Canadian Tire: Red Deer

By Not Impressed 2012

I recently went to Canadian Tire in Red Deer, and I was purchasing baseball shoes. The tag on the shoes stated 19.99 and when I was at the til, the clerk slyingly ripped off the tag, thru it in his garbage and charged me 22.99.  I had to go thru customer service to get this rectified, and when they went thru his garbage, there were my tags that stated they were 19.99.  I’m not impressed. He was too lazy to call for the override, and I drive over a hour to shop at their store.  REALLY!!

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    Poirot says...

    At which location did this happen South or Village Mall?

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    Tommy says...

    Hi, I have different but similar experience. I just want to say that I am only an average Canadian customer who just wants to buy a decent working product.
    I bought a battery for my lawn tractor. A gentleman at the auto service depart was very polite and helped me to make sure I got the right size of the battery. Yes, it was in deed the right size because I took my old battery and compared the size. He said no worry keep the receipt and if does not fit we can exchange for the one that is fit. Well, I totally believed him. What not to believe any way. I brought that night and it was too late to try. The next couple of days the weather was terrible so no point of get my lawn tractor started. But until the next good weather day, I put the battery in the tractor, I could not start. Something called cranking power was too low for my tractor - I realized. I took the battery back right away to the store here what I get from the store manager “It is common knowledge that battery can never return once purchase and used.”. I told him that I never used it, I only put in my tractor to start and it never start my tractor. He said it is very unfortunate for me. He just follows the “policy”. I requested to see the policy that states that I cannot return once I purchase even I haven’t use it yet. He then told me that it is common knowledge. I used to like to go to Canadian Tire for any small or big things I need but now I have to think twice because I have to deal with this “Common Knowledge” that I don’t even know about.

    I was going to get to bottom of the matter but I needed to pick up my girls. So I left the store with a very disappointment. I will try to post my experience on many blogs and forums as possible so many people aware of this “Common Knowledge.”.


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