Beyond The Rack

By Judgehort

I have been a well-paying customer for BtR, but I am beginning to be less interested in their offerings. Women’s clothing ISN’T geared toward women - it caters mostly to long-legged dollies in their late teens and 20s. I had my fling with short skirts and ‘hot pants’ at the end of the 70s. I am envious, but I won’t be trying to repeat the past.
Many offerings are repetitive, so there are not a lot of items of interest to me on most days. It is unfortunate for BtR because if I cannot choose enough things to make it worth my while to pay the 12 dollar shipping cost, I give up on purchasing anything.
I am most annoyed by the mindless ‘Tell Us What You Really Think’ [or whatever] that comes up, unbidden, on my e-mail page. AFTER I make a comment, I am told that the ‘owner’ has viewed my comments previously and will not accept them at this time. I have, from time to time, made suggestions that were probably implemented [with no acknowledgement] and I am not interested in commenting any more. It would be wise if anyone, faced with similar annoyance, deletes the ‘Tell Us …’ page forthwith!
I have not had a bad experience with BtR purchases, so can give a positive endorsement, as long as one sticks to items that are easy to purchase without likelihood of them being too large, too small or not of reasonably certain provenance.

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    peter says...

    BTR is absolutely horrible. They ding their Canadian shoppers with much higher prices for the EXACT same items that they sell for cheaper in the US. And to add insult to injury, they tack on an additional $5 for shipping. The Heys luggage I purchased from them was old, discoloured and scratched. But they refused to do a return since they claim that “luggage never arrives completely new”. If that was true, I would have just bought it from a garage sale.

    Thankfully, my credit card company sided with me after sending them pictures of the suitcase and they reversed the charge on my card. And now they will take up my case with BTR. Mastercard even said that if more people complain, which they have, BTR might get fined or lose their contract with Mastercard altogether.

    So please charge your purchases back if you feel that you did not get what you paid for. You will be making a lot more work for these assclowns and help in putting them out of business.

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    Linda says...

    I agree whole heartedly, most of their clothing is geared for the young “twiggy” market, not real women, and in reality, it is the real women who have most of the money to spend!!!

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    Dee says...

    With all due respect, having started off at 200 pounds size 14 and now being one of these “dollies” you so lovingly describe at a size 0, I take offense to this comment. A small is a small, large is a large, things don’t change too much. If you are not fitting in the clothing perhaps you should consult a plus sized site and stop getting upset when you order a large and it looks more like a small on you. I used to be a big woman and got offended when sizes wouldn’t fit me. However, after taking a look at myself I realized I was not at a healthy weight, and it wasn’t the clothes at all. This is not the fault of the manufacturor, nor the fault of the website. You are ordering ONLINE, aka you can’t try the clothes on beforehand. If you are not willing to take the risk, perhaps get up from the computer and take a walk to the mall. Maybe you need it, cause I know I did. And to the replies… read the previous posts. Most people are saying stuff is too big, not small… so wtf…. you can’t all be right. I CALL BULLS*$(, you people are looking for somewhere to complain to make yourselves feel better.

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    Helene says...

    Bayond the Rack: Très mauvaise qualité de vêtements, faux prix de détail suggérés, les images ne correspondent pas à la marchandises, très mauvais service à la clientèle. NE PAS ACHETER de cette entreprise (bas de gamme).

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