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Weedman Canada: A Customer’s Testimony

By -Frustrated

Several weeks ago, the doorbell of my house rang. Outside stood a young man, requesting permission to take our number for a lawn care company. Having just moved to this house last fall with my family and unsure whether my parents would be interested I naively accepted. Oh how I regret this decision in hindsight.

Since then, we have been bombarded with phone calls from Weedman. I happened to answer that first call, during which I patiently heard the employee out and asked multiple questions about the products and technologies they use, whether they are environment friendly, their prices. I then said I will present this information to my family, which I honestly did.

Meanwhile I went online to do research, only to find numerous articles, blogs and company reviews about how this company refuses to take clients off their phone list, keeps returning phone calls when turned down, provides unwanted services and bills people for them anyway. The list goes on. After reading such negative opinions, I immediately wrote them off.

So when they called back a second time, I politely said I had done my research and that as a family we had decided not to receive their services.

Weeks and phone calls later, I am stunned by the tactics the company uses: calls from different unlabelled numbers so that they cannot be screened, employees claiming they did not know we had requested to be taken off the list, and just recently, an employee saying he cannot take us off the list until he speaks to the owners of the house! As the adult who has been dealing with them from the beginning I was shocked, not only by his tone but his adamant persistence that he will call back to speak to the owners. Before he hung up on me he whistled his displeasure.

All of which has lead me to write this short, inarticulate article. A feat in itself, since I avoid writing, and write this only in hopes that it will maybe make a positive change in certain people’s lives.

To the staff of WeedMan: I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you do not know we have already been called. So please, improve your internal communication channels and listen to the person on the other end of the line who declines your services. And do it politely to boot.

To the unsuspecting consumer: be smarter than I was and do not provide your contact info to WeedMan. You will regret it.


Weedman Bad Lawn Service (again)

Worst Experience of a life time!! Dont ever go to Weedman for any services!!!

I had to explained my situation to multiple customer service representatives and was really unhappy as a customer for the bad service that I received from Weed Man.Finally I gave up and wrote a letter to Weedman head office hoping that with the letter, one of the management personnel would be able to help me out, but was I mistaken!!! Management office is a face for all the rip-offs that happen!!!
Here is my story, I am sharing it so that you can learn from my mistake and never go to Weedman!!
In May 2011, I called and spoke to one of their customer service representatives and asked her to advise me of a service for my lawn. I explained to her that the soil is dead and needs to be revived through aeration and cultivation. I asked her if Weed Man would be able to help.
The representative told me that Weed Man does everything related to the lawn and would definitely be able to aerate and cultivate and then fertilize the lawn. She offered me a package for that and I agreed.
A few days later, my mom told me that she saw a guy in the back yard who was throwing seeds on the dead lawn. When my mom went out to ask who he was and why he didn’t ring the doorbell, he very rudely told her that “we don’t ring doorbells” and handed her a bag of seeds and told her to put them on the lawn later on in the day. My mom of course got confused and called me.
When I heard what had happened from my mom, I called Weed Man right away and asked them about what was going on and why we did not get the service we requested. The customer service rep was extremely rude and told me that “Weed Man is not a plough company and I should have known that going in”. I asked her to cancel my contract and put me through to her supervisor. She never put me through to her supervisor.
Ever since then, I have received thousands of phone calls from Weed Man asking for payment of the contract. For the first one month I used to explain what happened to their customer service representative and after listening to my story they would promise with me to get management attention but when I would receive the next phone call, the next customer service representative would start from scratch, demanding that I pay the $x invoice. Eventually I stopped taking their calls because I got extremely frustrated with this entire process.
I did not know that their customer service was at a level this low that all it cares for is a $X invoice that needs to be paid and has no concern what so ever about how unhappy your customer is. Regardless of what happened with that invoice was inconsequential as they had not only lost me as their customer for the rest of my life but I will make sure to pass the word around to everybody that I know. I will not want my friends and family members to go through the same level of stress and frustration I went through over the last 6 months where I received a call from them every single day and I literally mean EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY!! I would also like you to note that they probably spent more money on hiring employees to call me all the time than the total value of my invoice.
To summarize,
- I was misguided by their customer service rep about the services that Weed Man provides
- My mother was dealt rudely with by their staff who came out to our home and he did not take the time to explain the procedure to my mom at all
- I have been harassed for the last 6 months every single day of my life to make this payment of $x without paying any attention to why I am not making the payment, even when I have explained it multiple times
- I am being asked to pay for a service that I never got
- I have been dealt with in a disrespectful manner by their staff at different occasions who were trying to collect money from me

I expected that somebody at Weed Man would have the courtesy to take a look into this matter for me and stop harassing me any further after I had sent them the letter. Instead, their calls became more violent. They did receive my letter because they called me to tell me that they received my letter but they disagree with my comments. Of course, they disagreed with my comments because truth is always harsh!!

Bottom line, DON’T EVER GO TO WEEDMAN!!!


Weedman is Horrible and Ripped Me Off!

By doubleblue

CRIMINAL!!!!!! This is the most dishonest, irresponsible and incompetent company which whom we have ever dealt. While our weed control was pathetic this summer after being charged for weeds to be eliminated from our property, we were told by Weed Man representatives that it was the time of year (July) when we could expect many weeds. We were billed anyway. Then we were told that the effective weed control products were on back order from Europe and that the products they were using were ineffective. We were billed anyway. Then Weed Man paid us three ‘pretend’ visits. They charged us for three varied weed and fertilizer applications at three different times but never actually showed up. Finally, they showed up at the end of October after several frosts to fertilize, just in time for the snow. Throughout the summer, we made several requests for a manager to come and inspect our lawn. No one ever arrived. When we called several times to speak to a manager, we were told all managers were in a meeting. Their products are useless, there is NO customer service and they have no regard for honesty. Shame on you, Weed Man.


Weedman Canada … Sarritor Killed The Lawn Efficiently and Fast !!‏

By Galaftion

Yeah, WeedMan applied saritor on my beautiful freshly sodded lawn and promised that will protect it from weeds. BIG MISTAKE ! two days after, the lawn was dead despite watering it and following religiously their indications on how to maintain it !. I called their office in Ottawa and asked for immediate assistance, 2000$ and lots of work was wasted by their chemicals .. what I got was a promise that “maybe” I will get someone to come and have a look in a couple of days. I am very very upset and looking after a lawyer already … the more I read the reviews the more people I see in my situation., anyone out there that knows how these folks can be determined to pay for the damage or at least take them out of the market ?



Weedman Canada Harassment

By Robin J

I employed Weedman to look after my lawn for five or six year & I was completely happy with the resulting lawn. However, since the implementation of Ontario’s pesticide ban, the results have not been particularly good. For this reason I declined to renew my contract with the local Weedman agent. Since that time I have been harrassed by persistent, rude phone calls (9 or 10 to date) trying to get me to renew my contract. If I decide to use a lawn service in the future, it definitely will not be Weedman!


Weedman Canada: Lawn in worst condition ever

by Steve N.

This was my first experience with Weed Man, fortunately it will be my last.  In order to get my business they made a bold statement saying that they could care for my lawn better then I could.  After calling them several times to deal with the increase in weeds, they came and applied another control chemical.  This did not work, I called several more times and could not getting anything done about the problem.  After having an employee ring the door bell wondering if Weedman could be employed to help with my weed infestation I indicated to him that they currently were.  He was shocked and filled out a form for them to drop by and manually pull the weeds.  This never happened, they kept delaying until cooler weather when they could apply chemical.  My lawn has been in the worst condition it  has ever been in and I will NEVER use weedman again.