44.99$. Thinking this was a good price; my dad went ahead and bought it. The next day the Staples flyer came out with the same product advertised for 29.98$. I went along with him to Future shop to return the product and purchase it instead at Staples. The stores are right beside each so I thought I should go to Staples first and see if NIS had been sold out or still available. It was sold out and wouldn’t be available for 4 weeks. The customer rep was super friendly and apologized. She said that there had been a problem with the order and that I can pre-purchase it and when it arrives I will be called. Great! I tell her I will be back in 10 minutes after making a return at FS. The customer service rep at FS was equally friendly and offered to price match and beat the difference by 10%. I told her that Staples didn’t have it in stock (seems to be the requirement sometimes). She said it wasn’t a problem and gave it at a cheaper price than Staples.She didnt call Staples or ask for a flyer. I ended up getting back 17.xx$. Overall a great experience at both stores.


Future Shop: Good Experience Buying Wireless Router

by bearbait

I’ve heard horror stories about Future Shop, but I’ve had good experiences there. Most recently, I went in to purchase a new wireless router. I was looking at a $120 unit but the salesperson asked me a few questions about my needs and recommended the $90 unit from the same manufacturer. He was able to explain why the more expensive unit had features my set up would not use.

Very nice experience.