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Toys”R”Us Stupid Ticket System‏

By Mazy

This year I had my first baby and We purchased everything from Babies R Us. I was really happy with how helpful the staff was and we bought some really good stuff for our little girl. I loved going to babies r us because I knew I get the help I needed.

However the last visit i made (2011/02/12) was horrible. I left the store crying and very angry.

We made a special trip to go buy the Alpha Elite 3 n 1 car seat for our daughter. We went due to the promotion and because our daughter is disabled. The chair was also recommended by her doctors. She tends to arch and get stuck on her neck in her current car seat. The Alpha Elite car seat has a head rest that seems to prevent our daughter from getting stuck. The staff lady that was helping us realized this too, and agreed that the Alpha Elite would be good for her. So we put her in the car seat to see if she’d like it. While the staff lady was explaining all the great things about the car seat, a small crowd gathered to listen in. I was so excited and my daughter liked the seat and we decided to buy it that day.

While I was grabbing the last ticket I noticed another lady was interested and was sad to see the last ticket go. We got the last ticket fair and square so we happily continued to shop. When we got to the register we bought everything and waited aside for the boys to bring our car seat and high chair out so when could bring them home. However they only came up with our highchair. They then told us that they didn’t have our Alpha Elite 3 n 1 car seat in stock. While they were lying to us, I turned around to see the sad lady that didn’t get the last ticket to the Alpha Elite Car seat walk out happily with OUR (we had already bought it) Alpha Elite 3 n 1 car seat. The staff girl that just lied to me watched my husband and I glaring as she walked out. Guess they figured they’d better tell us what really happen. Apparently that “sad� lady asked the staff lady (that explained the Car seat) for the boys to get her one from the back so she could put it in her shopping cart knowing damn well that we had the last ticket. Even the staff lady that explained the car seat to us knew it was the last ticket because she stated that she’d have to go print some more for the lady. Both ladies knew that we needed this car seat for our disabled baby girl. Due to the fact a crowd gathers we explained her disability while they watched us put her in the seat. Anyways I didn’t freak out in the store like I probably should have because I believed that we’d be helped.

After leaving the store and calming down I called the store and talked to a manager that was kind but still didn’t help. I got a rain check good for 30 days and was told that a shipment would be in this week. They’d call me and place one on hold.

So I called today because I didn’t hear back from anyone. They told me that I might have to wait 2-3 weeks for the car seat. WHAT THE HELL right. I need this car seat so I can get my daughter to all her doctor appointments. I can’t wait that long. I shouldn’t have to be waiting that long because we already bought the car seat. Not to mention we were yet again lied to because we now have to wait 3 weeks! What is the ticket system for anyways? Make the store seem pretty?. Toy r us prides themselves as being there to help families in need. Well we are a family in need that got $*** on. Can you even imagine how horrible I feel? I can’t drive to my daughter’s appointment without be scared she is hurting herself due to her car seat now. I keep thinking I should already have the Alpha Elite car seat. I think I really hate the store now. I have a really bad memory of it now.

I thought you should all know this. Our family, friends and even our DOCTORS said we should bring this to your attention. We feel we were and are being treated unfairly due to the store’s mistake.