Denied Purchase of a Sale Item Without a Deposit at Canadian Tire

By  george lessard

When I approached an employee at canadian tire to obtain a rain check for an item that was not displayed or available (out of stock) which I was told a day earlier that only one of such items had recieved & it was sold. I went a day later & there was none. I requestaed a rain check & was told that I would have to prepay 30% of the price in order to have it brought in. I have in the past experienced a lack of availabity of advertised items. I simply bought them elsewhere, I am getting pissed off at the lack of concern @ this store.


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    sally says...

    What item was it? Certain automotive things clearly state they need a deposit.

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    John Laurence says...

    I wait 6 weeks and just ask until it arrives. It does.Never asked 30% down but I would argue to see manager . They do get so few in though is your or our arguement.

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    Melsprag says...

    That is unreal, I get rain checks all the time at Canadian Tire.
    I would complain.

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    Jason says...

    That response from the store makes no sense.. i’ve never had to prepay for a raincheck from a Canadian Tire store.. it might be that particular store’s management.. talk to the store manager and see what you can do.

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    Sharon says...

    That’s outrageous - I would definitely ask to see the manager. You should NEVER be asked for a deposit for a raincheck on a sale item at this or any store. I’ve routinely asked for rainchecks at Can Tire and have never been asked to prepay for part or all of the price. If it’s a regularly stocked item, they will be bringing it in anyway so they don’t need to charge you for the item. (They would sell it to you for the raincheck price when you arrive with the raincheck and if you choose not to use the raincheck, then they sell it off at regular price to someone else.) They wouldn’t have any reason to ask you for advance payment. This doesn’t make sense…so I’d certainly ask for a manager.

    I’ve received really excellent customer service at my local Can Tire, and I suspect you’ll find the same if you go to management. (I dealt with the manager in the auto service dept and then later, with the overall store mgr. Both managers were extremely helpful and very kind and polite.) This store is one of the very few I’ve found that offers amazing customer service, where the managers will even go out of their way to help. They really appreciate their customers and your business….I have my own story, which I won’t bore you with. But there was one story recently published in our local paper about how the local Can Tire manager went out of his way to help a customer. The customer’s car broke when he was driving into Toronto from Detroit to pick up his son from the airport. He stopped at our local Can Tire, halfway into Toronto, to get the car fixed, but it couldn’t be repaired in time and he wasn’t going to be able to pick up his son in time. So the manager of the local Can Tire took the customer, in his own car, to Toronto - it was a 3 hour drive. Truly - the management at this store is excellent. I’d approach them to sort this out. Can Tire is a franchise operation, so I think they have more of a commitment to customer service than a large corporate chain store. Some of them are even a bit like a smaller, family-owned business.

    I hope that you’ll get this resolved - it shouldn’t have happened.

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