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Fellowes Paper Shredders - AMAZING Customer Service! WOW!

By 2jk19

So…I purchased a Fellowes brand paper shredder for my dad for his birthday. It was purchased awhile ago (unsure of exact date and I no longer had the receipt). I did however have the box which has the UPC of course and a model number label affixed to it.

I called customer service and told the really nice lady that the shredder always jams, it doesn’t cut well, etc. She apologized, explained a couple things to me, and took down my information. Having no receipt didn’t seem to pose much of a problem because I had proof of my purchase (the box).

I scanned the upc to her and she quickly offered to send me a brand new machine, FREE of charge! It was shipped and received just ONE day after I had spoke with her on the phone! She sent me a better model too! I was soo very happy with the amazing customer service and prompt attention to the issue that I was having with their products.

I will most definetely be purchasing their products again (they make great gifts!) I also don’t have to send the broken one in - she just said to use it for parts or cut the cord off and dispose of it. I cut the cord off and disposed of the machine, but kept the really nice mesh bin for an office waste basket!

Know that you can count on this company for GREAT customer service :)

Thanks Fellowes!!