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Dormez-Vous Return Policy and Customer Service Sucks!!!‏

By Pissedoff

Placed a cash deposit at Dormez-vous Lasalle store, and the sales director said it’s 100% refundable, so I give the money with my trust and without hesitation, but few days later I decided to refund it because friend will give me a second hand nice bed, but Dormez-vous told me they will sign me a check and send to my house, the problem is, I currently don’t have any bank account in Canada so I won’t be ablt to take this check to any bank here, then I asked them to change the name of the check to my husband’s, but they said they can’t change the name which is not the same with the order, I asked the lady how am I going to do?can I take a cash back? she said NO! then ask me to call customer service, but obviously, the representative didn’t give it a shit, customer service want me to ask my husband’s bank to change it for us, and they just don’t want to assist us on this! I was soooo angry, because they were very happy to sell products to customers, but when it comes with some problems, they just leave it! how rediculous…can’t believe such a stupid policy comes from such a reputative company! Is $100 dollars a BIG problem for Dormez-vous? then why they didn’t mention there’ll be these problems before customers pay deposits? I am waiting for the returning call from their supervisor, didn’t know what they are going to say, at least something helpful…pray pray.


Awful Service at Dormez-Vous!‏

By Tanya

I bought 4 mattresses at Dormez-Vous, 3 of which were defective and it took 5 months… (of which my husband and I were sleeping in a kind of hole in the mattress, feeling the springs) to just open a file to exchange them and send them pictures of the mattresses,only to have customer service tell me that all my pictures in my file were taken for nothing because they could’nt understand what the pictures were of (I took exactly what photos they told me to!) how stupid. So they said now I’d have to wait another 2 months to have an inspector come to see them. Another month sleeping on those mattresses! My husband and I both developed back pain and started going to a massage therapist- when I asked the customer service manager to compensate us for the lengthy return time by giving us a better mattresses name than the ones that we currently had, they refused. then we went to dormez vous after the inspector reported that all 3 of our mattresses were defective and we payed those bastards more money to upgrade our mattresses considering we didn’t want a repeat situation with our mattresses happening all over again and besides, we now needed good mattresses for back pain!! when the delivery guy came with our new mattresses that we already paid for- the delivery man said he couldn’t take our mattresses and give us our new one now because he saw a mark on our mattresses (my husband and I couldn’t even see what he saw!and besides we got our mattresses professionally cleaned for 200$ each before they came!) I never write reviews but if you are reading this…NEVER BUY FROM DORMEZ VOUS OR THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND IF YOU NEED ANYTHING AFTER THAT, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A WARRANTY- THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO MAKE SURE THEY DON’T GIVE YOU ANYTHING THEY OWE YOU!!!