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Rexall Pharma Plus Richview Square (Store #0869) 250 Wincott Drive Customer Service Issue

I had purchased a Revlon lip butter at Pharma Plus and when I got home, I realized I did not like the colour I bought (bright orange) but I still was going to give the product a try and keep it to use during the summer months. I noticed that the seal on the lipstick looked like it was taken off and stuck back on so I opened the lipstick to find out that it was used, and not minimally, it was noticeably used. Went to the same Rexall to exchange the product, and this is where the problem started. I asked the woman whom I’m guessing was a manager to exchange the product for me and told her right away that it was used. She argued with me and said that the seal was on but I pointed out that the seal can come off easily and be put back on and told her to look through the top and you can clearly see that it is used. This is when she started to accuse me of using it. I was taken aback and kept telling her honestly it was not me, I had tested it in the store using the testers before I
  bought it (on my hand) so there is no reason for me to open a brand new lipstick to test it. She kept smirking and giving me suspicious looks and stating that I should have checked the product before I bought it. Really? Thats obvious here, but who checks every single product they buy especially when there is a seal on it? I was in a rush so I did not even think about it. She continued accusing me and making me feel like the suspect for about 10 minutes and kept saying that it wasn’t her, or her employees, so it obviously was me because they don’t put returns back on the shelf. At this point I am angry and frustrated that they are putting the blame on me because who really would return a product they used and point out that it was used? Finally she states that she will exchange the product this ONE last time but is keeping the receipt, and asked me very unkindly 3 times whether I was 100% happy with the product. I was very unhappy with their customer service and my family,
 grandparents and I, have all had many other unfriendly experiences here at this Rexall.. I advise people to steer away from this one.



Rexall - Not Helpful at All

By Dennis

I get my meds from Rexall drug store in Scarborough On Ellsmere Ave Ontario.I have been getting them there for the last 3 years..I always get my Meds ever 28 days like clockwork..Once they screwed my date of 28 days,,I can not live a day without these meds.When I went to the Rexall drug store to seek help in this matter they would not listen to anything I said..I asked them to please listen to me there is a way around this problem,but he just kept on talking over me with no care about my health..I thought they were there to listen and help people but this guy was the most uncareing person I have ever met.I will do my best to turn any one and every one from shopping from this store


Coupon Refusal at Rexall Canada

By Tina

Recently there was a posting on Smart Canucks regarding using the Buy2/Save $5 coupons for the $1.44 Secret or Old Spice anti-perspirant to get them for free. I wanted to warn anyone planning on redeeming their coupons at Rexall that they will not be accepted if they are more than the value of the product. I found this out the hard way at the Barrie location.

I brought 7 items to the register so the total was $11.38, but she would not accept my 2 coupons as she would be “giving me money”. I pointed out that I would be giving her money as the total was over $10 and that Rexall would be re-imbursed the $10, but to no avail. I asked if she could adjust the coupon value to $2.88 instead of $5 so there would be no price difference but she said she couldn’t.  She then stated that taking the coupons for more than the price of the product would be “theft”. When I told her I took offence at being called a thief just because I am trying to use a coupon she said “Oh, not you, Rexall would have an internal investigation, so I would be in trouble”. She offered to help me choose Secret products that were not on sale so that I could use the coupons, which was very nice of her, but by then I had had enough Rexall for one day.

P.S. I redeemed both coupons the next day at Zehr’s. Secret $2.49 X 4 =$9.96-$10 coupon = -.04. I hope Zehr’s does not launch an internal investigation over those 4 cents.


Brilliant Customer Service at Rexall Pharma Plus (Thorold, ON)

by Fraser Dean

I went into the store to pickup some different items which included several printables for glade products. I entered and recieved a hello and a huge smile. When I was finally finished shopping I had countless coupons and the cashier knew this would take closer to 20 minutes before she was done ringing me up. Instead of the usual dirty stare and sly comments from normal cashiers, she just gave me a smile. While she was ringing the coupons in there was a problem with one as it wouldnt scan. She called the manager and he actually printed out another coupon for me so I could get my 20% off. She also told me that in their flyer there was an additional $2.00 off coupon I could use! The customer service they provided me is such that is not seen in any other stores. This store is at the top when it comes to customer service. Any person living in either Thorold, St. Catharines, or any nearby Niagara town/city should really come to the Rexall Pharma Plus in Thorold when looking for a great store with superb customer service.