DealFind Wont Make Good On Promises

By: SimplyS.

DealFind doesn’t live up to its “The dealfind promise, ” Nothing is more important to us than ensuring all of our customers are happy.
If you feel disappointed with any­thing you bought from Dealfind, let us know within 30 days and we’ll return your purchase - it’s that easy.

The first representative insisted I had misread the print and that the vendor did nothing wrong.

The second representative promised to look into it and offer a full refund since the vendor did not honor the voucher

The third representative is willing to offer a partial return, because dealfind never refunds used vouchers.

But the dealfind refunds sections makes no mention of used/unused vouchers.  I had purchased quiet a few vouchers from them because I believed in their guarantee.

And if they cant honor their end, how can you expect the vendors to do their part.

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    kat1 says...

    Deal Find voucher….restaurant in Saskatoon refuses to honor any deal find vouchers. Emailed request 3 times…finally phoned, March 31. Was told refund processed right away. Received email April 3 saying refund processed…takes up to 10 business days. Received another email days later responding to my first request asking why and how I wanted the refund done. Gave them the info that should have already been on their files. NO RESPONSE. Replied again April 12 to the original refund processed notification email asking why they can process charge overnight but not credits. Their reply….that mastercard is the problem and that they hold off on processing credits to accounts. I DON’T THINK SO. I am now hearing horror stories of people not getting their refund. I recommend everyone use their vouchers asap and stop purchasing from Deal Find. If you buy from any deal sites…..check out restaurants and businesses before you buy, use vouchers asap and get everything agreed with vendor before you get the service.

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    CSDealfind says...

    Dear SimplyS.,

    Thank you for your post.

    Dealfind proudly offers a 30-day refund policy as you have stated, which can be found online at

    After the 30-days, and in the case of unused or partially used vouchers, we look into each case on a case-by-case basis. We would be more than happy to find your case, and look into this for you personally! Please give me a call at your earliest convenience at 1-888-320-6368, extension 259, so I am able to assist you with any voucher issues you are experiencing.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    The Dealfind Team

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    rivercity says...

    this company failed to pay my company over 6000 dollars in voucher sales from the month of may 2012. they just refused to issue the check, and they also didnt refund the customers money. so now my company is stuck with 200 customers to service and we are not receiving our 6000 dollars original voucher sales money. this company not only rips off its customers but also the merchants that it deals with. DO NOT USE THERE SERVICE.

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    Tony says...

    I cannot understand, with all the complaints online, how they can still be running. They’ve also recently done away with any customer service department that takes calls. All issues are handled through email so the consumer can’t even talk to a human. It’s all just a cash grab. The company will try to make as much money as possible in the next little while before it takes the money and runs. With their current level of service I don’t think they’ll end up with very many long term loyal customers.

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    Caroline says...

    I bought a number of dealfind vouchers and are not able to get in touch with businesses to set up services. One business always had a full voicemail box. Another one the numbers do not work. The last time I requested a refund they issued dealfind $$ which are useless because businesses do not appear to exist. Now I am out $100.

    They are a scam and have really bad customer service.

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    Daniela says...

    on july 22 i bought a voucher from dealfind of $29 for an Elegant 18k White Gold Plated Necklace and Earrings Set with Swarovski Austrian Crystal Elements and Your Choice of White or Black Pearls, Including Taxes and Shipping ($293 Value)). they told me to wait between 5 to 6 weeks from the moment the deal is closed. the deal was closed on july 26. i wait for more then 6 weeks and i didn’t get anything. i send them an e-mail and i asked them about it. they send me back an e-mail with the answer they will let me know in 2 days what happen with my order. i didn’t get until now any answer. i also send them my phone nr to call me but nothing happen please can i get any help. thank u

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    jonathan says...

    I purchased a voucher to wash my windows and cant get the guy to do it I sent in 4 separate requests to ask for a refund and get the normal email saying someone will contact me and then they never do. Can we all not report them to the BBB and all file complaints

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    Scott says...

    I was one of the companies that had the misfortune of listing with deal find. I will not go into full details of my experience. I will only say that it was a horrible experience trying to deal with them. Our customers feel ripped off ever time we have to honor a voucher just because of the way the deal find staff worded our voucher. We now loose $50-$70 dollars for every customer that calls.

    We are still honouring the vouchers but I look forward to the day that they end.

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    Curt says...

    Bought 2 vouchers from 2 different businesses. One is out of business, the other refuses to honor the voucher. Multiple attempts to contact Dealfind go nowhere. SCAM!! Please stay away!!

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    Customer service sucks says...

    Dealfind has been ignoring my requests since September. I placed an order in August that stated 3 week delivery. After multiple emails I have been told that it has been confirmed shipped, confirmed not shipped, delayed with be shipped not sure when it will be available, and offered a refund of various forms only to not receive ANYTHING! They have taken my money ignored my requests, emails etc… I only seem to get a reply after multiple emails and tweets to them. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY,they take your money and don’t deliver the products!

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    Mike says...

    I hate to go through it, but if you used a credit card to purchase items and vouchers from Dealfind, it is far easier to simply reverse the charge for non delivery of item or service than it is to hope for a response to an email that will never come. Bank of America was quite accomodating and immediately credited my account for the items I ordered from Dealfind that were never delivered. What vouchers I have will be used as fast as I can get through them then I will block any communication from them and post anywhere I can that they are a sham and are screwing vendors and customers as fast as they can. People note that the quality of the merchandise and deals offered has degraded to junk even on Groupon as people are tired of poor customer support.

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    Rave says...

    CHEATING CUSTOMERS!!! BIG TIME SCAM…DON’T BUY FROM DEALFIND. I bought a pair of yoga pants few months back and I never received them, waited for 8 weeks and called the number they published in the site, they never responded, contacted DEALFIND and they said they will contact the owner but they never returned back, i keep sending emails never responded…

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    cherish50 says...

    I bought Gillette fusion razer blades in beginning October 2012, It has been over 3 months now and I still have not received the item. I emailed dealfind more than 10 times to provide me refund. So far no refund or even response has been received.

    Neve receievd item or refund…


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    Jhvicbc says...

    Cherish50 I also was scammed on the Gillette blades and now they are not responding. I contacted them in November and they said there were problems with the supplier but they were now confirmed shipped. I still don’t have them. I’ve emailed twice but no response. I’ll try the the toll-free number above and see if that gets anywhere.

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    annoyed says...

    I bought a voucher for Serenity Salon and Spa which I expires in March 2013. There is a dispute between Serenity Salon and Spa and Dealfind so Serenity Salon and Spa did not honour the voucher. I emailed Dealfind but only got an automated email response saying that a representative would get back to me in 2-4 days and it’s been a week and I haven’t heard back. I want a refund!!!!

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    equally pissed says...

    i bought a voucher back in june and still have not received the product. i then made the mistake of buying another one shortly after that. neither items came and i’ve emailed them over ten time with no replies back. with the amount of dissatisfied customers out there, isn’t there something we can do take them down or to get our money back? does anyone know the legal side of this?

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    Jhvicbc says...

    Further to my jan 6/13 post, after contacting Dealfind several times more and pursuing through BBB I finally received a full refund.

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    armand says...

    I also got scamed they never answer and you try to open their site they bloc you..Where is better to complain BBB or consumer bureau? thank you

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    GC says...

    Dealfind issues coupons that “never expire”, but are materially misleading. If the merchant goes out of business, or moves from a location (and the coupon is limited to a specified location), Dealfind will not reimburse if the coupon is more than a year old. Yet this is not printed in the “legal stuff” that is received with the coupon.
    In effect, the coupon has more than expired–it is worthless. At least expired coupons are worth their purchase price…
    Is anyone aware, did their refund policy say that in 2011? In 2012?

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