Walmart Canada Tire Department in Newmarket ON; Flat Out Discrimination

By Kris

You’ll never believe the treatment I received at the tire department in Newmarket Walmart. I was there to have my summer tires put on, and had asked about the slow leak I had on my winter tires (which, ehm, Newmarket Walmart put on).
Instead of explaining the oxidation and lack of seal around the rim to me, he looked at my boyfriend and said “You understand, right?” When I asked “Why would HE understand?”, Tom at Walmart said “It’s a guy thing”. Wow, we’ll see how much its a ‘guy thing’ when I have your head for such an ignorant comment. I will NEVER shop there or any Walmart again.

13 Responses to “Walmart Canada Tire Department in Newmarket ON; Flat Out Discrimination”

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    Alex says...

    Walmart knows Miley jewelry has cadmium

    “And the world’s largest retailer knows the items are tainted.
    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. received test results in February showing cadmium in these jewelry lines but has continued selling the items.”

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    Alex says...

    Distressed consumer no longer boon for Wal-Mart

    “Their core customer is still in worse shape than anybody else’s,” Edward Jones analyst Matt Arnold said.

    Even slightly more affluent consumers have moved up and away from Wal-Mart, leaving the retailer with shoppers who can only spend on basics, he added

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    francine says...

    Can someone ban alex and remove his garbage spam please?

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    Sabina says...

    Wow I am sorry that you were treated badly at walmart its not fair.

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    Jenn says...

    first of all the guy was an ass but you shouldn’t blame walmart because he can have a job anywhere and say the same thing to you, so get a life and realized that people say what they want when they doesn’t and it doesn’t where

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    Alex says...

    “… shouldn’t blame walmart…..” [Jenn]

    Maybe if Walmart took training and retention of its workforce more seriously than the service level would be better.
    Of course Walmart pays low with few benefits because they like staff turnover. It keeps their labour costs and employee benefits low when few stay long term.

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    ninna says...

    That can be very frustrating and I have experiences like that too sometimes–not specifically at Walmart, but any time I have gone into what is often perceived as “the male domain”– when shopping for car parts, car repairs, house parts or repairs etc.

    Sometimes you can have more effect by calling the person on it right there on the spot and explaining why it’s offensive– make it a teachable moment, if you feel confident doing that and think it can be done without the use of expletives. LOL.

    Often, people don’t realize their comments are offensive to others and the best way is to educate them.

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    Barb says...

    I am not surprised about the treatment at walmart in Newmarket.

    Walmart is run by the boys club of the south. (Arkansa)

    Women are only hired because it is the law and only men are in the money making positions. Unless you have big boobs and willin to use them you can move on up. Just ask any of the CSM’s

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    Gajendra says...

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    Reason says...

    Are you kidding me he was not trying to hurt you, mearly trying to complement your friend in his masculinity. Women and men are different and he meant no harm. And with that kind of generalizations, all woman are inconsiderate because of your attitude

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    laugh says...

    Why you didn’t laugh this off is the bigger problem here!!! This is not a Wamart issue. Why are you surprised that a mechanic would rather talk to a guy than a girl? I’m sure that if you go to The Bay and ask about thread count, the salesgirl will look at you and not your guy.
    I’m sad that this was soooo upsetting to you that you can’t laugh it off, if you made a joke in front of the mechanic about his behavior, I’m sure all 3 of you would have laughed!
    It’s like you went out looking for a reason to get offended.

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