FRESH CO: An Awesome Place to Shop and Price Match

By not-a-mom-yet

Recently I have started shopping at Freshco at their dundas and parliament location in toronto. Its a little further from my house, BUT they have great prices and awesome service.They make price matching VERY EASY. I have never had any problems using my coupons at this store. Its great!

I find the cashiers to be very friendly and the layout of the store is very user friendly.

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    I too, like this store very much. The prices are terrific and they will price match with no difficulty whatsoever. The quality of the products is good (including produce). The only thing left to be desired is the selection (at least at my location at Gerrard/Victoria Park, Toronto). They seem to have taken a limited-selection-at-good-price model. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. The only drawback is that it is difficult to get less popular and more specialized items. With that being said, it is a good place to get the basics. Owned by Sobey’s, I think (the most expensive mainstream grocery store around). Check out more ideas for saving money at my website (leave a post or comment of your own if you’d like):

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    Sandy says...

    Agreed!! :D

    Me three, find it to be a fantastic place to get the basics.

    Close to work, but out of the way from home =P

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    Joe Blow says...

    Burlington location rocks too!

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    Sandi says...

    The store was out of stock for the boneless chicken breasts @ $3.44 pd.
    I was not offered a raincheck, other than the excuse was they did not
    recieve what they thought they ordered. Not a good way to do business!
    They have been out of stock “so far” for 3 days. Ya right.
    The ad is for Fri April 27th to Thurs May 3 2012.
    The manager on duty said that all stores were having the “same” issue
    with stock.

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    Roger says...

    I used to like the store but I have time and again found that they carry very limited stock of items listed on sale in the flyer. You go in to pick up items on sale and there is a big gaping hole in the shelf as they have run out. You ask them if there is any more expected or coming and the answer is invariably “oh we are not sure”. And I have experienced this many time on the first day of sale. As a result I now avoid the store and only visit them if I need regular price items or go to No Frills or Food Basics near by who are always well stocked with items on sale in their flyers.

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    Jake Edwards says...

    I don’t shop at Freshco anymore. Their staff seems to be composed of juvenile idiots and they have limited stock for sales.
    Oh, and their bread is always drier and has a shorter shelf life than from anywhere else I’ve purchased it.

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