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CF&R Services INC (The Jel Sert Company ~ Kool Pops Refund Offer)‏

By anythingdeco

I have to write a quick review about the service with the mail in rebate from Kool Pops. Many companies offer ‘Mail in rebates’ on their products and the standard ‘6-8 weeks’ for receiving your cheque is often more like 8-12 weeks right??? don’t receive one at all! How many times have you received a letter saying that you didn’t fill it out properly?

So..Kool Pops.. this company sells FREEZIES. buy their inexpensive freezies and they offer you a mail in rebate that basically equals the value of their product. The catch..well..the rebate came in about TWO WEEKS. Yes..TWO WEEK! So people..I say to you. This company should start making cereal and diapers and other grocery items because if their customer service for freezies is like this for a $2 rebate on $2 freezies..I’m on board!