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Great Service at Tommy Hilfiger Ottawa Train Yards‏

By Jared

My family has been purchasing Hilfiger clothing for years, outfitting everyone; parents, siblings and children. We have shopped many of their outlet stores and have nothing but rave reviews on service received at the Train Yards location. The staff is amazing, they were so busy over the holiday period, they had smiles on their faces and were amazingly efficient. They made our shopping experience as memorable as ever. Thank-you Tommy Hilfiger Train Yards for displaying what customer service is all about. You will continue to see us and our many friends and family members.


Extreme Rudeness at Tommy Hilfiger Canada

By Joanne

My girlfriend and I both went shopping at two different Tommy Hilfiger  Ottawa, On Canada she had spent over $200 and I spent $155.

The next day I opened my mail to find out American Express had a discount coupon of 20% off when you purchase a minimum of $150. I called the store in the west end at College Square (where I did my purchase) to find out if we had to take the clothes back as well as the receipt to get the discount. They said yes please bring the clothes with  and I mentioned my girlfriend had already wrapped hers- so they said no problem they would make an exception for her.

But we decided to shop in the east end of Ottawa  so I thought we should phone that store to confirm the that we could use the coupon I called and they said we must bring in the clothing and there would be no issue.

When we arrived at the cash the older salesperson that served us (they didn’t have name tags), told us that we couldn’t have the discount cause we had already bought the items the day before, we had to tell him we had called ahead and in a ill mannered attitude he said no one received that phone call  so now we were also called liars. We then said ok we will return the items and re buy them with the discount coupon. He said if we returned the items he would re stock them. Through this whole process we were treated with extreme rudeness and he was very unwilling to help out. He was not pleasant and made us feel uncomfortable. He constantly complained and argued that we couldn’t do this  (this is why shopping at the Bay and many other stores so much easier,  they all do price adjustments).

He finally did the transaction in slow mode to annoy us further.

Another customer was waiting at the cash as well to have his bill corrected as the store had made a mistake 5 minutes ago on his bill - and they insisted he go back to his car to get the sweater even though it was their mistake.

We will not return to this Tommy Hilfiger ever again and will make sure our friends are aware of their attitude. (the attitude of the west end store was the total opposite).