Rexall - Not Helpful at All

By Dennis

I get my meds from Rexall drug store in Scarborough On Ellsmere Ave Ontario.I have been getting them there for the last 3 years..I always get my Meds ever 28 days like clockwork..Once they screwed my date of 28 days,,I can not live a day without these meds.When I went to the Rexall drug store to seek help in this matter they would not listen to anything I said..I asked them to please listen to me there is a way around this problem,but he just kept on talking over me with no care about my health..I thought they were there to listen and help people but this guy was the most uncareing person I have ever met.I will do my best to turn any one and every one from shopping from this store


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    Mike says...

    Maybe if you used some proper punctuation and sentence structure someone would listen to you.

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    Terra says...

    Hi Dennis,
    If you have a group benefit plan with an employer I would suggest getting in contact with the person who administers the plan (payroll, HR…). This person can have the insurance carrier (Blue Cross, Manulife…) look into how the pharmacy entered the perscription if they did mess it up they should fix it for you.
    Another option is a bit more tedious. If you are using this drug as a maintenance drug but the drug is not categorized this way (through the province) then you could ask your employer for an exception to be made. With this they may need your doctor to complete paperwork stating what condition it is being used to treat.

    Hope this was somewhat helpful for you.

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    Terra says...

    forgot to mention that the exception would allow for a 90 day supply.

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