Will Never Shop at Sears Home Store Again

By Unhappy (Ex)-Customer

Sears Home Store, South Edmonton Common location

I spent a lot of money on a bedroom suite and did not get the goods as promised. Paid in March, waited several weeks for Apr 30th delivery … understandable because 1) made in Canada and 2) made of real wood (no veneer).

Requested, up front, for delivery and assembly but the delivery guys “… don’t do assembly.” Finally found someone to help me put my bed together but there was a manufacurers defect so that was impossible. Sears sent a “medic”, one whole week later, only to find that I recieved the wrong type of bed, frame vs. platform.

Waited another week before they even ordered a replacement from the manufacturer. I mistakenly thought that they were trying whatever they could to remedy the situation. When it comes to occasional furniture, it’s not that big of a deal but we’re talking about someone’s bed, a very crucial piece of furniture … I cannot be more dissappointed. I will never shop there again.

Now (today) they tell me that there’s a further delay because the manufacturing plant shut down for summer holidays!! Excuses, excuses … I’m asking for my money back and they can take the goods away. I paid up front in March and I’m still waiting for a proper bed? I don’t think so! I recommend other shoppers to take their business elsewhere.

Never ever ever will I shop there again and I will advise any one who will listen not to shop there either.

2 Responses to “Will Never Shop at Sears Home Store Again”

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    Ashley says...

    Wow im sorry about your terrible experience

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    Another Unhappy (Ex)-Customer says...

    I had a similar bad experience with this store.

    First I had to wait an extra week for the appliances, then I had to miss a whole day of work to wait for them to be delivered. They didn’t uncrate the dishwasher despite saying they would so I never opened it up until they had left. Once I did, I immediately noticed they had sent the wrong one. So after going to the store, they were not very helpful. They let me order the other one, but had to pay for it upfront without being reimbursed for the other one until they get around to picking it up. The microwave came it later than the rest so I was just going to pick it up. A few days later, they call me at work and tell me they are going to drop off the microwave in ten minutes (no way I could get home from work in ten minutes). Overall, my experience shopping here was the worst shopping experience of my life. Extremely unsatisfied.

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