Weedman Canada Harassment

By Robin J

I employed Weedman to look after my lawn for five or six year & I was completely happy with the resulting lawn. However, since the implementation of Ontario’s pesticide ban, the results have not been particularly good. For this reason I declined to renew my contract with the local Weedman agent. Since that time I have been harrassed by persistent, rude phone calls (9 or 10 to date) trying to get me to renew my contract. If I decide to use a lawn service in the future, it definitely will not be Weedman!

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    Angry in Ottawa says...

    Weedman Ottawa is a bunch of pushy bullies. The called and got my elderly mother on the phone. She listened to their services and requested a quote to pass on to me as she was not the house owner and could not agree to anything. We did not receive a quote. A few weeks later a weedman guy showed up on the door and handed my mom a bunch of papers and left. She assumed it was the quote. When I got home I discover that it was actually a bill and that they had fertilized the lawn. We know that they could not have done the back yard as the dog was there and no smart person would go in a yard with her there. My mom called the next day to complain and again stated that we had not ordered any service and only wanted a quote. She was told someone would be sent to check it out. Some guy came out and told her the entire lawn had been treated. She told him that that was nice but that we did not want services and only wanted a quote and that she was not the home owner and could not purchase any services. We did not agree to have services at all. An hour later she discovered he had left the gate open and she had to run around the neighbourhood to retrieve the dog. In the following two weeks I received THREE notices of ORDER CONFIRMATION. This is AFTER they had already spread chemicals on my lawn. All three papers had different prices. We ignored it all as we had already told three separate Weedman Employees that we had not ordered any services. Last week my mom caught Weedman getting ready to apply yet another round of chemical on our lawn! She managed to stop the kid and told him that if anyone from Weedman showed up again she would call the police for trespassing. Two days later the retention department called to ask how they could get out business back (I guess you have to threaten them with calling the police to get them to take you seriously). Again it was explained that no services were ever ordered and that we found it very unprofessional and disturbing that Weedman would just show up and spread chemicals. Then yesterday I got an automated collection call - They have the audacity to expect me to pay for services that I never ordered and were illegally applied. I called customer service who said that the person who came to the house confirmed that their services were rendered and we should pay up - they would not credit the account. They insisted that my mother authorized the services. I told them that she had not, was not a liar, and was not the owner of the home so could not have booked services anyway. I was hung up on. I called back again and again until I managed to get an office manager (they lie when they say they have no one more senior to send your call to). She indicated that she will review the ‘recordings’ and get back to me the end of this week. At this point I do not care how much it costs me but I will be fighting this charge to the bitter end. I hate that kind of bullying pushy marketing. It is now my mission in life to make sure everyone knows how vile a company this is.

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    SmartConsumer says...

    Not just Weedman but all those lawncare companies. We usually don’t use that particualr service, but this year decided to. I got cold calls from a couple, and called about three myself for quotes. I have been harrassed by a couple (Great Lake Lawn Care, Dr. Green) and some have shown up to furtively do a treatment without my permission. I finally agreed to have Weedman, but they are lazy, and I suspect will harrass me when I don’t sign up next year. I had to call them to get them here the first time. They still haven’t shown up for their next service. I think the whole industry is unethical–I guess I have to do the work myself.

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    Alee142010 says...

    You are allowed to tell them to put you on the “do not call” list. After the 3rd time they call after that,you can claim $500 from them! I have friends who do this a lot! I have personally never tried this but hey if you can get $500 for the hassle thats great!

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    Weedman just don’t give a sh*t. We are having a problem this year, told them well in advance that we didn’t need there services, the guy at the other end of the phone, told us he would cancelled it. April 19/10, they came and did our lawn and left a bill. We call and told them we had cancelled before April. We called again the next day to make sure they had cancelled it and we didn’t have to pay the bill. Well lord and behold we just got the same bill with interest. We call again, well they said they didn’t have any records of us calling, well duh if the doo doo at the other end doesn’t bother to make the changes of course there not going to have a record of it, or is it the way they run there business. This time I sent them an email confirmation and also what happen when we called. I hope this is it. I will refuse to pay. Very poor busines on there part.

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    bill says...

    well i am a lawn technician at weedman but let me tell you i know how you feel, the head office cants do nothing so i will still get your invoice and show up at your door, dont blame the guy at the door, were just doin our jobs, its the head office that doesnt communicate with us and just reprint the jobs to an already canceled cumstomers, i deal with this everyday but do we ever work our asses off, servicing 68 homes a day

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    Dean says...

    Very similar experience in 2009 and 2010. I used them for a few months in earlier 2009 then stopped and paid my bill. The have continued (8 times) to phone and ask me to restart. I’ve told them no thanks after the second call and to update their records to take me off their list. This did nothing even though the guy at the other end of the line assures me each time that this will be the last call I received.

    I’ll continue to report them to better business bureau until the calls stop.

    Would not recommend them to my worst enemy. The work they did do was poor as well.

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    Fadi says...

    Weedman is nothing but a bunch of liars.They offered me 5 applications for the price of 150 wit happy with satisfaction garanteed,in other words they specified that I don’t have to pay if I was not satisfied.I called them right after the first application and i cancelled the service,becasue i was not satisfied and i told them that this will not help my lawn.the weired thing about all of this is that they sent me a bill of $66 after one application,I called to complain,,,they didn’t care and they refereed this to a collection agency and threatned to report this on my credit report.
    it is worth mentioning that the man who sprayed my lawn told me that he did the front and the back,oddly enough I have a gate to my backyard and he had no access at the time,how did he spray my backyard while my gate was locked,,,,,
    don’t ever consider using the Weedman.

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    Rebecca says...

    I am in Ontario and the same thing happene to us. We cancelled in Oct 2006 and after dozens of letters and phone calls we stopped answering their calls (thank goodness for call display - even on the TV)

    They said that in Dec/09 they talked to us and we agreed to the new Nature’s Touch treatment. How could we have agreed if we never took the calls??? They came June 7th and even though we were home they never rang the bell or knocked on the door. Unfortunately for us we are not the type of people who spend the day starring out the windows and did not see the man treating the lawn. It was the next day that I found the bill shut in the screen door. I promptly called the office and got the run around - said had to talk to the other girl in the office and would get back to me. They never did and Aug 20th I got a statement of account with interest charges to boot so I called again and got the other girl. Told her we had not authorized it and were not paying for something we did not want and that did not work either! Hubby got 2 wheel barrow loads of weeds off the lawn after their treatment PLUS we seemed to have weeds that we never had before too. She said she would check with the other girl to see what was going on…oh and they had us scheduled for the second treatment in 2 weeks! Told her she had better cancel that treatment as I wasn’t paying for the first one so they certainly would not get paid for the second!

    The other girl finally called Sep 14th to inform me that if we didn’t pay it was going to the collection agency and would ruin our credit rating. I told her we were not paying or something we did not want, did not authoize and that on top of it all did not work!
    On Oct 4th I got the 10 Day Notificationletter giving me 10 days to pay or it was going to collections

    I have a letter that I am sending to them by registered mail tomorrow stating all these facts and that they have no proof that we had agreed to this treatment and that if they do not stop harassing me for this I am going to the BBB and notifing head office of their unusual business practices.

    I also told them that if a call was placed in December and the treatment was not until June that a notification phone call should have been made before said treatment was applied. What if we had moved - or heaven forbid died?

    They should at least call a few days before to arrange a date for the treatment so that animals, children etc are not exposed even if it is a Natural product. Theperson that applied the treatment did not even ring the doorbell or knock on the door to let us know he was here. I was told that this was not their procedure and I said well it SHOULD BE!

    Which me luck - Perhaps I will be forced to contact all the lcal papers in the area that they cover and tell my story as well as all these others.

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    offweedman says...

    I have never asked for their service.
    One day, a kid with weedman shirt came over asked me to help him do a research on our community. Two weeks later, WEEDMAN came and fertilized my lawn. I called them, they said they will cancel the service.But yesterday I received a bill that say i was late pay for their service. I called them, the woman who answer the phone named Sandra was very rude and she threaten me to pay the bill otherwise they will let collection to reduce my credit.

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    Rhonda says...

    Their telemarketing antics are illegal I believe. Wonder why someone hasn’t come down hard on them?

    They also use outgoing call numbers for their telemarketing that, apparently do not exist, so if you want to call them back and tell them to stop harassing you, you can’t.

    And what kind of company doesn’t make their head office phone number available? I’d say, a company that gets so many complaints they are making themselves invisible.

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    HC says...

    I wish I would have read all of this before I used them in the first place!! I used their services in 2010, but told them when they called in the fall of 2010 that I couldn’t commit to using them in 2011 as my husband had been laid off. They called again in the spring this year and I reiterated what I’d told them in the fall and asked them to stop calling. A few weeks later, don’t I see a lawn sign indicating that they’d been to my house. I thought they’d made an error, called to let them know and was told they’d cancel the service but that I was to pay the existing bill. I said no and hung up. The next month I got a voice message from the technician (using his home phone, as he always did) telling me he’d be by the next day to treat the lawn. I called back right away, got his answering machine, and left a message not to come and to call his office for verification that I’d cancelled. I then tried to call the office but they were closed. I called the next morning, explained the situation to the girl answering the phone, and asked her to stop him from coming again. She said she’d try but if he ended up coming, I’d owe for both the lawn treatments. Again I said no - I wasn’t about to pay for something I didn’t authorize. She told me to expect a call from collections. they called a few days later, and I told them the whole story, thinking they’d understand and wipe the slate clean due to their error. Ha! He told me I owed the money, end of story. I told him to put me in collections if he felt that way and not to call our place again. For the next little while I saw their number come up on our caller ID, then I read the phone manual and realized I could block certain numbers. Until they get an alternate number to call from, I won’t be hearing from them. They are still sending me bills, but I’ve finally wisened up and decided to send them back, unopened. The more people I talk to about this, the more I hear of people who have had the exact same experience with them. It amazes me that there is nowhere that consumers can report a company to that will shut them down for their unethical practices. The BBB has received 270 complaints about them in the last 3 years, so that should certainly be enough for these morons to be closed altogether. I filed a complaint with the BBB and my next step is to file harassment charges. Absolutely ridiculous!! Sadly, there must be a lot of people out there who’ve been bullied into paying these ludicrous bills - otherwise they would’ve adopted a better practice than out-and-out fraud! Funny also, that I keep reading that they’ve claimed to have applied treatments to areas they didn’t even have access to. Makes me wonder just how ripped off I got when I actually did use their services!!

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    Khurshid Karma says...


    If I had only read this before!!I used Weed man services and as mentioned by others after the ‘no pesticides’ regulation, found they were not effective. I sent them a letter bout it. They sent someone who said the weeds will be pulled out MANUALLY. A representative did arrive, pulled out precisely 2 to 3 weeds and said,”there’s too many weeds we will do another application”
    Another application later the results were still the same.

    Well this spring,2011, when they contacted me again, I told them I was not interested. I was told, this time they have a new and improved chemical which is very effective. After about 25 minutes of me resisting, the representative said’”Tell you what, let us do one application AS A TRIAL. Give it 3 to 4 days. If you don’t see results, you can refuse; YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE.’ Those were his words and it was a recorded conversation!!

    Well, the application was done, and one week later, the weeds were still thriving. I called up and told them so. I was told they will send someone for reapplication. I vehemently told them not to send anyone. 3 days later I get a call saying weed man will be coming in for application on the lawn. I called back and asked them not to. I was promptly sent a bill!! When I called them, the girl on the phone said It will remain on my a/c till paid. Of course, no supervisors or managers were around to speak with then and for the next 3 times that I called.

    Finally I managed to get a supervisor on the phone and explained everything to him. He said, and these were his words,”Don’t worry about it, it will be taken care of.” Next month I got the invoice again. When I spoke to him again, I was told his manager did not agree to waive the charge.I was sent another bill with interest charged! Two days ago, I got a rude call from the billing department, saying,”You have to pay otherwise will send yr bill into collections, do what you want.” REALLY??


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    samantha says...

    - Female Tele marketer f-a-r-t-s like an elephant

    Weedman Winnipeg Tele Marketer Wendy Suspended For Passing Gas

    Girl’s Family Says Punishment Too Steep

    Winnipeg, Manitoba — A chubby 300 pound female Weedman tele marketer has been suspended
    from work because she intentionally passed gas and refused to stop eating refried
    beans and drinking beer in the lunch room, according to Lorianne and Weedman
    management. Wendy was also seen bringing to work “balut” by the dozen which is
    chicks still inside the egg shell for snacks, we beleive that this is how she won
    Ozzie over by sharing her “balut” with Ozzie, later that week co workers said that
    they saw Wendy’s phone number next to Ozzie’s coffee cup, Ozzie being a married man
    began playing hard to get and this is when Wendy began passing gas to win him over.
    This was the first time we ever seen a black skinny anorexic man from the MTS call
    centre in Osbourne turn blue all 6ft and 88 pounds of him.
    Lorianne reported that Wendy a veteran short 300 pound tele marketer was suspended from
    the Weedman call center under a company rule against disruptive behavior
    and eating beans and drinking beer in the lunchroom and eating “balut” grossing out
    the other co workers by pulling the whole chicks out of the egg shell before eating them.
    Supervisors and co workers said Wendy repeatedly passed gas to make Ozzie laugh, but
    instead Ozzie passed out from the stench and collapsed. Emergency paramedics had to be
    called in to bring in smelling salt and oxygen mask to revieve Ozzie. Dave, Lorianne’s right
    hand man who sometimes uses his left in the mean time till the ambulance arrived didn’t
    hesitate to volunteer with a big fat grin on his face and huge lump in his pants to give
    Ozzie mouth to mouth resuscitation with an occasional slip of the tongue.
    They said the smell also made it difficult to breathe making the other tele marketers
    and co workers turn blue in the face and gasping for air.
    Lorianne said that when she heard Wendy f-a-r-t-i-n-g it was music to her ears like a wild
    herd of elephants trumping and blowing their trunks.
    Wendy’s family said their daughter isn’t perfect and they’re appealing the suspension,
    saying the manager Noel went too far with its punishment. Lorianne did say that she enjoyed
    the smell of Wendy’s passing gas and that it reminded her of being back home on the Reservation
    when she lived in tents and everyone used to poop in the corner of the tent.
    On the brighter side Lorianne just announced that Wendy will be re-instated for training purposes
    and will be allowed to eat all the deep fried beans and drink all the cold beer she wants at
    work and that all the Weedman tele markers with less than 12 leads an hour will be sitting next to Wendy
    till their production improves.
    Smelling salt and oxygen masks will now be supplied in the emergency kit next to the band aids,
    which for some strange reason Dave, Lorianne’s right hand man who sometimes uses his left has been
    going through a box of band aids every other day, Dave claims its from wood splinters chopping
    wood on his uncle’s farm, but we found out that his uncle sold the farm 10 years ago, we always
    wondered what a right hand man who sometimes uses his left does with his right hand.

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    samantha says...

    Lorianne and the dirty dozen ride oops call again!!!!!!!!!!

    Weeedman winnipeg is a scam, harassing people through their card board boxes call centre
    which they take down after 3 weeks. They now are hiring only 12 people aka the dirty dozen
    run by thier ring leader Lorriann aka aunt flow because she is always cranky as if on the
    rag 24/7, 365 days a year.
    Is weedman losing business? 3 years ago they were hired 60 people plus through an outside
    call centre and 20 of them were french agents the year after that was no more than 25 to 30
    through the same call centre run a an ex native con fresh out of prison named Roland Mousseau
    and this year only 12 people aka the dirty dozen run by Loriann aka aunt flow a dumb blonde
    who dyed her hair black to try to look smarter from their remote office location behind a
    strip bar called the pony corral because the strippers do lap dances reverse cowgirl style.
    Rumour has it that with every free lawn care treatment customers get 20 free lap dances
    That tells you alot about the service and plus there are numerous complaints on line about
    weedman scamming people and harassment.
    Who wants to pay several thousand dollars when you can go to home depot and buy the spray
    cannister can and pesticide and do your own lawn for under $100, and have no annoying tele
    marketers harassing you.
    Harrassment, you want to talk about harassing people on the phone, poor seniors were telling
    the weedman tele marketers that they were going to call the police because of being called
    so much.
    How good is weedmans tele marketing service? Loriann aka aunt flow and the dirty dozent
    were even calling people living in apartment buildings to spray their lawns, and this is
    the same Loriann aka aunt flow who tries to intimidate people during interviews by thinking
    she knows everything there is about call centre work.Loriann aka aunt flow grass grows outside
    in front of homes not in apartment units. What a dumb skank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can see now why they went from 60 tele marketers down to the dirty dozen.
    and did i mention that the hours for the 60 people plus and 30 people plus were 8 hours a day
    40 hours a week, now this skank aka aunt flow native wanna be who is really a dumb blonde who
    dyed her hair black to look smarter know it all chick, all she is giving is only 4 hours
    a day and 20 hours a week, weedman has come a along way going down the drain that is
    perhaps they should start a new business roto rooter man, and spray toilets instead of
    lawns, im sure that pesticide will unclog any toilet and Loriann aka aunt flow knows how to
    get on her hands and knees.

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    john says...

    Khurshid Karma sounds rather odd.

    Telemarketers get paid by the amount of sales they get. They would take 25 minutes to make a sale. 5 minutes and they’d move on to the next call.

    They MIGHT give you a free service if you ordered a number but a

    ’”Tell you what, let us do one application AS A TRIAL. Give it 3 to 4 days. If you don’t see results, you can refuse; YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE.’ Those were his words and it was a recorded conversation!!

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    RON REID says...

    We get at least 5 phone calls per day from weedman 905-561-2259 and we have asked them to stop calling but they continue to do so.Four years ago we used this company and the job they did was disgusting and our grass died but when we called them for help it was oh sorry we cant control the weather,i work at a golf course and the weather didnt kill our grass so what bull.If the calls keep coming i,m calling the consumers hot line to report the harrassment and if that doesnt do the trick i,m going to take a picture of the before and after the weedman treatment to our newly laid sod and run it in the newspaper.

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    Christian says...

    2 months ago, there was a young lady who knocked at the door and asked my authorization to let weedman call me to provide service information. I didn’t think too much and signed my name and phone number. Since then, weedman called me everyday. Even I told them I don’t need any service from weedman, but they still keep calling me. I live in Montreal.

    How should I do? It bothered me a lot. Does anywere can help?

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    tanja says...

    To stop the weedman from called 2-4 times a day except on Sundays go to 1-866-580-3645. This number is the do not call list and was given to me by the government protection services. I hear you. They were driving me right up the wall every day. No one was there and no one left a message.

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    Ian M. says...

    Weedman has been harrassing me for two years. I have told them a million times not to call. I was told by the call centre manager Justin that he would personally guarantee no more calls. Well Justin there were two more last night. 2 in one night. Since they like to talk on the phone I suggest we all call the call centre back when we get calls. The manager seems like such a nice guy and helpful too. His name is Justin and he can be reached at his office at 1-866-989-0399. He assures you he can get this to stop of course he doesn’t take my phone call anymore but I’m sure he’ll help you so give him a call.

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    Frustrated with Weedman says...

    Wedman gave us an esitmate. Since then we have had approx 20 follow up calls. We have told them we do not want their service and asked to be taken off their call list. The calls keep coming. I tried to report them to the BBB and will try again Monday morning. I feel badly for the young people on their phones and making thier sales calls. It’s not thier fault. This company needs to be help accountable.

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    Paul says...

    I am so glad I fired weedman. They did a terrible job. I use hometurf and they are much better. I got so many calls from weedman and advised them that I was on the no call list and I hired a competitor. They did not care they still kept calling.

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    Business Idiots says...

    If only I had did my homework on Weedman before hiring them to do a one time job. I would never have hired them in the first place had I known what kind of morons these people are. Since that one time job, I’ve been called daily, often twice a day. I told them in no uncertain terms to stop harassing me and they still call. I am shocked that a big company like Weedman is purposely destroying their own reputation with these moronic business practices.


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