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TeamBuy Canada: Wont refund a purchase where the merchant closed down!

By MarieFrance

I bought 4 vouchers for Oggi restaurant here in Montreal - 1 for myself and 3 as gifts, late last year.

I myself managed to redeem mine, but when the others tried calling to make reservations, there was never any answer and the voicemail was full. I went there in person and they are shut down.

I emailed TeamBuy to get a refund, but all they could do, they said, was credit me in my TeamBuy account (which does not help me since I do not buy from them regularly and I now have to give 75$ back to the 3 people I bought for).

I called customer service thinking it would be best to talk live - but was told they could not do anything else except put a credit in my account!!!

How disappointing. I cannot believe they won’t refund the customers who bought a voucher for a merchant who shut down - that is ludicrous. I will use up my vouchers (because I have to) - but I will NEVER buy from them again.


Canadian Tire: Red Deer

By Not Impressed 2012

I recently went to Canadian Tire in Red Deer, and I was purchasing baseball shoes. The tag on the shoes stated 19.99 and when I was at the til, the clerk slyingly ripped off the tag, thru it in his garbage and charged me 22.99.  I had to go thru customer service to get this rectified, and when they went thru his garbage, there were my tags that stated they were 19.99.  I’m not impressed. He was too lazy to call for the override, and I drive over a hour to shop at their store.  REALLY!!


Beyond The Rack

By Judgehort

I have been a well-paying customer for BtR, but I am beginning to be less interested in their offerings. Women’s clothing ISN’T geared toward women - it caters mostly to long-legged dollies in their late teens and 20s. I had my fling with short skirts and ‘hot pants’ at the end of the 70s. I am envious, but I won’t be trying to repeat the past.
Many offerings are repetitive, so there are not a lot of items of interest to me on most days. It is unfortunate for BtR because if I cannot choose enough things to make it worth my while to pay the 12 dollar shipping cost, I give up on purchasing anything.
I am most annoyed by the mindless ‘Tell Us What You Really Think’ [or whatever] that comes up, unbidden, on my e-mail page. AFTER I make a comment, I am told that the ‘owner’ has viewed my comments previously and will not accept them at this time. I have, from time to time, made suggestions that were probably implemented [with no acknowledgement] and I am not interested in commenting any more. It would be wise if anyone, faced with similar annoyance, deletes the ‘Tell Us …’ page forthwith!
I have not had a bad experience with BtR purchases, so can give a positive endorsement, as long as one sticks to items that are easy to purchase without likelihood of them being too large, too small or not of reasonably certain provenance.


Canadian Tire: Bike Woes

By: Iamkab

So, I went to Canadian tire a week or 2 ago and bought this bike

It was on sale for $199.99.  Everything seemed alright on it so I paid for it and started heading back home(on the bike).  I made it about 10 minutes away from the store and the pedal literally just fell right off, no “hardcore” riding or anything was done, just riding down the sidewalk.

I walk the bike back to the store in hopes to just get the same bike that would hopefully stay together, I get there and talk to customer service who tell me there is no bikes in the store that are built(I was there the first day of the sale, early. Really, 1 bike in the store?) and was told that I can either get my money back, or wait until their bicycle guy comes in on Monday to build a bike and try to fix mine.  I tell her I’d like my money back and just come in on Monday and see if they have one.  Well she gives me a return voucher anyway(I thought it was just something saying I got my money back for it).  Got home and checked my bank account, no money back.

Oh well, I just wanted a bike anyway so I wait till Monday and the guy doesn’t show up that day and hes in the next day.  Tuesday I walk back to Canadian Tire after I had called in and was told he is there and the bike I wanted was in stock so he would build them, well when I get there the guy working in bicycles tells me they have none and are waiting to have more shipped in, guess I was lied to on the phone.  Luckily though they did “fix” my bike and I took that one back.

All was fine on my way home, nothing seemed wrong.  The next day I go on a bike ride and get 10 minutes away, again, from my house and the pedal falls off, again.  Not only that but the back breaks on the bike were locking up because the cord was coming out of the holder thing.

So I try and take the thing back to Canadian Tire but I am told they “Don’t do returns on bikes” even though my receipt was a return receipt, not a normal one.  And my options are to just keep the bike or have their “professionals” fix it.  I obviously take the fix option after telling her its the bike and it is broken, they cant fix it, and have her reply “but they will fix it”, having no clue what she is talking about.

There is now a review on the Canadian tire website for the bike saying the exact same problem I had, I told them this but they still didn’t even care, some unprofessional looking manager even came up for about 30 seconds to say “nop, we dont do that.”

Well, now I am home again with nothing to show for my 200$ and the bike is supposed to be “fixed” on Monday when the guy comes in.  I expect the exact same problem to occur again and then be told the exact same bullshit by customer service when I return it.

I am honestly really surprised by this BS, these are 2 very serious problems on the bike that could have seriously injured or even killed me if I were going down a hill or near a busy road and wiped out, but they don’t give 2 shits.  I wonder if they would act the same if I had died from it.

This is the Canadian Tire in Brantford for anyone wondering.

Is this seriously legal even?  How can they sell me a broken bike, fail to repair it and then basically tell me “too bad”?


Sell Off Vacations

By Jslo

I booked 1 room for 1 night in Orlando through the website, and when I arrived at this hotel, i was informed that I had booked 2 rooms…. so they cancelled the extra room and gave me a confirmation cancellation number so that I could inform sell of vacations that this has happened.  When I returned home to my credit card statement I noticed that indeed I was charged for 2 rooms, and I called sell of vacations.  This was in February, it is now April and I still have not had the situation resolved- which I believe is very easy to solve credit my card!  I will never book sell of vacations again and I will not recommend them!  The salesperson I dealt with is Mike Nguyen and he is not very helpful….


Excel Toners- Poor Customer Service

By Eric

I ordered four toners and when I received them, 2 were no good because of the poor packing. Requested replacements and was told they would be sent. Got one out of the two and have been waiting two days for an answer to where the second one is and when I will get it. Last place I would recommend.


Image Solutions Torrance, Doesn’t Update Stock

By Evan

I ordered a uniform from Image solutions Torrance and I was told that I will be getting my order delivered within 7-10 days. I didn’t got my order and I just called their customer care to know the status of my order. And the reply I got from them was that the product could not be delivered because it was out of stock, and they told me that I’ll have to order something else from them.

Poor customer service. Poor inventory.


DealFind Wont Make Good On Promises

By: SimplyS.

DealFind doesn’t live up to its “The dealfind promise, ” Nothing is more important to us than ensuring all of our customers are happy.
If you feel disappointed with any­thing you bought from Dealfind, let us know within 30 days and we’ll return your purchase - it’s that easy.

The first representative insisted I had misread the print and that the vendor did nothing wrong.

The second representative promised to look into it and offer a full refund since the vendor did not honor the voucher

The third representative is willing to offer a partial return, because dealfind never refunds used vouchers.

But the dealfind refunds sections makes no mention of used/unused vouchers.  I had purchased quiet a few vouchers from them because I believed in their guarantee.

And if they cant honor their end, how can you expect the vendors to do their part.


Canadian Tire Store 149

By Danny

 purchased a CT5.3 Treadmill at my Canadian Tire Store no# 149, in Kirkland , QC on March.23,2012. I also included to have it delivered and assembled , the delivery date was set for March.27,2012. I spent the whole day waiting for these individuals, and no one showed up. The next day, I visited my CT #149, and ask for a refund. The manager came by, he wanted to make sure I did not receive the product, he verified his deliveries from the previous day, and saw , that, they totally forgot to deliver the product to my home address. The only response from this so called manager could give me was,,,Sorry
no explaination , no will in attempting to satisfy my need to be rewarded withsomething in return. I should of charged this idiot of a manager $200. for wasting my day at home.
But when you deal with incompetence and wonder how this Canadian Tire Store no# 149 in Kirkland , Qc is making any money , you just want to get out of this store .
I will make sure to tell all my neighbors in Kirkland to avoid the CT Store no# 149, and if I do need something from this CT , I will travel far to avoid the incompetence that was shown at the Canadian Tire Store no# 149 , in Kirkland , Qc


Swiss Chalet Canada, What A Disgrace!

By Diji

The following is an email I just sent to Swiss Chalet (the second one in about a month):

I had previously made a complaint about service in your store, and was sent 2 gift cards.
I checked the balances (because the letter you sent did not state the amount) and they each had $10 balance.
I used them this afternoon on an online order, the site said that they went through fine (except that one stated there was a balance of $8.97) and I was given a total balance owed of $10 even (I never used these cards, so no idea why it came up as under $10 balance).  When the driver arrived, he said that NEITHER giftcard had been used, and I owed the FULL balance ($28.xx).  He called the store and they put him on hold for over 20 minutes (he checked his phone time, at 19 minutes) called back, and I was put on hold again for 15 minutes or so, before they figured it out (I assume) and I just paid the remaining balance ($10, $8.xx and a tip for the driver).
This whole ordeal took OVER 45 minutes alone, just at my door!!!!!  INEXCUSABLE.
I will be posting reviews about this abominable service.
It is utterly insane to compound one bad experience with an even worse one.

I called the delivery phone line to make this complaint, but I don’t think the girl had any idea what I was actually complaining about.
I did not want the driver blamed (which is what she said she was putting it under) and I believe this was in no way his fault.
It is either the giftcards they sent me, or their online ordering idea, but this situation should have never occurred.


Pathway Hyundai in Orleans, ON

By Lm.

My fiance and I purchased our new car at Pathway Hyundai in Orleans - but now wish we hadn’t. The saleswoman, Laura, was friendly and very helpful, but that’s unfortunately where the praise for Pathway ends. The sales manager that came to talk to us during the financial negotiations was painful to deal with. We had originally stopped by just to get a price quote, however we ended up being pressured and guilt-ed into buying a car that night. We were told by the sales manager that we had already taken up so much of the saleswoman’s time, and his time, that we couldn’t dare leave and look elsewhere. We were also lied to about the cars in stock at another Hyundai dealership nearby (which we had already made an appointment at for a test drive the next night, so we knew that they had the car we wanted in stock). Finally, the sales manager, who had spent 5 minutes putting down this other Hyundai dealership, essentially threatened that if we didn’t buy a car from him, he would call
the other dealership and tell them not to sell us a car. He claimed that this was a strategy that he had used before. After about half an hour of private deliberations, my fiance and I finally decided that, against our better judgment, we were so worn down by the whole process that we just wanted to get it over with and buy the car rather than have to go through the whole thing again elsewhere. After making that decision, we proceeded to wait around for an hour for a finance manager, to finalize our financial information. At 8:45pm we finally opted to go home and to return the next day.
The next day, after another hour of waiting, we finally met with the finance manager. He was pleasant - for the first sixty seconds. Once he launched into his spiel about the types of warranties and products we should buy from him, and realized that we weren’t interested, he quickly turned hostile. He refused to look me in the eye or address me directly, which as a woman, I found incredibly offensive. Once we finally told him we weren’t interested in any of the extras, he printed out a form for us to sign, threw it onto the table in front of us, and said to my fiance to sign it “and to have her sign it too” (referring to me). He was incredibly rude and short with us for the rest of our appointment. It was very awkward, and I am still offended, weeks later, about how he treated us (especially me, his female client).
Last week, 3 weeks after our car purchase, we heard from Pathway’s General Manager. He seemed sincere in his apology, and upset with how we had been treated. He talked to both my fiance and I, and asked what he could do to gain back our trust and business. We promised to call him back the next day after we’d had a chance to discuss things privately. We called the next day and left him a message - yet, a week later, we haven’t heard back from him (we even tried him again yesterday, and left him another message, to give him one more chance. Still nothing). It seems like he has inadvertently proved the very point that he was trying so desperately to disprove - that the customer service at Pathway Hyundai is absolutely despicable. Please learn from our mistake - there are far too many other Hyundai dealerships in Ottawa/Orleans for you to waste your time, or money, at Pathway Hyundai.