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Save-On-Fo​ods UBC location

By Customer

Be careful at Save-On-Foods.  They often make mistakes in pricing.  I bought fish recently that had a price for 2.29/each, but when I went to pay the price was higher.  This has happened more than once.  Their excuse was “Oh, the computer was programmed to read …”  How on Earth would a customer know what the computer was programmed to do?  The customer can only read the prices that are attached to the items!!!!
No apologies for their mistake whatsoever.
I truly wonder now if stores do this on purpose hoping that customers won’t notice that they were charged a higher price than what was advertised.


Expired Formula at Save On Foods

By Jay

I purchased some cans of formula from save on foods back in may when they were $10 off, used my coupons for an additional $8 off the total ($12 a can) with no problems.

After opening the second can for my daughter, she became very ill, turns out one of the cans had expired.

I contacted the manager of the store who told me without a receipt there would be no refund, lucky for me I found the receipt. I went into customer service for my refund and the lady left to check the shelves for the formula and to check stock, she returned and said they didnt carry that kind, I showed her the receipt and she told me I bought it reduced to clear , I told her the other cans I purchased all had 2012 expiry dates and that this can made my daughter very ill, she didnt seem to care in the slightest and processed me refund, giving me $10 back in change. I was pretty embarrassed by her comments to me, and didnt think to check my refund at the time. Once i got back to my car, I realised she shorted me $2 on my return and although I understand the $8 in coupons I used arent cash, Im out of pocket that as well (I get that they cant return the coupon to me, or return that portion in cash) but this refund actually cost me (with the $2 she shorted me) -$10.

Im MOST upset that no one care a damn that this expired formula was on the shelf, the cashiers comments indicated to me that it was my fault I purchased it on clearance. Like I said bfore, this made me daughter VERY ill.

I wont be buying baby products there ever again, and I have sent a letter to head office to inform them.

The customer service I recieved was embarrassing, but I am most upset that they did not even bother to appologize for putting an expired product on the shelf.

I spoke to the company that sells the formula , and they informed me that its NOT ok for any store to attempt to sell formula thas near or has expired, she said its unacceptable and a rep will be visiting this store to ensure that the other cans arent past or close to expiry date.

Just a warning to parents, please check the expiry dates on ALL products- I feel so dumb for not having thought to look at the dates prior to this incident, and now triple check before a purchase and before I give my daughter anything- lesson learned the hard way for this first time mom