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My family all have apple phone, we all have apple computers and let me say, customer service sucks at Square One Mall, Mississauga. Reps are rude and not helpful. My next phone or computer will be non apple. And at least I’ll get bad service over the phone not right in my face.

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    Tiana says...

    I don’t think your review is fair as you haven’t explained anything. What happened? Why are you saying they were rude? Unfortunately it doesnt seem like you have approached them with any issues/concerns you had. But again your review doesn’t mention anything.
    Really bad/unjustified review. Makes me think you know the manager there and just thought you would give him a bad rep.

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    Lolasays says...

    I completely agree, except the bad service was from Upper Canada Mall’s Apple store. Basically they made me feel like I was liar and a thief, for picking up my promised track pad (which they were sold out of at the time of my computer purchase). I’m not happy with apple at all, and will be reconsidering purchasing any apple products, expecially from their pompous employees.

    I will be writing a letter to the H.O.

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    Diane says...

    We are very pleased with the apple service. We bought an iphone for my son with the insurance. He has broken his phone three times and in each case the service was great and a replacement phone was provided that day. The service at the apple stores in Calgary has been great!

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    Shay says...

    I have to agree with you on the apple store lack of customer service. It really does suck but I keep buying their thing.. Everytime I have gone in there to purchase a iPod, Mac or iPhone I was either waiting for someone to come help me or get me the things I needed. I found that they are much more interested in conversing with each other than helping people that are actually in the store trying to buy things. I also found the staff rude and unhelpful. I think I had one good experience with on employee but the rest have been horrible. Both eaton centre and especially Yorkdale mall in Toronto have horrible customer service.

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    Carlotta says...

    I have to wonder why Shay would continue to buy apple products if their customer service sucks. I also have to wonder why anyone would continue to buy an I-Phone when it has broken 3 times. Either you should purchase a phone that is better quality, or you need to teach your son how to take care of things!

    As for the original complaint, I agree with Tiana… don’t just come on a site and complain about a company without giving any details or reasons. i don’t think Smart Canucks should even print a review like this.

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