Avoid Future Shop At All Costs

By ac

Purchased a netbook from F/S and they were to do some installing and said this would take a maximum of 4 hrs. We came back 6 hrs. later and they did not have it ready. They had 1 installer working on a Fri. and he was also working the cashier. They told me to wait 20 minutes. Another person came to the till and the installer proceed to deal with him. I said excuse me but if you are the only one working at the installing how do you plan to install my netbook and work with other customers. he left and started to work in the back. In the mean time we were told we have 2 choices to either wait or get our money back. This was from the computer floor manager.

I said this is your customer service, this is your answer for very poor service. I will definitly let others know and made an official complaint.

The installer was sorry, I said your system needs some fine tuning and said you have 6 people at customer service and only one installer. We counted the personal staff on the floor and they have 14 persons about. Very poor service.

I definitly would avoid Future Shop and will definitly let others know about my experience.

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    Ashley says...

    I agree that it is awful customer service for the manager to have said that to you and instead of giving you the two options he should have apologized for your wait and explained the situation in a nice manner.

    That being said, sometimes things happen and people call out sick or employees don’t show up. The person setting up your netbook probably had to man the desk as well as try to help customers that had questions or were also trying to purchase items from his department.

    My boyfriend used to work at Future Shop and even though there may have been 14 other people on the sales floor they aren’t supposed to leave their respected departments. Each department has a number of people budgeted to help customers in their department. Personally I wouldn’t want someone from the music/ games department to come over and help me with my computer because they aren’t the product expert and could give me misinformation.

    I think when dealing with problems at stores we need to remember the person on the other side of the counter is only human and most of the time they don’t have control over the situation and have to make the best of it.

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    cindybeam says...


    that is why I bought my last computer at wal-mart , When we were at best buy they wanted us to come back the next day to get our computer or pay an extra 75. to have the running system installed then. We bought the same computer at walmart it was 100. dollars cheaper and we took it home immediately

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    Rogers says...

    We walked into a Future Shop - as a 1st time customer - looking to buy a laptop. Salesperson did their schpeal…kept trying to sell us on the warranty. We decided to read the warranty pamplet first before deciding on anything…GLAD WE DID because the warranty info was different than how the salesperson was explaining it. Then we called the “service” # on the pamphlet (just to clarify some of the points they mentioned) & was explained a 3rd version of how the warranty works!! Went back to the store, explained it to the salesperson & they started to RE-explain a 4th version, which coincedentally, turned out to be different than the way he explained it - less than 24 hrs earlier!
    We even emailed their customer service - and we called the store - & nothing happened - no calls backs, no nothing - needless to say, we’re happy we didn’t give Future Shop a dime & will never be a “future” customer of theirs.

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    harry says...

    bought a t.v. at future shop. bought extended warranty. told by clerk that they would either fix t.v. in my home or replace it. repeated it several times in front of witnesses. t.v. does not work and had to deliver it to some greasy repair shop in an industrial park. went to pick it up and repair people would not explain what was wrong. couldn’t wait to get rid of me. had two large thumb marks on the screen which left which could not be removed. got home, still not working, called future shop and told me to take it back. took it back to repair shop and was welcomed with poisoned looks. never again!

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    Jacki says...

    Okay I am not sticking up for F/S at all but I thought I would explain a small part of this.

    The computer sales people and the computer techs are a completely different and separate sections. Sales people are NOT allowed to work on tech jobs, but techs ARE allowed to assist on the sales floor if needed. There should always be more than one tech in at any time, and occasionally three in if the at home repair guy isn’t on a call.

    The computers that they sell have no mark up. The only way F/S makes money is if the upsell the warranty or a set up or sell you the accessories.

    I would contact the manager though, every manager I have met has gone to great lengths to rectify a problematic situation.

    And no, I do not work for F/S, my husband is a tech there though.

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    Eric says...

    I went to F\S in my area to return a deffective PDA under their extended warranty where I was told I have to send it to the manufacture for them to fix it and then send it back to me.

    Was very weird because every other time I returned something under warranty, they took it and dealt with it personally and if it didnt come back in 30 days, I got a replacement product (as per the warranty says).

    Guess like I paid for the warranty for nothing. Since then, I have been avoiding going there or making sure I get the most out of my dollar with their “lowest price guarantee”.

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    Mel says...

    Watch out for PRP, product replacement plans. First, your plan is void after you get your replacement. This means if you paid $500 for a $3000 TV and it is replaced, you just lost the $500 and it is not transferable to the replacement even at a prorated value. So your new TV replacement cost you $500 that you may have had fixed for less. Next, you have to wait weeks to get your return sticker in the mail. Then you can return it, then get your refund… oh wait, its not a refund its a gift card that you can only redeem at their store… nuff said!

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    Pondihill says...

    I also had a bad experience at Future Shop…I am a regular shopper at Future Shop (well, as of now, used to be). A few days ago I went to buy a new laptop I saw advertised in the flyer, for a family member. I went in and requested laptop and went to checkout, only to be told by the salesman that there was a $99 charge to make a “backup disc”. I told him I could do it myself. He told me if I need the computer I would have to pay the $99 extra for them to load software and make backup discs…I paid it. Two days after, I experienced technical problems, called the shop and got put on indefinite hold two times. With this lack of service I decided to return the laptop, only to be told that I will not be refunded the $99 as it is for labour. It was only then that the manager told be that I could have opted not to take the $99 backup offer. Hence, here I am:
    1) Ripped off $99 by deceptive marketing
    2) The recipient of poor customer service
    So to all unsuspecting consumers, be careful when you go to purchase from Future Shop (and by extension Best Buy, as they are same owner), they will deceive you to make a sale. They have lost my business and that of my family and anyone else I can influence. Consumers deserve better!

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    G H B says...

    Bought a cellphone at Future shop just over a month ago with an extended warrenty purchased sepe.rately. The phone crashed and when I tried to return it to future shop they said I had to deal with the manufactuer who would refund my cost via a future shop gift card. Future shop would not refund the money or give me a replacement phone. Not sure why I purchased the warrenty from Future Shop as it has no value as I must deal directly with the manufacturer myself. Im also out of pocket for the phone accessories I bought for the phone. Future Shops service was simply to say too bad the phone we sold you doesn’t work see you later. Frustration was all I got for my money. Lesson learned all future flyers from Future Shop and Best Buy will be going directly into recycling.

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    Eric says...

    I’ve never had any bad luck with Future Shop, though i know I would never buy a computer there. When the sales rep gave his shpiel of all the additional “options. I called BS on him and left. I never fully understood why one would need to pay to have someone else install stuff on it - especially when most of it is bloatware that should be removed right away. Or Pondihill’s note that they said they would charge $99 for a backup disk when it can be done at home with a blank DVD and a few mouse clicks. But yeah, back to the original post - the customer service was definitely poor.

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