Canadian Tire Store 149

By Danny

 purchased a CT5.3 Treadmill at my Canadian Tire Store no# 149, in Kirkland , QC on March.23,2012. I also included to have it delivered and assembled , the delivery date was set for March.27,2012. I spent the whole day waiting for these individuals, and no one showed up. The next day, I visited my CT #149, and ask for a refund. The manager came by, he wanted to make sure I did not receive the product, he verified his deliveries from the previous day, and saw , that, they totally forgot to deliver the product to my home address. The only response from this so called manager could give me was,,,Sorry
no explaination , no will in attempting to satisfy my need to be rewarded withsomething in return. I should of charged this idiot of a manager $200. for wasting my day at home.
But when you deal with incompetence and wonder how this Canadian Tire Store no# 149 in Kirkland , Qc is making any money , you just want to get out of this store .
I will make sure to tell all my neighbors in Kirkland to avoid the CT Store no# 149, and if I do need something from this CT , I will travel far to avoid the incompetence that was shown at the Canadian Tire Store no# 149 , in Kirkland , Qc

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    Where did you say this store was?

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